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  1. Is it really that hard to admit after two generations you are not experiencing a 100% Italian environment?

  2. When did I ever say I was experiencing a 100% Italian environment?

  3. You are here defending your self attributed right to label yourself as Italian eventhough you previously stated Americans aren't obsessed with ancestry. Given how you are calling me names because I simply stated italoamericans ≠ Italians I figured you had your reason to keep referring yourself as Italian like living in a 100% Italian environment.

  4. I'm sorry Sicilian, I didn't realize that I have no right to claim I'm Italian because I wasn't born in Italy. Didn't realize I was talking to a moron.

  5. I don’t, I think the invincibility system is fine it’s just that it needs to be gone once you do any type of attack so that you don’t cheese it like what op did here, ya get me?

  6. No I don't, you want players to be able to throw a single fan knife to completely invalidate spawn invincibility.

  7. you idiot I meant the invader himself if he does any type of attack the invincibility should be removed cmon bro grow some brain cells

  8. Use a brain? Maybe you should have actually written that out beforehand rather than assume everyone will understand what you're saying. Cagna culo

  9. I farmed Demon Lord for 4 hours before finally getting that damn chest plate so I've gotta go that with bastard.

  10. Tbh it needs a buff, it’s insanely bad in all mediums of combat atm

  11. RoB is one of those weapons that is difficult to "get just right". It is inherently OP due to the speed when using and when recovering from, it's seamless ability to combo itself L2 -> L2 -> L2 to where you can easily use mind games with how many times you tap L2 which is further amazing due to the aforementioned recovery time after using it, the DMG output is still quite high, OH yeah, and it has BLEED. RoB is fine where it's at for now, if in 2 years there are few nerfs, and more broken weapons via DLC then I may reconsider my position.

  12. If rivers was a poison katana it would be fucking sick. Given they'd have to buff poison lol. But I'd be about that

  13. Just Before the Morning came on during my shift the other day for the first time (someone creates mixes for our stores) and I was really excited, BUT, at the same time, the mixes are absolute garbage and I'm a little concerned Local Natives is going too radio but we truly haven't heard much from them in a while and it'd be ignorant for me to assume they're selling out.

  14. I was unaware for years as well, Knight does a good job of making Tommy incredibly tall for the screen.

  15. Everything I’ve seen him in makes me think he’s at least 5’11” lmao

  16. I just checked online and he's actually taller than I thought @ 5' 10''

  17. I've been lucid since I was 4 and I can't shut it off so I wake up often and my nights feel incredibly long in dream time.

  18. It's a double edged sword where you have a "second life" that is incredibly reflected by your life in the real world. I don't think I'd give it up if I could, but it basically multiplies what you're already feeling, almost like a psychoactive.

  19. I wish I could play video games more often but I don't have the attention span at this point in my life and television is the laziest / easiest thing to commit to after a long day. Video games are incredibly interactive and actually help children with problem solving among many other things, it's 2023 we really shouldn't have negative stigma toward video games anymore.

  20. Brutal. Another way to look at it is that the homeless person helped her address her brain tumor...

  21. The Office had this when Michael ran over Meredith and so while at the hospital doctors found out she had rabies.

  22. I don't care what anybody says this man should be set up for life and never have to work again unless he wants to.

  23. Funny how the fuckin hatchet wielding mountain murderer was on the fast track to fame when everyone thought he was the hero but this legitimate hero isn't getting the same love.

  24. I fucking hate our governor.

  25. It's almost like government officials only care about money and maintenance of power / influence!

  26. What does RuneScape have to do with the shirt?

  27. The only reason I don’t consider them quite Akatsuki level is because for as strong as they are they weren’t even worth the time of the hunter organization to do anything about. They’re allowed to do as they please because they’re just not worth worrying about.

  28. Hunters are selfish and driven by their own desires, you shouldn't think of the Hunter Organization as some big police force because they're far from that.

  29. Unfortunately there are people thinking this without the sarcasm tag and I'd like to tell those people that there are waaaay worse allocations for our taxes.

  30. He should've looked for the Cuban / Italian from NY

  31. Go-to daily drinkers are Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Knob Creek 120 Proof, Old Forester 1920.

  32. An actually balanced theorycraft? Very well done, op

  33. Is it balanced? They incidentally buff steel type… sure it’s not a lot but like idk if you can say that it’s balanced when you’re still improving the best type in the game no matter how minuscule.

  34. The fact that this is the most problematic portion only further proves that this theorycraft is incredibly balanced in a gen with power creep greater than Gen 5

  35. Only 67 poise with the bull talisman equipped. This character get staggered too easy so I would approve of the look but scoff at its paperlike defenses

  36. I'm a very competitive player so I get it but my brother in Christ do you know what sub you're on?

  37. Ever since the patches it's not that hard to deal with. That said, I fucking love that sheath.

  38. 1/10 of my accounts use RoB and it was more so a troll build, but I haven't used it since the nerf. However, from what I've seen against opponents, RoB is hot 🗑️ now

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