1. Imagine being THIS proud of being a troll and willfully ignorant.

  2. They’re following the White Castle model and working to keep the profitable locations open should they meet a certain threshold of profit after the restructure. Honestly smart of them to go down that route.

  3. But those GOP candidates are going to bring it down to below 1% right? Because they said they'd bring it down if elected.

  4. Looks like they already brought it down to 2.2% with some more room to improve

  5. Amazing how they did that without being in office.

  6. All that matters if that they’re in power. Credit for other people/ administration work is done plenty enough, might as well engage in the same behavior

  7. Happy to help, is there a specific area of focus or department that you’re interested in exploring?

  8. being from long island and saying you're a new yorker is like being from albany and saying you're a new yorker, technically it's true, but no one is thinking outside of Nyc and you know you're being ridiculous

  9. Your ex needs some serious therapy asap and to be kept away from children. Please watch out for your daughter sake

  10. About 10 years ago my Aunts neighbor had swastika’s burned into his lawn from gas.

  11. So you think it's not about self defence, it's about killing people without involving the justice system?

  12. Now let's get a bridge across the sound. Let's gooo

  13. Good luck getting that passed through the NIMBYs. I think Robert Moses made a road towards the north shore for the foundation of a bridge to CT, but stopped after pressure / protests from locals

  14. But how many cars manufactured before 1980 (without electronic control systems) are still running today? Besides, only cars operating at the moment of the EMP would have their electronics fried, and quite probably are "shielded" enough to operate even during the solar storm (but not against an EMP weapon).

  15. Few but that exist. Might be time to get myself a clunker from FB as someone suggested

  16. Sachem, Massapequa and Brentwood for sure, East Islip, Wyandanch maybe... honesty a good chunk of LI will be affected haha

  17. He fear mongered, pandered and put up yard signs. Any GOP candidate would have drummed up the same amount of support, if not done it better, considering the social/political climate here.

  18. I'd love to see real figures on exactly how many Dems he got. I know lots of people said Dems were crossing over, but I know a lot of Democrats and not one of them crossed over to vote for him. Anecdotal I know, but I haven't been able to find any statistics yet on this.

  19. Waiting to see some of those numbers myself! Based on the raw numbers, it safe to assume a decent amount had to cross over consider only 28% are Republican according to Pew but he got approximately 47% of the vote.

  20. Nah idc I’m opening that door, wtf is wrong with the American education system

  21. How is a teacher being stupid a part of the American education system...?

  22. Very few areas went blue, even among the poor areas. You can try to spin but the map is what it is. What about lower class areas like Mastic, Shirley, Coram, Ridge, Rocky Point, Selden, Sayville, Holtsville, Holbrook, Gordon heights, Patchogue, Bellport, Miller Place, Shoreham... And if dems are so middle lower class then why do the elitists areas all go blue? Because they are no longer the party of the working class. The sooner you wake up and realize that the better off we're all going to be

  23. Being factual ain't spinning it. Every single one of the areas I mentioned had a red shift but went blue overall. Half the places you mentioned are actually pretty well off. Middle to upper middle class. Dems clearly won the lower class/ lower middle class areas and the ultra wealthy areas. Your comment originally said working and poor class.

  24. Nope, they're may be a few subdivisions that are upper middle class in the areas I mentioned but they're all predominantly working class. . You mentioned Bay Shore ffs. The whole place is gentrified now.

  25. If you're near the medical campus the Fort Washington Public House has it on Tuesdays I'm pretty sure

  26. I can’t speak for CD3 but in CD1 there was nothing and in the last election Zeldin won by like 1000 votes. I didn’t even see 1 ad for Fleming. Embarrassing really

  27. My bad on that one. I was following it for a month after and apparently they didn’t update it until after that.

  28. Nah all good. It was closer than 2022 so I see your point. Absentee count might actually make 2022 closer than in 2020 though*

  29. What a POS. We, as a country, need to clean house in law enforcement.

  30. L after L after L. The guy just wanted a decent recommendation, not to be ripped on.

  31. Anything car related you gotta go to Brentwood/ CI off Suffolk Ave

  32. If they attack the oil execs, they get arrested and you never hear of it. They do this, you get mad for some reason, but people learn about their cause. Not saying this is right, but at the same time mega corporations are doing practically the same thing as these guys but to your clean water, air, food, and no one seems to care.

  33. I get what your saying but this is just bad publicity. No one is giving af about the oil execs, they’re just laughing at this guy and whatever he is standing for

  34. These people need to get the shit beat out of them. They’re way too comfortable acting like complete trash.

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