Cat Calls: Casual vs Hijab

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  1. Probably just being the exact same standoff-ish douchebag that he appeared like on the sidelines and from reports

  2. Yeah I just think he has a hard personality to get along with and can’t stand to be wrong

  3. Sounds like that was the case, and that extended to his coaching staff. That's why he brought so many yes men over, and why Derek Mason said what he said and left as soon as he could.

  4. Compared to the dude in the video everyone is very average at geometry dash

  5. Compared to the dude in the video literally everyone has a life outside of spending 650 hours trying to beat one single level in one singular game.

  6. I'd say what's far more impressive than whatever skill it took to do this, is the fact that he didn't give up after 563,999 thousand tries.

  7. I think last night when his sons team was playing against Thompson was the first time Harsin saw that coach

  8. Cadallic Williams has significant ties to Tampa and impressed as the auburn interim skipper.

  9. This is the only other acceptable option IF we miss on Caldwell

  10. Nope, not even remotely an option. He'd be terrible as a HC. Just so bad it'd be criminal. So don't even consider him please, we beg you. Like literally beg.

  11. This is the biggest non-story in the history of all non-stories.

  12. Well there definitely isn't any source saying Colt and Frank were fucking on the regular. The game only suggests that Frank felt more for Colt than just a friend, and they maybe experimented while drunk maybe years ago, but were 95% just close friends who had a falling out after the Aeon program began.

  13. To be honest was this even a loss? Our O-Line quite frankly sucked this year

  14. Only thing it hurts it depth, but I anticipate (read: hope) we hit the portal hard for OL depth.

  15. I'm not sure how he could have been thinking too much about Aemma once he got a feel of Alicent.

  16. A Hugh Freeze program is not something I can be enthusiastic about.

  17. What if it's 50/50 Freeze and Caddy? And Freeze is further exonerated, at least mostly, in his past transgressions?

  18. I certainly wouldn’t want all of my fuck-ups to become national news, but I’ve also never had escorts on speed dial or forced children to change in front of me.

  19. Ok really the last part of Freeze's transgressions that really needs a thorough investigation is the undressing one. We need to seriously know what happened and why.

  20. I watched this many years ago and all the shitty haters saying it's staged, fuck ya. There's also a male version of this (no hijab of course) and yeah you'll say it's staged also...too many fucktards on this sub

  21. I only care about the buyout because i want him fired immediately along with our dumbass board, president, and new baseball coach cosplaying as an AD.

  22. I want literally every single last person who even remotely supported this hire fired into the sun.

  23. No it hasn't. You are experiencing placebo. Macuna has no effect, and honestly, your decrepitly low IQ is showing with this post.

  24. Any Auburn "fans" doing this should be permanently banned from ever attending any Auburn events again, their Auburn fan cards forever revoked.

  25. I think UNLV would be the 2nd option. Ahead of Auburn

  26. I thought Bowl committees cared more about the size of fanbases, potential ticket sales, and market value?

  27. Let’s throw Arthur smith in the mix

  28. My dude, he's currently in his first year as head coach of the Falcons, an NFL team, in case you didn't know.

  29. Not really. Coaches with his track record don't grow on trees, and while he has some baggage, I don't consider it to be on the same level as Briles or Freeze.

  30. And at least unlike Freeze, Urban has actually won championships, three in fact. Hugh hasn't won jack shit in his entire career. The whole talk of him being such a great coach is ridiculously overblown. He's barely better than Gus, and less likeable, with a significant amount of baggage.

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