My 10yr old/5th grade homework. Instructions say to round each decimal to the nearest whole number. My son insists the answer is 0. According to the instructions, he is correct. I explained that you can’t paint 37 walls with 0 gallons of paint. Messaged his math teacher. She said the answer is 0.

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  1. Yesss. I also love it when my partner gives me long gentle scratches down the full length of my arm! Goosebumps every time haha. Scratches are just the best.

  2. Sandy Shocks is my least favourite if I could swap it, I'd have loved an ancient form of Liepard/Persian or something. Proper sabre-tooth style.

  3. This cult is literally unrecognisable from 15 years ago. It's turned from criticising the "worldly" religions doing TV stuff, pop songs, televangelism etc into a complete 180.

  4. You're only here once. Gotta enjoy life, and if you can help others do the same that's a win. No point in being mean or spiteful. Why waste precious time getting angry or spiteful or hurting others? It doesn't make sense.

  5. It's like saying "I eat 0.3 bars of chocolate every day. Therefore, over the course of 365 days I eat 0 bars of chocolate."

  6. My grandma (Christian, not JW), called me an abomination when I came out, and again last night. That shit hurts, and my mom is forcing me to wear a dress today. I haven't been able to sleep for fucks sake.

  7. Serena is the character I felt for the most as the story went on. I just wanted to hug her.

  8. Go out. Meet people. Pub. Yoga. Flyfishing. Monstertruck show. Knitting club. Shooting range. Follow a sports team and join the party at the bar when they win. Bicycling. Kayaking. Mountain climbing. Whatever. Don't worry about the sex part. Just meet people. Make friends. Sooner or later you will meet someone who fancys you.

  9. Genuinely this. Any hobby with a community of people in real life is the best way to meet people, make connections, and potentially a partner for life. You gotta put yourself out there in the world! :)

  10. Webrings. Wanna find a site like the one you're on? Look for the webring.

  11. You can see more of my stuff at :)

  12. That's Seahorse Oprah. You get a baby! You get a baby! You all get babies!

  13. When my parents found out I was trans aged 17 back in '00 I had the elders called round and I was lectured to with scriptures telling me how it was an "abomination" and basically just being really awful about it.

  14. For me the only real purpose is to be kind, have fun while I'm here and help others do the same. That's enough for me. I don't believe in any cosmic reason for life existing.

  15. They're living a better life than me. I want a hot spring bath.

  16. I hate these. I struggle to stand for long without a lot of pain, these are just as bad as standing up normally :(

  17. Congratulations on getting out and standing up for yourself, especially at such a young age. It takes real courage and a strong will to say no to the guilt trips they lay on us when we leave.

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