1. The location at WTC is faster and easier to get to anyway. No big deal

  2. Quick Google search says Starbucks uses 160,000,000 gallons of milk annually. Figure a tiny savings like half a percent milk saved each year due to avoiding theft or large pours. That's still 8,000,000 gallons saved and assuming a mass quality average of $2 p/gallon that's $16 million saved annually.

  3. But there’s a flaw in your logic…using myself as an example, I prefer significantly less half and half in my coffee than most baristas pour for me, so they’re actually using more by pouring it for me vs letting me pour my preferred amount. How many others like me are out there? And now I ask for it on the side, which they then pour an excess amount into an espresso sized cup with a lid, causing cup and lid prices to rise. So is the savings actually a wash?

  4. Yes! I’m so glad you got a photo of this. I saw it when I was out walking my dog this morning. We’re practically neighbors!

  5. Wonder if it’s the same guy that stole my sons water bottle and diaper bag from under the stroller today.

  6. Yep - PS 16, PS 28 and PS 15 for elementary. Though PS 16 is so crowded they’re busing kids to Danforth.

  7. Finish Line PT at 23rd and 6th. It’s a quick and easy PATH ride. I went to them while rehabbing a hip injury from triathlon training. They have an alter-g, cryotherapy, normatec, etc., but no pool.

  8. Unless you willing to risk getting hit with a massive tax bill every few years, I would avoid buying anything in JC. Do a search on Board of Education and City budget tax hikes. FYI, the people responsible for the massive tax hike won in the November election

  9. New construction has a 5 year tax abatement. And compared to buying in the suburbs of NJ (which was our other option), JC has relatively low taxes.

  10. Agreed!!!! And in the middle of the night when trucks are backing up that noise is also really loud like an alarm 🚨!! It’s so damn annoying it wakes me up.

  11. Some places are zoned live/work. The Vito lofts in Columbus, for example.

  12. I’ve always had a good experience at Zion nails on Newark Ave, Downtown

  13. They closed down half of Warren between Montgomery and Columbus for several years to build Haus25. You ain’t special.

  14. Let them know they're doing a shit job on weekends and nights with the long waits, long delays, and closed bathrooms.

  15. When people put up mediocre signs like this, I automatically assume the business will be mediocre too

  16. On the NJ Transit app you can check and see how crowded buses are in the My Bus feature, I’m sure it’s crowded but not packed.

  17. I did takeout.... it wasn't that good. Too cold and stiff. Go in person!

  18. Yeah definitely better in person. But that’s the case with pretty much anything that’s fried

  19. Whatever the Union is that represents the train conductors and staff

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