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  1. Pokémon xd… Pokémon colosseum jirachi editio Paper Mario Gameboy player Pokémon channel

  2. Bro bro bro bro this is crazy. I cut my collection recently and those are the exact 5 I have in my collection rn.

  3. Said this to myself out loud before opening comments lol

  4. Where is this? I’m going to japan soon and I’d like to visit for a pic lol

  5. I didn’t see these before when I bought the big trio so I had to make a second order. Rip $10 (I’m Canadian) :(

  6. I used to go to random card shops when on vacation and try to find cool looking cards for less then $2.

  7. That’s awesome that you appreciate the card itself and not it’s money value. So that you can appreciate them longer, you could put them in a sleeve and it’ll not affect the flexibility of the wallet like it would if you put them in a toploader

  8. Ya maybe I should. I’ll think about it thanks

  9. Is this like the Stadium Events of pokeplush or something?

  10. I explained in another comment just now, but yeah kinda. There wasn't an event associated with it, which might actually be why it's a total dark horse in the market to anyone who just does cards or other merch, now that I think about it.

  11. Dang well thanks for the info. Before today I would have thought this was just like any other old pokedoll and worth $100 range. Congrats on sale!

  12. My wallet (post gen 5 SCs) and my love for the Mudkip line are currently at war

  13. Thanks lol. 3 orders btw. Essentials (31), instant regrets (10), and fomo (3)

  14. My avatar is just green. As for the shape of the head, that comes from Astral Spellcaster

  15. Yeah I got a bit lucky a few years ago. Didn’t realize how rare it would be

  16. Ya I only have dialga and palkia. Maybe one day they will be re released rip

  17. Fingers crossed. I also have Xerneas and Zekrom. Really want Yveltal and Reshiram

  18. Agreed that really is amazing. Where can I buy that line in Canada?

  19. Any chance of a restock? Larvesta was the *one* i wanted but i blanked on it :<

  20. Oh ya for sure. Sitting cuties usually get at least 1 restock. Make sure to grab it when it comes tho, as more then 1 restock is never guaranteed (1 isn’t as well but it feels like it).

  21. I won't wait this time lol, thanks for the response. This is the first sitting cuties release I've actually been around for, so I wasn't sure what was standard

  22. Ya I missed out on Joltik. Kinda forgot it existed in this gen before it was too late lol. I wish us both luck

  23. I mean... keychains from 10 years ago were not meant to compete with what TPC is doing now. but I'm so happy with these!!! I've thought about getting the rest of the sawsbuck keychains but I'm so happy I waiting for the unova drop.

  24. Ya true. It’s very interesting because they are pretty much the same size but look completely different. The new ones are more perfected but the keychains still have a lot of charm. Ngl kinda want some of those keychains as well lol

  25. Way too many cool generation 5 Pokémon, and sadly a lot of my favorites looked really low-effort, low-quality and disappointing

  26. Ya I skipped on some bc they looked low effort. In contrast tho, I bought some I wasn’t expecting bc they looked super highly detailed for some reason

  27. When I grabbed all the ones I wanted mine was at a 1,000 too. I made myself go through and remove some to lower it a little. I still spent $800😭

  28. I was opposite. I bought the essentials for like $800. Then I regretted not getting some and made another $200 order

  29. Read the LN. It’s so good that I genuinely don’t remember what was in the anime vs what was only in the LN so far. It’s all mixed in my mind lol.

  30. Imma pass on this but still good news. Sitting Cuties that much closer 🙏

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