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All the mentions of calls all of the sudden seems sus, but this ape put it better than I could. Keep out of calls, Buy, DRS, HODL. Shoutout to u/RealPropRandy

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  • By - 2q_x

  1. My guess as to the bump in share price today is that hopefully BBBY is finished with the ATM selloff.

  2. Yeah but my point in the topic was that up until FTX went down, no matter what the news we very closely followed the S&P.

  3. If someone sells a put - they are essentially signing a contract saying they will buy shares at x dollars from you no matter what. So if I sell a put with a strike of $5, and the stock falls to $4, the buyer of the contract can say "you buy my 100 shares at $5 even though they are only worth $4". The seller of the put buys the stock at the agreed price, and the buyer of the contract splits the difference. In this example they would net $100 (minus the premium they paid of course) .

  4. Whenever people with over 10% of a stock buy within a company they need to publish their positions.

  5. I know nothing more than anyone else, but assume for the moment I am correct. Why would they not just take their considerable profits and close out. Otherwise, they risk something happening that fucks them completely. I just don't understnd it, unless its become personal in some way. I am taking it personally and as such will never sell, ever. Fuck them. I can last longer than they can

  6. So the theory has to do with naked shorting. IF they naked shorted the company they need to keep going till the company goes bankrupt.

  7. One onest question: if they have been shorting for the last 3 months, didn’t they make a lot of money already with the price falling every day? I am totally bullish, holding and buying more every day I can but I don’t get how it is possible that SHF are f*ked. Please enlighten me, Bbby for the win.

  8. They sell on the way down, they don't get to (typically) just sell a big block of shares for $5, then buy them all back at $3. They also have to buy on the way up.

  9. the answer is that "registered savings plans" are where most people keep their money due to tax incentives, and these cannot be DRS'd unless you are american and DRS your IRA.

  10. I got 5 shares in my TFSA, transfered the rest out to DRS. Cost me like $300 from wealthsimple (you can do it free but it takes more time and MOASS is tomorrow so didn't wanna risk it)

  11. I had this too, I had to complete the first task before it would let me mess around and enter my name

  12. I've heard the ethno-nationalist garbage for years... it's not interesting... it's facetious

  13. Genuine question, do you think a group of 10 people who shares culture and values would do worse or better than a group of 10 who does not?

  14. Okay then, do you think 2 random people from Somalia are going to be more likely, less likely, or equally likely to have similar values than 1 random person from Somalia and 1 random person from USA?

  15. It drops every week so I am waiting until it’s a dollar to start buying again.

  16. It's actually so reassuring knowing all the DD I have read - and seeing someone trying this hard to bash BBBY and pump up AMC just confirms that I am right.

  17. I do not tend to subscribe to TA when I complete my analysis of companies. I tend to prefer qualitative and quantitative analysis of their operations and particularly unique to them, relative to their competitors whilst considering macroeconomic trends; as such, TA is novel territory for me.

  18. They say this almost every week. They will keep saying it till price moves up then will probably say "SEE TOLD EVERYONE MY TA WAS RIGHT".

  19. They absolutely had impact on the ability to shuffle the board. If he hadn't purchased all those calls he wouldn't have been a 10% shareholder and thus they wouldn't bother talking to him.

  20. He never wanted to be a 10% shareholder, he bought to get to 9.8% or whatever it was, but BBBY restructuring made him over 10%. You don't need 10% to get sway - owning 5%+ of a company will get you a decent voice.

  21. Half of the posts are BS karma farms on this sub. Put bullish in caps at the end of any title for free points I guess :/

  22. Welcome to the Machine showed it is a conspiracy, they are cooperating.

  23. I forget where I read this - but it was a theory that they don't even need to explicitly pay someone off to toot that everything they don't like is a conspiracy. With the data they have on people, they just hire someone who will do that without even needing the prompt.

  24. I believe another reason is for voting purposes. I will fully admit I don't know exactly how it works - but I believe more shares in the hands of retail is good for voting in favor of retail interests.

  25. I think hedges didn’t consider a turnaround plan or having activist investors an option and presumed bankruptcy and now they are stuck with their positions and will likely get margin called as the company turns around.

  26. Exactly, you don't naked short a company with the intention of "getting out" . You expect the company to go bankrupt. As soon as you naked short you are fucked if the company doesn't die. It's a free money printer if the company does go br though

  27. Looks like gambling sub taking down any bbby posts. Bullish! (could also just be that it goes against their rules of sub 500m market caps but eh lol)

  28. 800k shares just borrowed according to iborrowdesk. Historically most times they borrow this many shares we get a 5%+ drop. Expect more fuckery today and know that slingshot is being pulled back even further.

  29. Can anyone explain why they would to the share offering now? Would they have to sell those shares before M&A?

  30. Only reason they would sell them now is they need fast money for something. My theory is they are selling now to pay for restructuring/bond deal expenses and then going to do another share offering of 10-20 million shares.

  31. Anyone else find it really weird there have been no FUD articles the last 2 trading days? The last month every time BBBY dropped a half a cent there was 50 articles saying the company was done.

  32. The time says 14:21 it's only 11:21 at the exchange now. That's a message from the future.

  33. Could just be different time zone :/ . I know I know, that's crazy - much more likely this is from the future or a doctored image for fake internet points.

  34. I mean its 100% obvious the only reason NDP support this is because younger demographics massively lean NDP.

  35. I'm literally a teacher and I vote NDP. I just hate how politics are forced into classroom and lots of teachers feel the need to indoctrinate kids.

  36. I don't think I understand what you mean, but trying to provide details below as what you might be referring to.

  37. Brokers lend out shares. Those shares are then shorted. You said the original comment didn't have proof that shares were being borrowed and shorted. The proof is out there for anyone to see, its public and found from a simple google search.

  38. Except I didn't argue whether there was shorting or not? I argued that any manipulation happened.You are not providing evidence either. I'm well aware how shorting works. The proof you are referring to, is actually no proof of manipulation.

  39. If you are actually trying to be honest you can't reasonably say that shorting does not equal manipulation. Whenever a stock gets shorted it pushes the price down - it doesn't need to be naked. Borrowing and selling shares creates a higher supply than demand - it's manipulating the price. Maybe it's just semantics that in your view manipulation has to be illegal to count, but legal short selling does still lower price.

  40. Mods will manually approve non-spam posts. Which is in the About, I think, so anyone that cares enough about it is still free to post.

  41. 9/10 top posts each day are low quality. If only reddit had a system in place where people could suppress low quality content without the need for karma requirements :/ .

  42. Hopefully your response is just sarcasm as well but juuuust in case - I was being sarcastic.

  43. Funny how the one good options play is made difficult by brokers isn’t it?

  44. Yup, I don't do options much myself anyways because the service charges are INSANE unless you kind of whale, and at that point I'd rather just buy shares. Small bets are eaten up by service charges.

  45. Between us we have 4 different brokerages and none of them let us sell cash covered puts (we live in Canada).

  46. This why nobody is engaging in this sub. The lack of effort and quality put into posts like this causes physical pain and I want to die after reading this.

  47. No one engages because lots of people can't even post :/

  48. There is a report button that is very underused. It has a choice for misinformation - positive or negative have no place for lies in investing. People have real money here and false positive things hurts just as bad as false negatives.

  49. Those puts are worthless at that price. I sell weeklies and don’t mind getting assigned

  50. In Canada 3 different banks/trading platforms wouldnt let me or my friend sell cash covered puts because they were "too volatile". So stupid, cus we would have gotten a much better deal getting assigned at $6 + getting the premium.

  51. That’s still a stupid short amount of time for a company that was on the verge on BK. How will they accomplish this goal so aggressively? Spoiler, it ain’t just gonna be off holiday sales. I expect a big announcement any day now.

  52. Isn't it almost entirely going to be off of holiday sales? Them closing down 15% of their dumpster stores + holiday sales IS probably enough for them to be cash flow positive.

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