1. Had awhile back would love to see this in their normal rotation!

  2. I got a half week or so ago said flower but it was budlet didn't know till I got home. Anyway I love GRUMPZ also but this was horrible leafy, no smell, not much taste, and the effects were not even present!

  3. 92 Cookies, SBD, GSD, and Lime Sherbet are all amazing! NYC Flo is their best hybrid IMO!

  4. Oh yeah yeah. Not being a jerk. There’s a rumor a large processor has been bringing in thousands of “illegal” liters of disilate in Michigan.

  5. You have to have said something wrong from what he responded to you!

  6. I agree and Klutch of all things! Klutch has become like buying FS or POW your taking a gamble on good or trash!!!!

  7. Lets hope we were lied to years ago Obama was supposed to legalize federally, that's the only reason he made it in to office!

  8. It's ok smoke wont blow you mind but for 35 depends on how your sittin on points. Nothing by them is very good, good mids!

  9. If only the democrats would have done their job with OBAMA we would have legal weed that was the platform he ran on and the only reason so many voted for him the first time!

  10. Just because you "got a girl" doesn't mean you're a man. Especially with you on here whining like a fucking Karen. And that "woke" shit? Nobody cares. Take a hint.

  11. Just don't like gettin ripped off! Still whats a Karen you woke trash!

  12. So you're just Trump trash then. Explains why you're such an imbecile.

  13. No independent trumps a whole lot better than CHINA JOE U must b a Communist!

  14. I had it a few weeks back very disappointing in smell, flavor, and effects:(

  15. Wow I’m surprised you were disappointed. I was surprised with how good the quality is. Did yours come with a humidity pack?

  16. BR and CC are killin it on prices others need to follow suit! But concentrates are absolutely ridiculous crazy prices for capped % and shady grams:(

  17. I had papa don, and sunset octane 0z and both were fire! Just gotta rehydrate a little!!

  18. Same for me, got it when it first came out and it sat for a long time, ended up putting it all in a blunt cause it tasted like nothing

  19. Got A half of jelly R A week or so ago smells and tastes like strait cherry pie jar I put it in cant even rub the keif off its completely coated and sticky! My bro went and got one it was so good and we both want more, so I'm guessing you had A bad batch:(

  20. Vaping sux just can't get into that weird burnt taste just my opinion. Though I did see the mini nail just came out with a flower wand and I'm realy thinking about purchasing, the design is realy f**kin cool!

  21. 4moths in! Anyone else have A issue with back popping off all the time since the screw insert is not actually part of the phone its really annoying has happened since day one besides the crappy battery design and when listening to voicemails hit 7 to delete 7 will get stuck and delete all messages before their listened 2, its great? Battery design also causes it to shut off for no reason and the battery will say full and 2min later its in the red!!!

  22. I like Br butt the Super Sour Orange didnt do anything for me.

  23. SSO is the only strain in this program that made me edgy so far! I like all BR other sativa strains SSO just does exactly what I don't want any strain to do!

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