1. Depends on what that big untraversable area in the northeast is. I guess Suicune and Virizion are freebies from the book, and I would assume they would add more like Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire added more Mega Evolutions and the SwSh DLC added more gmax mons.

  2. I liked the story but the UI was my main issue for a few reasons. Overall it was kinda clunky and not as responsive as it should be which sounds like a first world problem, but the majority of the gameplay requires talking and interacting with the environment so it should be super clean and polished. This one is probably more of a personal problem, but text speed was off. Medium was too slow for my taste, but probably fine for most other people, but fast was so fast you can't even read the dialogue if you have it on auto because it goes through too fast.

  3. They've also downgraded functionality from Arceus and SwSh even. If you pick up a pokemon, you can't go to the box list anymore and have to cycle with l and r.

  4. Hey OP, can you go back to this screen and hit the L button to swap graph views? There's been some oddities in stat values and I would like to confirm your EVs and IVs.

  5. I don't think so, many law and economic scholars cited he had the power to forgive it all. Democrats are just right wingers so they'll just throw their hands up instead of properly challenging this decision.

  6. I don't even remember if I'm keeping it a bean. I just liked Kokoro a ton though. I did just Hane back last night and they removed uni from their chefs choice nigiri so while delicious, that definitely drops them in the price tier.

  7. Oh yeah they had that at our omakase too. My gf liked it a lot but that was my first time having raw shrimp and it wasn't my fave. I don't think it was bad, but I just don't see why I would eat that over scallops.

  8. Charizard was an uncatchable Pokémon, which warrants the 7star. These are catchable i their respective game but you can battle to find your preferred Tera type. I don’t think every event should be 7 star.

  9. Good points, would've at least liked to see 5/6 instead of 4/5. 5 is very accessible and can be cleared with AI easily. 6 usually needs a premade but I'd like to at least be able to farm more and get a free 5IV Mence

  10. Iron Valiant is the only cool future paradox imo. I like all the past ones.

  11. Oh shut up. Open discussion is always better than censored echo chambers. All this “ban everyone who disagrees with me so I don’t have to get upset seeing their opinion” that goes on all over this site is pathetic

  12. For me, Stevia gives a weird mint-like shitty flavor to things. Other people look at me like I’m crazy when I try to explain it, so it might just be me.

  13. Stevia is very potent. People add seven drops because it doesn't seem like a lot when 1 drop would be the perfect amount in that situation. If it still tastes bad, then you probably have that genetic predisposition to dislike it, similar to that cilantro gene I guess.

  14. Think you need Life Orb over Choice Band on Lokix or you'll have to constantly hard switch after First Impression.

  15. Wonder how many times we're gonna get to say "what da dog doin" this gen

  16. Should've taken 50 out of SpD and added it to attack and 20 out of SpA and added it to speed. No clue why it has over 100 base SpD

  17. Powe companies already bitch about solar being cheap, when we get to nuclear, they'll sabotage the plants themselves.

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