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  1. Clearly she has a ghost ball. You just haven’t don’t the quest for the Silph scope.

  2. This is a very liminal order post. Shave your weird beard Jack!

  3. Sounds like you need the Pat McAfee Show for free on YT.

  4. The UN should focus on eliminating slave trade instead of one nations interest rates. They have no levers of control or influence when it comes to finance. Perhaps the USA should withhold its $1.6 billion in annual spending to this League of Nations redux.

  5. You won’t have much humor if you worship at the PC altar. Streaming also gutted late night.

  6. Make public gender reveals a crime. Do whatever in your own home. Too many disasters have happened because of stupid people trying to get upvotes.

  7. Tua is a powder keg for injuries because of his hip injury at Alabama. I don’t think an intelligent young coach from a diverse background is going to hurt Tua by sending him out there injured.

  8. If this expires before I get back from vacation… I’ll probably forget because I’m on vacation

  9. Yanjirobi needs to get an LR. Instead of dodge he needs a passive of 5-10% chance to use a sensu bean(not based on the items you bring into battle). He should also have a passive that knocks any card out of giant ape form.

  10. Geno and the oline need to have a convo so we can actually see some deep balls thrown. Wouldn’t hurt if Geno set his feet instead of trying to copy Patrick Mahomes. The difference in arm strength is notable.

  11. I hope it is more coherent than the eternals. Still scratching my head as to why namor prays to the Jaguar god.

  12. If they weren’t max vaxxed it could have been much worse /s

  13. Her life would be better if she was lobotomized and worked as a greeter.

  14. I feel like I just watched the neurodivergent version of a minstrel show.

  15. That is a Noid from Dominos Pizza. It was after the eclipse that the quality of pizza really fell off. This is because they started serving nightmares after the eclipse instead of pizza.

  16. Wait for the baby then divorce her for custody and child support would be the most American move he could make.

  17. The black mermaid and black Jesus look like they could be a married couple.

  18. Jesus is the true father of the mermaid. During this time he was using the moniker of Dagon. Ancient Babylon was never the same after.

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