1. Have you ever heard of Sleeping Beauty? Or The Princess and the Frog? Or a million other children's stories that involve kissing? You're being a crazy reactionary

  2. Considering the socialist government controls all the oil and gas, and has sold the majority of its riches to Russia and China, they are definitely not capitalism. The people have no say over the money. Socialism is authoritarianism. At least in a fascist society, profits are kept by the people.

  3. Username seems fitting, but maybe Every-Confusion would be more accurate

  4. Fuck these idiot Chris Hansen wannabes. YouTube needs to ban this kind of content before someone gets hurt

  5. if you removed every AR-15 in America, the number of children killed by guns would remain almost the same.

  6. I'm tired of conservatives saying that because no one law can stop ALL shootings then we can't enact any of them. If banning AR-15's would save even one childs life then it's worth it.

  7. Doesn't make sense to use the statistics if we are talking about restricting AR-15's, you don't have to conflate the argument to a ridiculously bad faith proportion for one to take a stance against AR-15's.

  8. It's 100% a conservative viewpoint and it comes from caring more about keeping your murder toys than the lives of children

  9. I got burned on two different BE live resin pods and i’m too scared to try them again. Regular CO2 is fine for me until I can trust them again

  10. What do you mean? Did you contact their support email address? They should give you a refund as long as the pods weren't mostly used.

  11. I had one that looked like this and it was fine. I think the guy from BE that comes here said to maybe heat it up a little bit if it bothers you, but it shouldn't cause any problems. Just curious, is this the Super Lemon Haze? That's the one I noticed it on

  12. So is this just more of a solid to go along with the diamonds compared to Klutch's O43 Diamonds and Sauce? I didn't realize Diamonds and Resin was a thing until I saw the label you posted

  13. I actually liked the Bloom waitlist system. I could add myself to the waitlist once I'm 10 minutes out or so and usually would be up by the time I arrived. Word is that too many people were adding themselves to the waitlist and then never showing up, so they killed it.

  14. The YouTube video comments say that the cop was fired and the guy in the video won a settlement. No idea if this is accurate or not though

  15. Which is weird bc I’ve contacted BFE about 3 of my live resin lusters burning and they said you have to take small hits wait between yada yada which I already knew and they even said the live resin being “thinner” it burns faster so you would think if it was thinner it would also wick up faster but I guess not but The first two burned like 1/3 pod left the 3rd one burned like 1/3 the way thru the pod and I’m hitting the live resin pod about 2-3 seconds 3 seconds being max and I wait about 5 min between the only 2 hits i take and then I wait a few hours and do another 2 hits 5 min in between bc I’m also at work and still the pod fucking burns 😂 the first time they refunded me full this 3rd time they didn’t even respond I’ve had 4 live resin klutch pods that I hit 2-3 times only a min or 2 between hits never once had a burnt coil

  16. Stay persistent. Threaten to report them to the pharmacy board. These are faulty products and should 100% be refunded

  17. Annie is pretty young, we try not to sexualize her

  18. Live Resin lusters still have THCa in them. Well certain brands I should say that don’t hide distillate and don’t tell patients. What you’re seeing is the THCa crystals crashing out. Once you start using it under normal use those should melt down again.

  19. I really appreciate your well informed posts on stuff like this. It's nice to have you around here

  20. Ok, thank you. I'll have the sales team reach out to make sure they are keeping the product in an appropriately cooled environment. I personally like when the rosin starts changing from clear to opaque, I feel like the flavor comes out and it's easier to manipulate but you're supposed to receive the product while it's still translucent and shatter like. Thanks for feedback!

  21. I had this same issue with a couple jars from Herbology Akron (Cuyahoga Falls). I'd bet they aren't storing it properly either. It's still great though!

  22. Ancient Roots rosin is great, same with Firelands rosin. Standard Wellness has some good rosin as well, but can be hit or miss. Lighthouse Sciences makes cool extracts too, but they're hard to find in stock

  23. Their Blueberry Cookies strain is amazing. Definitely one of the most dessert-y smelling strains I’d ever smelled. Highly recommend it.

  24. The smell on Blueberry Cookies is just insane. It's like no other flower I've found in the program. Especially in the Artifact jars.

  25. Which strains did you get? So far Black Jack and Super Lemon Haze have been my favorites from Grow Ohio

  26. This stuff is really great, but it's just too expensive. Even on sale at 20% off it's around $53/0.85g, which is more expensive than other brands at normal price

  27. What a bunch of bullshit. We need it on the ballot in an even year so we have enough people voting to pass it. 2024 might be our best bet now, ugh. I hate Ohio

  28. I really like my GPen Connect and I think it's better than my Puffco Peak (not the pro version). I end up using my Ispire Daab more often than either of them though.

  29. See you’re putting feelings into this and I’m just putting reality into this. It’s a 15 dollar an hour job, most know what comes with that type of pay when they sign up. We all make choices, you said people made the choice to leave better jobs for an entry level job to be around weed. That’s a literal choice and no one to blame for that but the individual. Also I don’t know a lot about marijuana and that’s why I said it’s sad that half of the budtenders know less than me, once again.. You’re taking it personally. You know how many i just see peddle stuff based on thc? Meh.. So I’ll say this again, you just did what your job parameters are. It’s like the cashier at McDonald’s saying yeah because of me we sold 17 million double cheeseburgers while I sat at the register. Those cows (and whatever else is in that sandwich) were going to get eaten and ordered whether that amazing guy ran the register or not. I believe you’re good at your job. I also believe if you feel you deserve better you should go get better instead of taking routes like this that do literally nothing for you. I had a shit job 5 years ago and guess what? I went and found a better one. They’re out there I promise..

  30. I generally see new employees every time I go to the dispensaries around here. It seems like their turnover is very high and employee retention is low.

  31. There are a bunch of different services that can help you. Check out NuggMD or OhioMarijuanaCard

  32. I was just talking to the one guy that was at the front desk yesterday and he said they have been trying to find people, but no one will come to work. I dunno how true that is, as I can't imagine not wanting to work around weed all day. It could definitely be managed much better tho, either way.

  33. The job pays like shit and has little to no benefits available. Then you get yelled at by angry patients all day. There's a reason nobody wants to do it.

  34. I figured they would. Grow Ohio has always made things right whenever I've read about people having trouble with their products. Now I just need to find the Super Lemon Haze live resin in stock...

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