Club Statement: Graham Potter sacked.

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  1. I don’t know, Gundo seems to have lots of touches in and around the six yard box. That doesn’t seem to be Kovas comfort zone. It could be all of our managers told Kova to never go in there, and he’ll thrive, but I just don’t see it. Will be interesting to see

  2. My second tactic pushes one of the DMs into the number ten role (shadow striker). But yes, for context, I have won 11 league games 1-0 :D

  3. Buddy and I nicked some stuff from you guys today. I’m sorry he left your generator on, I asked him not to

  4. Were you tipped off by the post or just stumbling through town? A buddy and I went driving all over to try and find a base nearby but no dice. Been wanting to hit up that stacked base north of Topolin but at this point I'm just waiting for a wipe.

  5. I will say, the top of the “clown” tent CAN be seen from the hill heading into the area.

  6. Think of it as ex PSG managers. The last one worked quite well! 😂

  7. Wife wondered what I was looking at, so I told her, “look what Raheem Sterling has made this year”

  8. They must have had a really low supply of those. Our kids birthday too and she just got the shirt

  9. This is the fantastic joy of risk threshold! You are very clearly willing to commit a different amount than some others. I personally keep only three months for our family, cause it gives that balance of feeling like more is in the market and the peace of mind when I put my head on my pillow each night.

  10. Stupid headlines.. He's not made them worse. They stopped trying. Either through spite, incompetence or stubbornness through mismanagement.

  11. Obviously the players have stopped trying, but putting kante as one of the pressing forwards in a 4-4-2 and then NOT adjusting out of it after two quick fire goals (and lucky there weren’t more) HAS made the players worse.

  12. Does Frank have the balls to absolutely berate those 11 frauds in the lockeroom. Can we make all five of our subs at halftime?

  13. I hope the players have the ball to berate Frank

  14. The players need to lock Frank out of the dressing room and decide a formation and tactics to play in the 2nd half

  15. I hope the people who say we are not getting relegated understand nothing is certain. West Ham got relegated in 2002/3 with 42 points. We have 39 points and no sign of catching a single point in the following 5 games. Start praying.


  17. Havertz scored a UCL-winning goal. Doesn't mask the fact that he usually has been poor otherwise across the last 2 years.

  18. Buddy and I enjoyed testing it out yesterday… I had pristine press vest, pristine shirt, worn mountain bag. Getting shot in vest made press vest badly damaged, shirt ruined, mountain bag badly damaged. Health down to 1/3rd roughly, yellow.

  19. Kai finally gets a run where no one follows him and it ends up being the worse cross James has ever done.

  20. Mudryk replaces Kova Mount replaces Gallagher Drop kante to the right of Enzo

  21. Lions effort!! Great to see, but it just doesn’t look good enough

  22. After 210 minutes of 0-0, then maybe on penalties.

  23. How is this even something to be chanted about. Hope they find the clowns

  24. It happens with Liverpool fans singing to United about the plane crash. Simply tribalism at its worst.

  25. Not being funny it’s a Miracle havertz scored in the CL final

  26. Honestly it was. Dude almost kicked it out for a goal kick but Ederson was nice enough to slow it down with his hand

  27. Based on Saturday it will be Kovacic, with Enzo left and Kante right.

  28. For real. People saying they feel bad because some guy got tens of millions for a few months of shit work. There's a lot of people worth feeling bad for in this world. Potter isn't one of them.

  29. Trying to explain that to my 11 year old daughter. She actually can’t comprehend the cheque being written to him.

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