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  1. I was once at a local taco shop where these drunk nurses were eating and talking very grotesquely about a woman’s nude body that was in for surgery and even had photos they were passing around and zooming in on and VERY LOUDLY laughing and talking about her body. Someone got upset and told the manager what was going on and he went over to the table to talk to them and ended up looking at the photos and laughing with them!! Absolutely disgusted I didn’t go back to that restaurant for years until it was sold and under new management

  2. In my opinion it absolutely has to be Padma Lakshmi she was horrible, rude, and even spit in Link’s coffee cup!!

  3. Do the mobility of manufactured homes have any influence on the trend of it being more difficult to get a mortgage for one (possibility of theft, or of the sort, etc.)?

  4. I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult but the interest rates are slightly higher because of that fact, it does make it a slightly higher risk loan for the lender

  5. Are manufactured homes suitable for all types of weather?

  6. They are actually built differently in different areas to accommodate for different weather climates of that area. For example homes closer to the coast need to account for a higher wind threshold, and homes in areas where it snows needs a higher roof load zone

  7. No, I happily stay naked as much as possible.

  8. Oh yes. I grew up going to nudist resorts

  9. Ok to message? If not I can continue to ask questions here

  10. I’ve been required to go topless (at night) on a road trip, while I had icy hot on my nipples with the windows down. I was permitted a blanket to cover myself when absolutely needed though.

  11. Consent is super important, I get that. So I take it you’re not huge into exhibitionism?

  12. Not into exhibitionism, personally. Love people who are though!!

  13. I used to be forced to stay nude when people came over when I was younger without consent so I 100% get the consent thing but somehow I am now huge into exhibitionism/voyeurism, interesting how we develop our kinks

  14. Sorry to hear that, unfortunately we live in a society where female abusers at most get a slap on the wrist for stuff like this.

  15. It is but the first step towards my healing was forgiving her and that’s what I’m trying to do and put it behind me and move on with my life

  16. That’s a really healthy thing to do bro, proud of ya

  17. I was conflicted. Being 12/13 I on one hand didn’t know if it was wrong because she told me this is what it is like being sexual with someone and on the other when I did think about telling someone I didn’t want them to think bad about me and it to somehow turn on me so I figured it was better to keep my mouth shut then risk anything.

  18. I can relate to not knowing better. Same shit happened to me when I was a kid too and I was too scared because the person was close friends with my parents. I wasn't able to openly talk about my own experience until a few years ago. Opening up to strangers helped me find some peace, I hope this thread will help you find yours. The fact that your acknowledging the past and trying to heal is a huge step forward to normalcy. Goodluck

  19. I appreciate the kind words and am sorry you had to experience that as well. I hope you continue to find piece in it as well.

  20. Overall negatively but I’m working to get over that. I became mainly attracted and turned on by doing the things to woman that she would be to me (except the pain part I’ve never enjoyed that) I lost many girlfriends because of it and am now engaged but have almost never showed my fiancé that side of me. I respect her too much and don’t want to lose this amazing woman, along with that I know she would be totally against it. I hope I answered your question. If not feel free to follow up

  21. I appreciate the kind words 👍🏻 you as well have a great life and good luck

  22. Because I like people of the same Sex. I don’t control it, it’s just what I prefer

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