1. I can rember how much I've edged since, I would never wanna give that up for an orgasm mmmm

  2. Do you have the desire to cum?

  3. Congrats. I had a similar experience. Couldn't ride a bike for six months, which left me in terrible shape overall and led to all kinds of additional health problems. Bought an ebike last spring, have put 500 miles on it this summer, and combined with changes in diet and meds, am now almost back to full strength and enjoying life again.

  4. Wozu Veganer Lachs? Dann lachst es doch einfach.

  5. You can temporarily replace it with another drug to distract yourself.

  6. Alter das ist beyond schlecht

  7. Der Teig ist bisschen dick ne

  8. I really like the adventurer dlc, it contains a huge amount of different Av‘s. Maybe have a look into the ‚globetrotter‘ ‚dark tourism‘ ‚van life‘ AV

  9. Off topic question: do you hydrate?

  10. Y'all should have invested before you were born!

  11. Off topic question: do you hydrate?

  12. Off topic question: do you hydrate?

  13. WTF with superior bones you can skate any time, day or night.

  14. The plastic wasn't the problem. The fact that it rotates is what did them in.

  15. It’s not stupid it looks awesome

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