1. I crashed a helicopter today around a pack of Black Bears. My experience is wildly different from yours.

  2. this made me laugh so hard I just want you to know this

  3. CD is vastly superior sound quality to bluetooth

  4. How did you get the badge on the grill?! I took mine off the oem plate and itโ€™s way too big to mount on + has that extra circle/ border around it

  5. The paint looks fantastic. I really believe I'm looking at painted metal.

  6. It does but I haven't completed the interior. I was gonna wait until I clearcoated it to put the clear parts on

  7. That gloss is amazing, what paint you use? Airbrush I assume.

  8. This but I was the parking buddy. Me and a friend both have Mk5 Jettas, and saw another one in a Walmart parking lot. We parked next to it and made a pretty sweet photo background for my phone.

  9. I've never seen a good looking MK5 around my area. Mines the only one

  10. I hear this a lot and I'm a huge Vader fan -a statue, action figures, helmets etc.

  11. Also, don't do a what if. This isn't the MCU. What ifs are cool and all, but the imagination is better, and I believe it's better for the audience to come to a conclusion rather than have a TV show say "yes, conclusively this is what would happen." There's no room for debate or discussion about it.

  12. Star Wars already did some "What If" comics back in the EU days, and they were awesome.


  14. You know what's funny is I actually thought about that when I saw your comment and I was like haha that'd be funny, gg

  15. I wish we needed to refuel our cars. Ive had some good chats with xbox rpers

  16. Oh my god how I've wished we could. Make gas stations more useful imo.

  17. In for suggestions! Honestly, just looking for a chill group that likes cars.

  18. I will absolutely join, the only downside is I'd probably lose the General Tea 01

  19. Dude sometimes I do a double take when I wake up

  20. 8XUS says:

    Where is the world download for this.

  21. Nowhere because it's not for anyone to download :)

  22. Sorry jesus, this proud mom will be hanging it in a special place.

  23. I can't even be disappointed. Very well done job to your son. I'm inspired.

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