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  1. This is the last place I expected an ice spice reference

  2. One thing is appreciating a womans beauty and one thing is being straight up weird 💀💀💀💀

  3. Definitely one of my favourite f-bombs in a show lmao.

  4. It was so satisfying hearing him let it out after the shit Jimmy been doing

  5. Saul dressing up as howard and stealing his car was fucking hilarious

  6. Is he wrong tho? BMW drivers generally have a “idgaf” attitude

  7. They aint see me cus I pulled up in my other benz

  8. Don’t let this shit hold you back in your real life though bro! I was a fat and whack as fuck through like High School. Got NO play. I’m 27 now and cringy shit from the past used to bother me, but you can’t let it. We bagging classy 8s and 9s now. You would be shocked at who you can become.

  9. What if some people are still thinking about it and making old jokes all over again

  10. She text me like yo, I be like yo I’ve been avoiding you

  11. I regret clicking this I was just about to eat dinner 💀

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