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Gamestop is up 14.04% on no news and I haven’t seen any media outlet report about it. So I report about it with this headline: GME is up 14.04% on no news, start asking yourself why.

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  1. It was a courtesy call, what she really meant was "we are going to loan out these shares."

  2. But they don't know anything for certain. They're dumb storm troopers bent on this thing going bankrupt and all they see is the dollar signs waiting for them if that happens. They're idiots, really.

  3. *47,819 people familiar with the matter to be exact

  4. Apes helping new apes to DRS like

  5. This time there were “four people familiar with the matter said on Monday.”

  6. I mean, if you're making up 1 person, may as well make up 4.

  7. I am all 4 of those people. Got the BK news from my cat. I think my cat is a shill tbh.

  8. Your cat sounds like a shill. Would it want a regular spot on CNBC?

  9. Edit: This is for US holders. Canadians had a different breakdown. See below. According to

  10. If you purchased on the TSX, it's 88% and 12%:

  11. Yes you are correct, I just found this out. I'm going to edit my comment to avoid confusion. Thanks!

  12. TSLA fanboys be like: "y need wheel wen auto pilot do trick?"

  13. No, not yet. I need to buy more!!

  14. how is there no hold time to sell on a hard to borrow equity..

  15. Because they're looking for a locate on shares that are actually a CFD.

  16. The real question is: Did you find any Yahoo Finance articles in the litter?

  17. That's the beauty with TA, you can predict it, and then if you're wrong, you just cry "fake out"

  18. Every day on here be like:

  19. Fudelity: "Hi, would you like to lend out your shares? You can get 300% on them!"

  20. Have it. Phasing out of it though (I haven't transferred all my account out yet because RBC charges $170 per account to do so...). The fees are ridiculous and the system itself is fairly outdated. I've moved to IBKR and I am very much a fan. Much lower fees, better user interface and reporting, market data, etc. If you're on the fence, my suggestion would be to ditch RBC DI in favor of IBKR.

  21. WS is where I currently have one of my TFSAs, I've been told having two RRSPs at two different instituions can get messy when it's time to withdraw though. Since I'm an RBC customer, I thought DI would make it easier since it's all under one roof.

  22. My workaround for that would be to open the RRSP at WS to get no commission trading and then when you're ready to withdraw, do an in-kind transfer (currently free with WS) to your RBC RRSP

  23. Downvoted for using that guy at the beginning of the video. So cringe.

  24. Every screenshot ever posted on this sub, and the one pinned at the top of the sub, shows “effective 20230130”

  25. Would "effective" here mean payment date or something like an ex-div/record date?

  26. Great results for Q4, but net revenue growth of 25-30% for 2023 is lower than I would’ve expected. Hope they get well past that

  27. I wonder if this is an example of "underpromise, overdeliver" rather than setting a higher bar and then needing to constantly be revising guidance down, leading to the share price being slaughtered.

  28. She told you, that you can use them at Harmon, but they are closing all stores? Sounds weird ngl.

  29. Yeah just sounds like an assistant manager who isn't up to speed.

  30. That's literally the same page. It's the landing page to their investor relations. Where is the specific reference to them opening 14 BuyBuyBABYs?

  31. Scroll down and click on PDF Q2 2022 Investor Presentation. Page 14 (bottom page) is where you will find your answer.

  32. Im just glad the whole sub is ZEN af… even with a 14% up day.

  33. Of course we're zen. It's just the algos rebalancing after selling off because.... BBBY hinted at bankruptcy yesterday and took a hit. How are they connected? Wanna buy a vowel? C R _ M E.

  34. Also, a totally unrelated business mainly selling 🍿 did the same thing? Why might that be one might ask….


  36. I'm Canadian.. there is no grass to touch at this time of year 🥶🥶

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