1. Yep that's low! Cool find, are they serious about a specific mosquito born outbreak or is this normal?

  2. Pretty sure it’s a normal program. Pretty hot and wet down here in the summertime.

  3. The MGB Register lists three places in Cincinnati for MG repair:

  4. This is where the suspect MC resides…

  5. Flew right over me too! We’re close!

  6. Take a look through these 3 posts from the MSFS support desk (Zendesk) has a long list of things that are known to cause CTDs and hopefully one of these things helps you. The last link is the one for CTDs while in the loading process, the other 2 are for CTDs while flying or setting up a flight. It totally sucks that so many people have to troubleshoot this type of thing and it's such a large list of possible causes. Good luck. My CTDs were caused by the C++ files being out of date on my machine despite windows updates all being "up to date". But have a look at the 3 articles, best of luck man.

  7. Unplug USB Stuff and try to start.

  8. Just chilling in bed watching tv doing some marquis matchups SBCs. This is exciting for my Division 9 self!

  9. Thanks for the responses guys! Seems inefficient but maybe not if I’m not the only one in the sky. Helpful!

  10. And yes - airport markers turned off. POIs are on.

  11. Do you have a phobia of Alaska?? :)

  12. Excuse the noob question but what is the app shown in the images?

  13. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. Internet point for you!

  14. Assuming you have entered a flight plan in FMS, yes LNAV.

  15. Thanks!! And if I put the plan in world map, does it automatically go into the FMS?

  16. I’m missing something. How do you get the altitude fallouts?

  17. For sure look for gold or Blantons Straight from the Barrell. I picked up a bottle of SFTB in Barcelona and it was well worth the hassle to bring back. Both available at every corner liquor store in Barcelona. Look in Duty free shops too.

  18. Great and helpful response. Thank you!

  19. Care to share your suggestions for truly wireless sports headphones?

  20. I just got a set of Bose SoundSport free. Really thought about returning and getting these beats when they come out. But - so far I’m thrilled with the Bose and will keep.

  21. That karma is going to help me at +1300 tomorrow.

  22. Came here looking for a skeleton model of Ron Jeremy. Didn’t find one.

  23. Fried a 90 MHz Pentium in 1998 by not using standoff’s. The smell is burnt into my memory.

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