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  1. Hemma has a 5.66 at Verdant right now for $50 Citrus Crush, it's pretty good.. Might be less if they are still running a sale..

  2. Dude if you like citrus crush sunnyside has a half for 125. Friday is 20% off all flower

  3. Yea it was like $100 for the half at Verdant with 20% off..

  4. I keep forgetting they have a store left. Cresco bought the other 4 and us buying out Columbia care. Crazy how big some of these mso are becoming

  5. Appreciate you sharing, but did you find an old Nokia phone from the 90s to shoot this with? ;)

  6. IMO the dark rainbow hits harder. Idk about that 37 on there bro but enjoy

  7. Just picked some up last weekend but haven’t tried it yet. Have you had a chance?

  8. Yes it's good I really like it.

  9. Awesome I picked up dark rainbow and rainbow cookies too. I would recommend the dark rainbow out of the 2

  10. Can imagine how much pent up gay sexual frustration it takes for him to act like that

  11. The half I got a lil while backs was super dark purple looking. It’s a pretty decent strain. Enjoy my friend and stay lifted.

  12. Holy shit! I picked this up for way less. Don’t buy it from that dispensary till they drop the price.

  13. Sorry it didn’t get you there bro. I tried their white truffle barely any terps and was dry as hell. I wanna like them because of the price but it’s not worth it if it doesn’t pull.

  14. Burnt hits are the result of powering an atomizer when there is no liquid or not enough on the wicks. Without liquid to vaporize, the coils start burning the wick, and the user essentially inhales burnt cotton. Here are some of the most common reasons behind burnt hits and some advice to help you avoid them. Guys to put it simply your not letting enough time between hits. If your stuff starts to get hot you need to stop. However I also believe that a variable voltage option would help with the situation. The thicker the oil the longer it takes to refill the wick.

  15. Get it bro OCL is becoming my go to budget brand. The lemon royal is the best strain they have. Their watermelon cake is also good. I’ve had the platinum OG imo it’s their second best strain.

  16. What about banana puddintain? Or dstar kush? All fire. Haven’t had illudium or the blackberry yet.

  17. The illudium I tried in first run and didn’t care for it. I would put the puddintain is pretty good. D star was just ok to me. I haven’t had the blackberry yet. Stay lifted. Would love to hear your opinion on the platinum OG.

  18. It’s good stuff had it the last time they dropped it. Loved the wedding cake and zkittles too

  19. I get that too. Something has been off with their stuff for awhile.

  20. I'd say the last 3 batches at least have been sus. And the bud looks so good. It makes no sense. They always have 2 month cures so I'm really confused how the can fuck it up that bad. They're not flushing it right I know that for sure.

  21. I know dude. It’s a weird feeling. Robots wasn’t like that to me but that was the only one that wasn’t. Animal face and animal mints I’ve had from them have been like that. Haven’t bought anything from them in a 2 months because of it. I’m also hoping that whenever they get this issue taken care of they will drop some halfs because of the price.

  22. Gelato is ok but the wedding cake zkittles and animal mints are all better

  23. Had his stuff in Cali that came from his actual farm. Which is also located in California. Theirs no comparison but think of it as buying the best cc has to offer.

  24. Actually he is the original badass from Cali. Look him up. He been the awesome for years now

  25. Had it about 4 months ago! It’s awesome enjoy! Daytime all the way btw!!

  26. So I’m assuming you haven’t used Cannabiss before?

  27. If you got time you should check out Josh Del Rosso’s story.

  28. Had it multiple times but honestly the thc content isn’t high enough

  29. Not always. They almost got me one day during a sale and a few weeks later I heard somebody else correct their pricing. It's no biggie but so far every dispensary I've went too have screwed up the end price and had to go back over it, so I just do the math first.

  30. Bro it’s one thing if the order is wrong but to screw you in a sale price!! That’s completely unacceptable!

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