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  • By - J0RD0

  1. Hey question is this device only for carts or does it work with wax to?

  2. This one is for cartridges. Yocan has devices strictly for concentrate though. I’m almost positive they have a device for flower and concentrate together.

  3. That’s good news if true. We need a variable voltage luster battery. I give it to BE if they stopped production on luster pods. That is what needs to happen. I haven’t had the no atomizer come up yet but I’m sure with some time it will.

  4. Yuzu always reminded me of crushed berries from grow Ohio. It kind of gave off a grapefruit vibe to me. Definitely a unique taste and smell. It was one that grew on me.

  5. hey op, i just happened to see your post before i made my own. opened this pod last night and it is absolutely unusable, i tried forever to clean the oil out of the mouthpiece but it made no difference.

  6. I contacted certified. The email is

  7. Just wanted to respond. Customer service got back and looked out for me.

  8. I have a question. May have been answered before. I hood I’m not the only one to wonder this. I just got a few klutch pods. A couple LR and some not. I got a whip it pod just a regular one. It’s main terpenes are terpinolene 33.01 mg and ocimene at 12.60 mg limonene and mycrene at 8 mg. How does that correlate to the terps listed on the back in percentage. May be a dumb question but terps mean everything to me.

  9. 10mg is 1% so you’d have just over 3% terpinolene just over 1% ocimene and like .8% of myrcene and limonene this wedding cake pod has 11.4 mg linalool 10.4 mg limonene and 10.3 mg caryo it’s basically if you have mg posted on package you move the decimal over left one number and if it’s labeled % you’d move the decimal over one number to the right hope this helps.

  10. I literally scanned on of my QR codes earlier and figured it out. Came on here and you explained it perfectly. Thank you

  11. That whip it and that terpinolene had me surprised. Out here looking like a live resin terpenes in it. I love it.

  12. First time. Definitely not your last 😂

  13. Pricey? Not here in Ohio. She damn near stole it lol

  14. That’s just sad. Same with wana gummies. Double if not 2 and a half maybe 3 times the price.

  15. I love me some Mac but the banana Mac was just a tad dry and losing terps. The wonder for me was ultra freshies. Blueberry cheesecake is always s really good one to.

  16. Just posted a video to everyone asking.

  17. How about pics of product not the front of the jars.....

  18. When you go get some you open them up and see for yourself.

  19. Gooeyman and I are buds. I’ve been up there multiple times. I’ve got to go in his shop and see his process. One of the stand ups guys in Michigan. Along with fire farms Billy the kid

  20. Pay attention to the batches. Notice patterns of terpene and thc change over time. That’s what I do. Animal face is my favorite strain but this latest batch was not as good as previous making it a step under animal mints....all jmo

  21. Glad I’m not the only one to think this. The last batch of animal face seemed dry where the one before that was so sticky. The animal mints this time is amazing

  22. One of there best batches yet. I got the last drop of this and it was amazing. This batch may be better. Good grab

  23. Not a big fan of lemon strains. I just feel some taste artificial but this is by far the best lemon strain I’ve had in the program.

  24. How was the cure. Was it overly dry. Most stuff I’ve got from them has been really dry but I’m down to give them another try

  25. My favorite Woodward strain ever. Going to try and get it tomorrow.

  26. Sorry to hear it chargers suck. Steel nation. Anyways. Have a great time.

  27. Steel nation is looking a little burned out lol who dey

  28. JUST REALIZED! 😁🤣😎 I had completely forgotten about buying 8 shares a few weeks ago. (I'm old) So,,, at $35.35 I can buy 33 and have 101 shares with Fidelity! Yeah! Average price: $45.82.

  29. 35.35 is my average with xxx shares

  30. My question is can I buy 100 dollars worth of usdc and that be my entry?

  31. Celsius is a good one. They give you a nice Apy% and pay for all fees to transfer back to whatever crypto app you use. They have a decent amount of crypto‘s and more coming soon.

  32. My favorite YouTube. They can sell when they want just like I plan to do. Nothing wrong with watching and learning but idk why he thinks since your favorite YouTube sold I mise well to. I don’t even have a favorite YouTuber. He is trying to hard.

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