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  1. The Hornets commentators are ruthless, they talking about how Kidd was called ason early in his days cause he had no J

  2. sga, ayton, randle, BI all the best players suddenly recover from injury when its time to play the lakers

  3. I really wish they had just announced his return while announcing the starting lineup at STAPLES, WWE style

  4. Tonight, bro shams it’s a noon game

  5. Any reason why it was blandly named ‘Oklahoma City’? Like how lame would it be if Los Angeles was called California City

  6. Lmao those clips were all over my recommended I was like tf

  7. What can you tell about your very first interaction with Kamal Haasan sir? And how did it change your life in anyway?

  8. These bums really boutta hand wins to all the teams we competing with for seeding -,-

  9. If we have a good season, maybe a few million

  10. Nice,this is the kind of insight I was looking for, great defensive instincts.

  11. Jett Howard will at the least be Desmon Bane.. 6'7 quick trigger shooter. potential to have a really nice off the dribble game too. bad defender though

  12. Yeah he’s interesting, seems like a Jordan Poole kinda player.

  13. I am disappointed you didn’t sneak in a VARISU line in there

  14. I think the timing matters honestly. It shouldn’t, but it does.

  15. Yep same thing as JJJ getting the nod over AD for All-Star despite playing similar no. Of games

  16. Biggest thing we’re missing on this team is the fast break points that Lebron creates.

  17. Yes sometimes I hate it when there’s an opportunity to get fastbreak points and they either fumble it or just don’t run at all

  18. Does this mean Lakers win the tiebreaker over OKC?

  19. Crazy how a contract really affects how we view a player, he would have been bodied this season so many times had he been on the 84M contract.

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