Pfizer employee having a meltdown 🤡😂

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Cops in Florida stop blind man walking home from jury duty

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  1. Explain why it's disgusting. Guy called the cops, didn't follow orders, and right near the end pretended to go for a gun which can be easily seen. This is called suicide by cop. It was justified. The victim here is the cop who will be scarred for life.

  2. The victim here is the cop? Not the guy that was shot the death? Jesus the pig stench is coming off you pretty hard

  3. Is this the security video from Dan Flashes?

  4. Why are we underground right now sir? Why can't we be out in the open? Why aren't we in a square right now? Why aren't we talking to people, letting them know, "ITEM 9 EXISTS!". Get it out, shout at the roof tops. THIS. IS. GREAT. THIS IS THE BEE'S KNEES ITEM 9.

  5. What an asshole pig. He could have let her go with a warning, but had to get violent to act like a big boy for the cameras. Little pussy

  6. That article says that patients can't order at the drive thru, they can only pick up pre-placed online orders and I'm guessing no changes are allowed. This should hopefully keep the line moving quickly. I wish this was close to me

  7. Project Veritas are known liars that release manipulatively edited videos. Posting anything from them is an admission that you're an idiot

  8. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but generally you wouldn't want to use any seeds you found in bud for home growing. These seeds are caused by plants self-pollinating and any offspring from them will also self-pollinate and grow both male and female parts. You can easily order some quality seeds to your home... once home grow is legalized of course

  9. People like different things. Unfortunately they also like coming on the internet to argue over those things

  10. I really like this stuff. It's definitely one of the better concentrates I've tried

  11. Idk what to tell you other than you're not correct in your application of the definition of deesecalation regarding use of force policy. This is largely because your goal is not the same as a law enforcement officer.

  12. You're missing the point. The police have the incorrect definition of de-escalation. They just aren't trained in how to do it, and often are trained to do exactly the opposite, like these morons in the video that caused this incident. You seem like you're at least pig-adjacent though, so I don't expect you to be able to understand. Keep defending that thin blue line

  13. Does that say 94mg of Myrcene in a 0.84g pod!? Wow

  14. I picked one of these up at The Botanist Akron. Pretty good taste and the price was right with the discount.

  15. I think Herbology/Curaleaf in Cuyahoga Falls had some of these Timeless vapes with the flip cases. I have no idea if they still do (I saw them there last week) or if they have the one you're looking for though. Good luck finding it!

  16. You'll never see a sale on just Woodward itself. Your best bet is waiting for store-wide sales or sales like 20% off all concentrates/flower, or spend $x get y% off.

  17. I wish more Americans thought like this. Good post

  18. Does this jar actually say Artifact anywhere on it? Just curious because I don't see it in the pictures. You're right though, all the 5.66g jars I've seen so far have been Artifact.

  19. Garbage breed, eradicate those pieces of shit

  20. This is that moron that was rapping (poorly) at all the town hall events. He's trying to use what little fame he got from those stunts to become a conservative youtuber. Get this shit out of here

  21. Obviously he just wants women to cover up their hair because he's jealous they actually have some left

  22. That doesn't show her "losing it" at all? Did you post the wrong clip?

  23. Lmao, I can pull up several cases for you where kids even younger were tried as an adult. And this 15 year old girl is literally bigger than the officer and most adults. And yes, he he doesn’t HAVE to arrest her, but he is 100% supposed to its his fucking job. You can’t let people get away with hitting police officers. You’re just some ACAB loser because you got a ticket and the officer was mean to you. Grow up. And the fact you are a self loathing American is the funniest shit ever, actual cuck.

  24. I'm sorry you can't understand some people want the government to do better and not hurt its citizens unless absolutely necessary, especially children. Maybe you'll understand when you're older, if conservatism doesn't completely rot your brain before then

  25. Lmao, you just keep assuming things. You assume that im racist because you didn’t like being told you were wrong and the cop was actually justified. And now you call me a conservative and a youth without actually knowing a thing. Im sorry to tell you that as an officer when you are struck 18 times you are compelled to arrest the person, no matter who they are. These are the laws and the officers job is to enforce them.

  26. Whatever helps you sleep at night after justifying violence against a child bud. And I can only go off of your posts, so maybe stop posting like a conservative child if you aren't one?

  27. Then explain it for me. Prior to my edits why was I being so severely downvotes?

  28. You posted something dumb and more people voted it down than voted it up. That's all. There isn't any conspiracy or hivemind, people just didn't like your post

  29. Do you know what begging the question is?

  30. Is that when we all put on our White Lives Matter t-shirts and make sad excuses for our anti-semitic friends? Are you really defending Klandace "The only problem with Hitler was that he had dreams outside of Germany" Owens? Are you a Daily Wire subscriber or something?

  31. So... you don't think white lives matter? And they posted that BEFORE Kanye's Jewish comments.

  32. "White lives matter" is a white supremacist slogan created as backlash to the "Black Lives Matter" slogan/movement. It's the equivalent of saying "black lives don't matter" or flying the confederate flag. You can pretend like you don't know that if you want, but everyone sees right through that.

  33. OCL seems like one of the few cultivators that actually cures their flower for a decent amount of time. I wish others would do the same

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