1. I’m cracking up way too hard, makes me wish Limp Bizkit would just play a show at the Sunoco on Wayne Ave.

  2. I need that alien pebbles. Those terps are crazy!!

  3. I broke down and got one today. The oil is nice and yellow tint. Almost clear. I’ll have to post the terpenes. They aren’t as high as I’d like but I do enjoy it.

  4. That's what they had listed on their website I sent them an email to make sure that it was correct because it is incorrect quite a bit and it does have GMO it's not the same as if you look up root beer float strain that gives you a completely different set of parent genetics their genetics came from freeborn seeds which are a little different because it's just root beer not root beer float Buckeye relief is just calling their cross root beer float. The root beer from freeborn seeds is headband cross with OG coffee

  5. Good to know. I appreciate people like yourself going the extra mile to find out what strains are crosses of what. Thank you.

  6. Live resin is way more medicinal compared to distillate. Personally I would rather have LR because I am in a medical program lol but when I want to get there it’s concentrate for me.

  7. I find the klutch dabs and Camino gummies are way easier to open if you go palm to palm and twist, instead of just pushing down on the top like a pill bottle, maybe try that?

  8. Exactly what you said. I’ve been getting the dialed in rosin gummy’s from Colorado that have the exact same tin. It says on there label not sure about ours here but palm to palm and twist just like you said. You can apply pressure with both palms but not much I’d needed. Hopefully that helps someone.

  9. I picked this up about two weeks ago and honestly didn’t care for it much. It just didn’t have much smell and personally I was expecting a whole lot more. Then again I’m used to the jam from 710 labs which is completely different than Ohio.

  10. 710 labs is like the best legal market product. Even on the westcoast lol. Their buds like actual potent gas. Not this bud that “looks good” but barely has any kief and doesnt smell nearly as strong as some loud does

  11. They just said yesterday on their Instagram that they are coming to Michigan. I guess plants are in the ground which is pretty cool.

  12. I have the orange buckeye relief battery which is a even lower voltage I believe. I still think 6w is still high which is why I went with the orange one. As long as it works for you and your happy that’s all that matters.

  13. That looks really good. Nice pickup.

  14. Shit I saw some lilac diesel from galenas a few weeks ago that looked freaking killer.

  15. I love lilac diesel. Just not from galenas. I’ve had some that smelled like straight flowers. It was amazing. The lilac diesel both times I’ve had from galenas didn’t have much smell to it. If anything it wasn’t pleasant.

  16. Flower. I debated getting anything klutch with the recent mold issues but said screw it went for it.

  17. The terps on the Arnie. I love it!!

  18. You guys are absolutely right. Woodward’s concentrates have honestly been a let down. I’m with Woodward and the flower the put out I guess my expectations were a lot higher. Hopefully they read these lol we want rosin!!

  19. That looks fire. Unusual terps but definitely looks like it has flavor which is what I’m always looking for. Nice pickup

  20. You get a up vote you get a upvote you get a upvote. This is absolute bullshit in this program. I can’t believe us as patients really have to put up with this. Klutch needs to address these issues.

  21. So to store your rosin you want it in a fridge if you're using it and a freezer for long term storage. When you take it out of the fridge allow the rosin to come to room temp, do not open the jar while it's coming to room temp. This allows for condensation to build inside the jar and the last thing you want on your rosin is water.

  22. This. You hit in right on the head. I couldn’t have said it any better.

  23. I bought a metal dab tool with a poker on one side and spade on the other side. Do you store your concentrates cold? I thought maybe it would be easier to handle. It's partially wet but solid/firm.

  24. Just seen this post. All solventless concentrates should be stored cold. It’s helps preserve the terpenes.

  25. Nice pick up. That’s the most limonene I’ve seen in a live resin cartridge from buckeye. My purple urkle came in about 5 percent mycrene but 7.49% of limonene is nice and high.

  26. I’d be shocked if this is that same illudium. Excited to see that name and it made my heart skip a few beats as I noticed it. I can only hope that it’s gonna be the real deal, but I’m sure it’s a new breed of strains thought to be similar to the original illudium? Maybe? It has the correct lineage and parents it appears so that’s a good thing! It’s been 7 years since I moved to 614 and was able to get my hands on the original mythical illudium nugs. Story was always that there was one mother left that was like 8-10 years old and to get a cut from it you had to cut off no less than 1 arm or 1 leg to trade to the the grumpy mean guy that had the mother lol. Never would ever let the cut get out. Hope someone managed one and it’s close to the same. I might even have old pics from those original illudiums from back them I’ll have to look around for one day lol. Hope that is a great smoke OP and enjoy!

  27. Exactly. If you’ve ever seen smelled or smoked real illudium you will know right at first smell. Excited to see if it’s close to the original.

  28. I’ve never had a issue either. Maybe when it’s gets cold like it is now it gets the little clog but nothing a little preheat usually can’t fix.

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