1. Its all paperwork. Standardized forms you fill out with your info, the crime and when it was, what happened, what youve done since then, and you provide supporting documents. Police certificates, supporting letters.

  2. Ah gotcha! Perfect I would definitely do all that myself. And how many years after conviction can this be done?

  3. It needs to be at least 5 years since the sentencing for the offence was completed.

  4. A DUI is not a CIMT and not covered by any ESTA eligibility question unless your DUI "resulted in serious damage to property, or serious harm to another person or government authority".

  5. Are you sure? My concern is that Canada and the USA share information, and if it comes up and they didnt declare it they would be refused entry, or worse, given another criminal conviction for misrepresentation of some kind.

  6. Thank you, do you know if the conviction will show when they arrive and will they need to explain it? Will they be asked? How should they navigate that situation?

  7. Its a known glitch. You can ignore the new POE.

  8. I can relate. Could never go to a soup kitchen when I was homeless because I'd be advertising myself to other homeless people "vulnerable teenage girl here".

  9. One time when I was a young teen and homeless It was snowing and I never slept at night, but I was so cold and wet and tired that I had to seek shelter so went under a bridge. I got attacked, and stabbed by another homeless person, but a man. He was older, but small too. Drugged up for sure. Fortunately it was a shallow wound. It healed but I still carry the scar. I never tried to sleep at night when homeless again. Those fears are real and for a good reason, especially as a young teen.

  10. I now prefer and excel working swing and grave and sleep when the sun starts rising- I am absolutely confident that my time outside pushed me to be this way- I swore to never go back and I am getting extremely anxious watching rent and cost of living quickly rising

  11. I feel you, the likelihood I'll ever be homeless again is low, not impossible, but low. And yet.... Not impossible. That TERRIFIES me.

  12. i’ve definitely cut back on how often i go to the gym, especially because my job is super active. i go probably three times a week now, and yeah it’s for sure more of a struggle lol. i recently increased my dose of accutane and then had a leg day and ouch. the same weight i’ve been using had me shaking during the reps and i am SORE. i’ve had to lower the weight on upper body days as well, but i’m gonna keep pushing as long as it doesn’t get too bad

  13. Do you use supplements at all? Someone recommended i start using BCAAs and aside from my protein shake i dont use anything. There's mixed reviews on their efficacy, some people think they're a waste of time, some people swear by them. Im going to give it a go, i figure it cant hurt (hopefully), as long as i dont take creatine apparently.

  14. my brother recommended trying BCAA’s as well, right now all i take is fish oil and glucosamine but i’ve only been taking them for a few weeks so i doubt it’s doing anything lol

  15. I ordered some and they just arrived today. I'm gonna go gym this weekend so I'll let you know how it goes 😊

  16. Haven’t drank in 3 weeks. This valpolicella is too good

  17. Ive just started accutane and chose to give up drinking because the drug can be hard on your liver, and i am MISSING my wine. Valpolicella is my favourite red wine.

  18. Mine is a pokeball which i throw at my fiance and say 'I CHOOSE YOU'.

  19. What app is that? I love the 'youll reach your target on X date' feature! That would be incredibly motivating for me!

  20. Did you have a lot of pain? Looks amazing.

  21. In the beginning yes, there was a lot. I kept seeing people say they had no pain, the pain was minimal, not to believe the posts on this sub. Its my belief that the amount of pain you have is directly correlated to the amount of movement you are getting in that tray, as some of my first 48... were hell. It was self induced torture. I had access to my clincheck and i knew which trays were a lot of movement and those were the ones that hurt the most.

  22. Hard to believe! I'm a year and a half in and not done. Also, my teeth weren't as bad. Did you have some removed?

  23. Yes! Both upper canines. There was a lot of movement in the first 48 trays, lots of pushing the teeth outwards. The second half has mostly been lining everything up :)

  24. following this because i also want the glow lol

  25. Youve seen it too? The after's are just amazing

  26. I just started too, took my 5th dose today. On days 2-4 i got a headache which is apparently SUPER common, but drink more water and you'll be ok.

  27. Oh wow that's brilliant! Thanks for the help. So if we decided on inland, leaving isn't an issue for us, what's the best way to enter Canada? Should I arrive using an ETA or temporary resident visa? This is the other part that's confused us as both options needs to prove that I plan to leave once the duration is up. But as we don't plan to leave how do we stand on that?

  28. If youre under 30 you could consider a working holiday visa, it will give you a work permit and allow you to stay in Canada and work for 2 years while your PR application is processing.

  29. im about 6 days in and day 2 i went to bed with a headache and had it all of day 3. i pounded water on day 4 and it went away. i began flaky dryness on day 3 as well but it hasn’t seem to have gotten worse now that i’m drinking more water. i’m talking 5-6 bottles a day as much as i can tolerate haha. i didn’t think symptoms would start so early too but that just means it’s working!

  30. Well thats a relief about the headaches! Mine are subsiding too so i think thats a normal thing the first few days. Hows your acne a few days in? My face is exploding and i dont know how much of it is stopping my pill or whether im purging yet.. or a combo of both!

  31. I just bought Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun : Rice + Probiotics. The quality is amazing, and no white cast but if you don't get on with it then you should look into Korean Skincare in general. The quality is just on another level.

  32. 100% second this for daily use. I'll add that's it's not water resistant though, and would sweat off. I've been using Verdio UV Moisture Gel when I want water-resistance. It's clear and applies nicely, but may sting eyes for some.

  33. I might pick that up for my vacation actually as its water resistant! Thanks :D

  34. Well if you start Accutane now, you’ll have about 4 months before you go to Egypt. You could do about 3 months of treatment then just do a very low dose or take a break all together around the time of your vacation. Accutane treatment usually takes 4-6 months so you will hopefully make a lot of progress while you’re taking it. You’ll still need a ton of sun screen of course. In addition to hats, light and loose clothing over the entire body, such as linen pants, will help you from getting burnt. I would personally start the accutane now then just stop it around my trip. But definitely bring it up with your derm on Friday.

  35. Yeah I have some questions about what i can or can't do during treatment, so I'll be asking a few questions!

  36. Hi, I‘m from egypt and i also have very fair skin. I used to take accutane and i did all these activities while i was on it and nothing happened to me. Just use alot of spf throughout the day and try to avoid tanning. You‘ll be fine.

  37. Ah thank you! I burn in the shade so SPF100 will be my best friend for the next 6 months lol

  38. 33 from the East of England, also lived in Canada - had to google it.

  39. Spironolactone all the way. It will help a lot. My mom has severe PCOS and that includes acne and cysts. It will help in the long term to a) prevent type 2 diabetes, and b) save your fertility.

  40. My fertility went out the window when i had my tubes tied :D So not a concern for me! I also dont have PCOS or anything in that family. I also dont want to gain any hair, my hair on my head is thick and curly and i have a lot of it - no one in my family has ever been bald, plus I have a double crown to boot. Id already considered an undercut just to thin my hair so if it got thicker i wouldnt have a choice in that.

  41. No problem, just be aware that Accutane can have really nasty side effects. Most people are only on Spirmonolactone for a year or two. My mom was on it for 3 years and then came off of it when she has my brother and me, and then took it again until I was 5 and then never again. Never had issues.

  42. I definitely dont have it, i dont have irregular periods, no other symptoms except acne which ive had for over 15 years now, and ive had my tubes tied and they were all up in my reproductive system and noted nothing wrong, but thank you. More people should be aware of it as i know its often underdiagnosed, but i definitely dont have it!

  43. Part of my issue is that I haven't found a legal definition for conjugal partner. The sponsorship site's description seems to apply to us. My own Immigration journey made it impossible to get married recently. The distance also makes it impossible to live together as a common law union. We have 3.5 years of near daily WhatsApp communications as proof as well.

  44. If you are able to legally get married, you cannot apply for conjugal sponsorship. It could be difficult logistically, it could be expensive, but if it's at all possible, you would not qualify for conjugal.

  45. If it helps, youre not the first or the last person to see that route and get their hopes up. It happens a lot... IRCC should be more clear about it but that is true of a lot of things related to immigration unfortunately.

  46. Ok, not gonna lie. I ate my breakfast and only that until dinner. So by the time I got to the big dinner I was starving! I wolfed that food down so fast, I only had my trays out for a record 1.5hours total 😂. No rebellion here (as usual), just eating food at record speed 💥

  47. Ha thats okay youre still part of the club :D

  48. Yes! Im getting married in September 23 and have a beach vacation May 23... im so in!

  49. None of those for me, my deliveries have all been timely.

  50. I swear, my dentist has been holding me hostage with gaslighting for a year - always tells me they’ll send everything out right away and get back to me in two weeks - but I always have to call them, only to have them blame Invisalign for the 2-3 month waits (initial scans and two refinements so far). This is the third strike - I’m complaining to Invisalign (if they are indeed at fault; otherwise I hope they can put the dentist on notice or something). I’m also blasting this dentist on all the review sites. If I could manage to get some kind of refund I could transfer over to a local orthodontist who says it’ll cost another $3K to continue… As it is, I just don’t have the money. 😩

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