1. as a satanist myself this makes me laugh. lauren shut up, get off of twitter, your too old to be talking out of your on ass.

  2. damn i cant even finish one of these without losing them XD

  3. i would been in front of them like "mannnnnn i hope someone doesnt still my stuff, i would be a shameeee if someone stole my stuff!!!"

  4. Why isn't the federal government doing something to stop the Florida anti-LGBTQ laws? Can't the Justice Department bring lawsuits for violations of civil rights and equal protection? I'm not hearing a lot of political support from Washington on these issues, and would hope for more passionate, compelling responses. What about a boycott of Florida?

  5. i love the dean winchester, although i wonder if the hunter was sam winchester

  6. wait there profile makes no sense. "get wasted on drugs and alcohol" but then does marijuana?

  7. i had someone a few days ago named "huntress simp" and "milkforwakanda" 😂

  8. seeing this as a trans boy, i find this very true, cute and funny

  9. Yeah lmao, I remember saying something similar when I was small and now I’m a trans dude lol

  10. netflix is going down the drain tbh. like they are killing so many good things.

  11. also isnt it bad that she is in super cold weather and then drinking something thats super hot?

  12. i have had this happen to me before actually. like not only this but because im trans (i dont tell people this they just assuming stuff about me) i had people record me because as a trans man i wore makeup to work once cause i wanted to and i was told ARE YOU WEARING MAKEUP?! and then they proceeded to record me and show it to the person they are talking to? so i def felt her pain and people being rude in the slighest.

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