1. We learned about trauma & stress and it’s effects on general health in medical school, we learned by doing. In the US you take lab-based courses during preclinical years and spend two entire years in clinical training.

  2. It’s the exact same set up as my other dragon and she’s thriving.

  3. So that is a yes to tube UVB and a good surface temp gradient from ~110F to ~75F?

  4. So if he doesn’t have it right now, that’s probably causing some of the problems. definitely prioritize that.

  5. Can you share a photo? There may be nothing wrong…

  6. I'm here for a steady paycheck and a safe career choice. I enjoy taking care of patients and find my job rewarding and intellectually stimulating, and I don't hate coming into work.

  7. Counting down the days until I can go part-time and run my farm

  8. I’m not in it for the science, I’m in it for the patient care. Granted, at that point you should look at your career options for patient care, and if there is one better suited to you than doctor…you should probably take that road.

  9. I really don’t understand the risk of impaction argument. Literally every other reptile can get impacted from their substrate, but no one goes around saying we should keep skinks or tortoises on tile. I feel like this is just a weird myth that only exists in the beardie community

  10. Bearded dragons are at higher risk of impaction than most other reptiles due to the generally poor husbandry, the abundance of unsafe substrate options sold in mainstream pet stores, and their anatomy.

  11. I see. I’m just curious, what about their anatomy makes them more prone to suffer from impaction.

  12. Bearded dragons have a kink in their digestive tract that makes it more difficult to pass non-digestible material until they reach adult size. This is why the “space between the eyes” rule is especially important for young beardies, and why it’s important not to feed them mealworms because the high chitin content puts them at greater risk.

  13. If you failed out of med school you will likely not be accepted into a pharmacy school. Even if you could get in, you will likely not find classes any easier. Pharmacists are doctors, it is a medical profession for those passionate about treating patients, with a focus on medication therapies. We also just barely make 6 figs, and many do not get hired at that wage when starting out. If you do a 2 year residency, expect half that during those years.

  14. Actually pharmacy, physician assistant, and other professional programs are a common path for people who have been dismissed or withdrew from medical school.

  15. Ummm no. No one will get into a PA school that failed out of med school. they require top of line GPA plus a lot more experience to even pass first rounds of cuts. I don’t know about PharmD but I assume the same. I agree with the poster who said find a job like a teacher that has student loan forgive emesis attached. Pharmacy work is hard and unrewarding (as is medicine) due to administrations unless you do it for the “helping people” aspect you won’t make it.

  16. People absolutely have gotten into PA school after failing out of or academically withdrawing from medical school, I know multiple. GPA isn’t the only component of admissions & like almost every other professional program include medical, some PA schools have very different standards than others.

  17. My suggestion is to reconcile all of your accounts at once. If you still have an overage on your credit card, then you can reassign it. I usually like to do this immediately after I pay down in full, but no reason you would need to.

  18. This is a ShadeDweller, more appropriate for animals who live in forested areas. Bearded Dragons are desert baskers, so as

  19. I'm trying not to sound confrontational but spending $10 on a dozen eggs is insane. You should really cut down on your grocery spending if you can either by buying bulk (e.g. Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club) or finding cheaper methods of buying the goods (e.g. order pick up instead of delivery or ordering directly from Ralph's instead of through Instacart).

  20. It’s actually $927.30 at the most liberal spending plan (fine print!), not adjusted for LA’s higher CoL. After that, probably looking at ~$1050.

  21. Yes, exactly. We spend up to $200/week on instacart alone so that’s more in line with ~$800 on groceries. The $2500 also includes restaurants, delivery, toiletries etc. We both have very busy high salary jobs so outsourcing our groceries makes sense for us. Also to clarify we don’t get the $10 organic eggs, that was just an example of the crazy inflation we’re experiencing here 😵‍💫

  22. Absolutely no judgment from me! People have circumstances that make their needs what they are. It’s one thing if someone is struggling with overspending and attempting to get a handle on their finances while indulging in expensive unnecessaries - but beyond that, any informed decision about how to spend your money is your own even if it isn’t “the” financially smart thing to do.

  23. This is absolutely true! It also depends on the specialty of patient in primary care. I’m an MA in a FM clinic right now and get bored with the consistent type of patients we see.

  24. What do you mean? Most FM practices don’t involve “choosing niches”.

  25. I always budget months ahead, but my financial situation is a bit different than typical and I know most people lean towards the “next month” category. Both can work.

  26. Mute yourself immediately after you’ve spoken and are waiting for a response and time your splashes well

  27. Been that way for almost 11 years, no problems. Also, what do you say about those night bulbs then?

  28. Hey, just so you know the “night bulbs” that have red or black lighting are for use with other types of reptiles, like leopard geckos. Leopard geckos don’t perceive that color of light well, so although it does produce light it would be the equivalent to them to natural night light from the moon.

  29. You may be right, for he does spend alot of time in the cave, but the light is extremly dim to the point barely any light comes out and he closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

  30. Yeah, it probably isn’t doing much in the way of heat at that point! But if you’re not in a very cold house it’s probably best to go without.

  31. I try, I hand feed him sometimes (salad only) worms and bugs via the bowl, what else can I do to loosen him up?

  32. Just let him chill out. Don’t hand feed him, just let him get used to his new place. He doesn’t need to roam the house until he’s more comfortable in his terrarium. Just focus on making sure his set up and husbandry is appropriate.

  33. Would this be acceptable? And what wattage. It’s a small cage, wondering if this would be able to be used in a larger 120 gallon tank as well?

  34. Your link was probably domain blocked because I can’t see it - if you want to send me the full title & website you’re looking at I can search it up.

  35. REPTI ZOO T5 HO UVB Lighting Combo Kit, Terrarium Hood Comes with Desert 10.0 UVB T5 Lamp (39W)

  36. Yeah, that’s a great option. Generally the guidance is to make sure your UVB spans 1/2-3/4 of the length of your tank to ensure that your beardie gets enough exposure and not just when he’s basking for warmth. A 120 gallon is often 48”x24”x24”, so a 24” or a 36” fixture would work. I personally use a 24”.

  37. Not sure TBH but they said he was about 3 years old. He was a rehome from someone who was moving out of state.

  38. Okay, as an adult he will be okay without a food refill for a few days. Just give him a big salad & a good feeding of insects before you leave, and if at all possible get one of the light timers. You can find them at most pet stores.

  39. LDRs in medical school are definitely feasible, but of course have their difficulties. I assume by medical school & residency, you don’t mean to LDR that entire time.

  40. Has your dragon brumated before, and has he seen a vet lately? How old is he?

  41. I’m so glad he’s getting treatment!

  42. See each other every now and BUT DO NOT LET HER MOVE IN. SHE IS A GF NOT A WIFE. Focus on your studies.

  43. This is not how you maintain a relationship

  44. I think it’s cool to say that you can’t do that right now due to needing your own space for studying purposes. Ask how she would feel about moving closer instead of moving in?

  45. Usually this is a recipe for misery in my experience. Asking someone to move across country for you, but not with you, is a big clue to lack of commitment. And guarantee that they won’t see each other as much.

  46. Is this the first time he has brumated?

  47. My thoughts are increasing enrichment items. I might have a taller rock or basking space to get a bit closer to the lights and UV, and maybe try some ladders or branches to use some of the vertical space and get give her something to climb on.

  48. Ah, maybe try mounting it inside by tying it to the wire mesh, would improve efficiency.

  49. Just an FYI, T5s are stronger than T8s and generally do not need to be mounted on the inside of a tank.

  50. Cut his supply of hornworms and wax worms, and try mixing up his feeders. He may be grumpy for a few days, but hunger wins out in the end. Avoid hornworms going forward - this is a known issue with some dragons.

  51. In the last 12 months, we’ve spent $155/mo on two dogs. That’s probably very low - our dogs are young but out of the puppy stage, on moderate-quality (science diet) OTC food, relatively healthy, and the only medications they take are flea & tick and heart worm prevention (plus a daily Zyrtec for one). We live in a low CoL area, have a very cheap pet sitter, and when we travel, visit home, etc. we often take our dogs with us to save money.

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