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  2. I thought that they would be too afraid to venture beyond the touristy spots like Cancun, Cozumel or the cruise ports 😆

  3. Here is the real question. Which County of NJ is the MOST JERSEY?!? Know what I am saying? Now I am from Passaic. But to me. If I had to pick most jersey County. It would be tough, but I narrowed it down to these counties/ areas. It depends on the angle you take it. To me I think what outsiders and popular culture (film, music, tv etc.) usually portrayed / think of New Jersey as or being about, regardless if it is not representative of NJ to us or the greater state overall. Based on that I would say the MOST JERSEY of counties is - ESSEX COUNTY. Why? Look at how much That area shows up in film, referenced in music (namely hip hop or House music) or its sheer influence. A few runner ups I would say would be Bergen County Paramus - frequently mentioned. Portrayed in film (Coneheads!) Hackensack, Lodi, Fort Lee. Thats some really Jersey shit. Atlantic City by default and its past former glory.

  4. Union County since you have the I-95, the nasty industrial stuff, the ugly city, mediocre suburban homes, traffic galore, etc.

  5. Hahahahahah. Thats was going to be my second nomination, but I felt that Essex checked all the same boxes and more so with the airport.

  6. Keep in mind that half of the airport is technically in Elizabeth (Union County) that’s another point for UC.

  7. I know exactly how you feel. I grew up in the Babylon’s so all of those places shown were my old stomping grounds as well.

  8. I wouldn’t recommend it regardless of the circumstances.

  9. Boooooo! If your org is worried about "rebellious personality type(s)" you should run for the hills. That tells me leadership only wants to keep yes men in which case, they are destined for failure.

  10. In the VAST majority of American corporations, senior mgmt is over 80% composed of clean-cut people who look the same more or less..and almost none of them are walking around with nose rings, visible tattoos and pink hair.

  11. Maybe if I lived in LA or NYC, I could be making 21-25, but in other parts of SoCal 18 an hour is common. Of course, Walmart pays 17.50 for the OGP grocery pickers. I feel like I wasted my time getting a degree for this.

  12. After a few more years of experience as an HR Assistant or Coordinator; you can be a generalist and make a lot more money.

  13. I miss that chain. Grew up very close to the one in Babylon before it became a Crunch Fitness.

  14. There’s an even bigger sign at the Hackensack Bus Terminal

  15. That’s the beauty of HR..there’s so much room to move where you don’t have to make a COMPLETE career change.

  16. In large companies you have that option. In small and medium companies that option is inexistent.

  17. Why be loyal to a startup? Especially since most don’t tend to last that long.

  18. What a coincidence! I love the design but not sure if it’s a bit too prep school’ish…your thoughts?

  19. I've never seen that. I'm assuming this was a little before Zoo-Books?

  20. I remember those zoo book commercials lol

  21. Long Island is super NIMBY. It’s such a shame because out of all the NYC suburbs it has the best opportunity to really be integrated with the city (LIRR has access to multiple points in the city, it neighbors Queens/Brooklyn, high density, etc.).

  22. Yeah, and the rent prices are insane due to a SEVERE lack of housing for the younger generations/singles crowd. It’s now nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a 1 bdr apartment for under $2k a month anywhere on the island..even in less desirable places further out (unless it’s for seniors).

  23. I wouldn't call it the worst, You have a 24/7 commuter rail that is electrically powered.

  24. The commuter rail is disgustingly overpriced. I just visited my parents out there; and the peak ticket from Western Suffolk County (Babylon) to Manhattan is $17. And it gets worse as you get even further out. And most of the train stations charge a boatload for parking

  25. This seems to be the only mall in North Jersey not doing well..minus the American Dream

  26. I, too, would go where I grew up. North Shore of Nassau County, Long Island.

  27. Not sure if I would consider many parts of the North Shore of LI to be suburban hell since there’s a lot of walkable downtowns/small town type areas mixed in like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Glen Cove, Great Neck, Garden City, Port Washington, Huntington, Northport, Westbury, etc.

  28. If you think Whole Foods is bad..try Kings Market

  29. The NY Area Accents from Strongest to Weakest: Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island/Staten Island (tie), North Jersey, Manhattan, Westchester/CT

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