1. Holy shit this is amazing, and you are amazing for doing it. Freaking LOVE Klonoa.

  2. Yes. There's no rules outside of either things that are clearly offensive (Like Nazi uniforms or something), or things that break the con's dress code (basically all cons will have a part in their policies that states what the minimum amount of coverage there has to be with clothing). As long as you follow THOSE rules, that's it. There aren't any others.

  3. No. If you needed permission, then no one would ever be able to cosplay. You're never gonna get a response from the manga artists for basically anime anime. Or the companies that bought the rights to make the anime. That's such a huge waste of their time.

  4. You do whatever you want. That's 100% completely up to you. Some people here go to the mall in cosplay with their friends, just cuz. There has to be SOME kind of con near you. They are so extremely popular now that it'd be more weird for there to NOT be one. Tons of people do something content related, like they make tiktoks doing some of the trends on there. I personally do youtube, and make tutorials for almost every piece I make, as well as unbox and review the ones I buy.

  5. I had some friends I worked with, and they got me interested in going. I've always been into anime and games, so it caught my interest, and in 2012 I was finally able to afford to go. My first con was Sakuracon 2012, in Seattle, Washington. I've been going every year ever since. Though 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to covid, but whatever lol. Ever since I started going, I've gone to at LEAST 2 a year. I went to 2 in 2012, the first one, obviously, and a smaller one that no longer exists. And the following year, I did 3 cons, and there's been years since where I've done up to 5 in a year.

  6. Magnets actually DO work really well. I made a video with someone (part of a video where I "kill" attendees as a character), and a lot of them decided they wanted to drop to the ground to make it look right, and this person did this exact thing, had magnet holder her horns on. When she dropped for the bit, one of them came off, and everyone thought she broke it, but she just put it right back on like nothing happened. This made me think: that's probably the BEST option, because if something hits them on accident, they won't break, but rather would just fall off, and you can put them back on.

  7. Do you want it to flop over? If not, then yes, you need something inside it. Foam is not stiff. At that length, it's literally impossible to make it stay stiff without something stiff inside it. You don't HAVE to use a dowel, but they are the cheapest option usually. And pipe or rod that fits within the thickness of the blade, and is rigid, will work.

  8. Measure the pipe in the photo, then holding that measurement, hold it against the arm, starting maybt at the wrist as a good set point. Or wherever you want. Find out how far that measurement goes along the arm, and onto their back. Then hold your arm out the same way, and have someone measure to that same spot on you. That's how long to make it.

  9. Yea. They were updated to the base game when the DLC released. You can NOT get them just playing the story though. You can't get them until after you beat the game. You get Oathkeeper by getting pictures of all 90 Mickey emblems (called Lucky Emblems), and once you finish the game, and open the save file for the finished game, you'll get an item that you can trade at the Moogle shop for the keyblade. Oblivion can ONLY be obtained on a file that's played on Critical mode, and once you beat that file, you get an item just like the other one, which you can trade for the keyblade. the ONLY way to have Oblivion on a file that is NOT critical mode, is to use the New Game+ option, and start a new file, carrying over the keyblades from the file that has Oblivion. It's phisically impossibe to have it on a non-critical mode file any other way. Same with Oathkeeper, you can NOT have it in your inventory, thus usable, during ANY of the story, on ANY difficulty, without carrying it to a NG+ file.

  10. I mean, it honestly doesn't matter. None of the KH versions of the FF characters, are canon to their respective games. For christ's sake, the first game starts you off on the same island with literally Titus and Wakka as children, who very obviously, in the KH universe, would have no connection to the other character in KH2 in any way. It's far easier to just go with "things in KH are not the same as the FF games the characters are from".

  11. Without making a huge list, I'll make this easy to understand. Those are collections of games. When you boot them up, there is a list of all the games contained in the collections. They are in an order from top to bottom. Start at the top. Go till you reach the bottom. Yes. It's that simple.

  12. This depends on a few factors. If you wanna be right next the con, you have to ALSO be ok with paying literally the highest cost. The Sheraton is right next door, but is the most expensive one for con, even with the convention lower rate. The further away you go, the lower the cost basically. If you wanna spend a little less, and only be a block away, the Paramount is 1 block from the front doors of the convention center's first floor. It's still quite expensive, but not as bad as the Sheraton. I personally use The Crowne Plaza. It's the 2nd cheapest hotel that lowers the price for the convention, but it's at the back, across from the park, rather than the building itself. The park is where tons of people are anyway, so it's not a big deal for us. Idk if you've been to the convention center, but the park is connected to the building on the same block. The walk leads to the 4th floor or 2nd floor back doors. The main path goes directly to the 4th floor and then there's a split path that goes to the 2nd floor.

  13. Thank you! The wig isn’t too horribly expensive, so I’ll just be sure to take it slowly and carefully and fingers crossed that it turns out halfway decent. My only other wig experience is for one of my mermaid tails, and I didn’t have to do much to that one.

  14. The one you linked was one of the most well known brands on the planet, known for being one of basically only 2 places, that have the highest quality of wigs. So that price is actually really good. Not to mention right now, they are having a black friday sale, so if you look up their twitter or instagram, they have posts with coupon codes for some % off.

  15. The first one is Oblivion. The only things "wrong" about this one, are that 1) it's flat and not 3 dimensional like it should be. Most of the places that make them this way are to make them cheaper to make, thus they cost less to buy. But also, they are really short. The Oblivion should be roughly chest height, and none of them are that you can buy. I'm 5ft6in, and they barely reach my hips.

  16. But the bodies of nobodies are made from the bodies of the people who fell to the heartless

  17. I don't know what to tell you. It's been confirmed by Nomura himself. She's special, leave it at that.

  18. Out of thin air. Who knows? Why are you asking me? All we know that's been confirmed is that she wasn't created using anyone's body. It's a goddamn video game where a boy fights things with a talking (and walking) dog, and a talking duck, who's king is a fucking mouse, stop thinking so deep about it.

  19. Sorry if it is I’m new to the series and I don’t know which one I should start with

  20. They. Are. In A List. Already. Made. For. You.

  21. Ya gotta realize something. This is the KH subreddit. TONS of people on here don't even pay attention TO THE GAMES..No way are they are they gonna read a pinned post. It'd literally be a waste of time for any of the mods to write up a whole ass post, just for it to get ignored by those same people who can't even be bothered to pay attention to the game they are playing, then come here asking simple stupid questions. Or even the whole "what to play first" when the collections (the most common way to get them) is in a literal list for a reason. None of them are going to read a pinned post.

  22. Since the binder will alter the measurements you have, you should always measure WITH it on. If you measure with it off, you're measurements will be larger, and if your order one that fits THOSE measurements, it'll be too big once you put the binder on.

  23. There's no such thing as "wig hairspray". You just use normal hair spray. If you want it to have a super strong hold, the common one is got2b glued freeze blast hair spray. I personally use Hard Head by the brand Bed Head. It's twice the cost for about the same amount, but it's WAY stronger.

  24. People will look at you weird. But that's peobably about it. Just don't bring any props, and make sure it's not something like a huge armor cosplay or something. The mall I normally work at, I've seen tons of people walk around in full cosplay. Seen 2 girls in Danganrompa (Junko and Mikan), Seen full on Akatsuki members from Naruto, and TONS of Demon Slayer cosplays.

  25. What are you talking about? Literally every anime convention is filled with white people cosplay anime know..JAPANESE characters..who ARE NOT WHITE!?

  26. Honestly for me, nothing else outside of halloween. A lot of the younger crowd does tiktok from home with their cosplays. I also fill the rest of my time between cons, making cosplay pieces for my youtube channel.

  27. No. It's normal. That's like asking if you can do a video game cosplay at a comic con. The name of the con is not telling you what is or is not allowed to be cosplayed. It's telling you what to expect the con to have. Comicon means the events, stuff for sale, and that sort of thing, are going to be comic related, and if you're looking only for anime or games to buy, or looking for anime or game events in the con, that they aren't gonna have them. Same with an anime convention. All that means is that the events, and the stuff you can buy and stuff like that, will be related to anime and manga. Nothing at all to do with cosplaying. Cosplay whatever you want.

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