[OC] I adopted a stray kitten yesterday! Any name suggestions?

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  1. Bottled water is generally colder (if you're talking about the wee ones in the fridge). Water is more refreshing cold in my opinion.

  2. My old dog loves his bean bag. It can be morphed into a shape that's comfy for him. He has epilepsy and has peed on it in the past during an episode/whilst sizing and it wasn't the easiest to clean but I'm certain there's ones out there with removable or waterproof covers so you can just slip the beans out and throw it in the machine.

  3. What irks me the most is the people that go to the effort of picking up their dogs shite/ bagging it, only to hang it on a tree branch?

  4. Totally thought this was a bong, big thanks to the previous commentes for enlightening me to the fact it was in fact a horn.

  5. Just eat city bikes. Such a good idea in theory until wee careless knobheads go around breaking them just because they can. Shame.

  6. Can't be 100% sure, but the background noise of the movie you're watching sounds like it says "Stark" and for that reason, I think he's a Tony.

  7. Depending on the type of boyfriend he is, I'm sorry but you'll never see it.

  8. He's an amazing, lovely caring boyfriend but like all of us, he has his boundaries and the line is drawn at his butthole.

  9. Its funny because, ive been with my gf for 10 years now and recently she told me that she never seen my butthole lol. She asked me to show her and I said its way too hairy down there to see anything haha.

  10. Did not know I needed to hear this until right now.

  11. Everyone be talking about the hat like they don't see the mustache?

  12. Found my first grey pube the other day. Can't stop thinking about it.

  13. If anything, you'd get more hate from being "a cunt fae Edinburgh" rather than English, you'll be sound.

  14. Yes. Same here. Complete lie. Everyone’s chin glows yellow - even Flora-enthusiasts, Can’t Believe It’s Not Butterites, Benecol-spreaders and plain old vegans

  15. Hmm, I'd fact check this one. Rumour has it your chin shines gold if you like real butter (like Lurpack) and pretty sure it glows green if you like that fake shit.

  16. Isn’t fibro genetic? Even so, the MS alone is a reason to worry. I had a family friend of my moms who didn’t get diagnosed til after she’d had kids, and now they constantly worry about their kids. I get that a lot of people have medical issues and have kids, hell, my family has cancer and heart disease all through it but most people in the family never got it. The thyroid issues run on my dads side and almost everyone got them. I’m lucky enough to be treated for mine and I’m fairly alright but I’ve seen what happens if you don’t get treated or if you refuse to take medication for it and i personally don’t see the risk as worth it when there’s so many kids already out there without a home. Why risk a genetic condition just so you can say ‘yeah I birthed that kid’. A kid is still YOURS if you choose them.

  17. Agreed. I work in a care home and many of the residents suffer with MS...honestly, it's not a future I'd wish on even my worst enemy let alone my potential future offspring.

  18. Well, the prick's covered his arse this year...

  19. It was absolutely magickal to be there at midnight. It was only me and my husband and our doggie, so I wouldn't call it a large group. But I think these things are less atmospheric if there are too many people. If you ever come to the area, you should go! I do have some photos about the place, I can post if interested.

  20. Very interested! Please do share some of your own pictures if you are comfortable doing so, seeing it close up/the inside would be pretty fascinating.

  21. Saying “aaaahhhh” after almost every sip of any drink. Can hear it from the next room. I’m glad he’s getting so much of enjoyment from the small things in life, but it’s so irritating

  22. My partner has what I unaffectionately refer to as "the pile". Every month or so she will tidy it away and expect a pat on the back for tidying away her own clothes. Then it's back within 3 days.

  23. Had you written "clothes mountain" instead of "the pile", I'd have suspected you were my partner.

  24. Can you suggest a better colour to pair with the, shockingly popular, silver crushed velvet couches and diamante glass TV stands?

  25. Late to the party, but I hear Caramac was created by Satan himself

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