1. Guillermo Del Toro Wants To Do A Lot Of Things.

  2. "Mike. Mike! Help these two Marios off to the side."

  3. I'm currently billowing away on the wind, mere dust particles subsumed by the passage of time and age. Memory, sense? Not for me. Only the deep void of ephemera.

  4. I actually had the issues with the Fantastic Four, Dark Victory and TRL Ultimate X-Men Casting Calls. Man, I used to love Wizard as an eight year old little nerd.

  5. Why’s this getting downvoted. It’s enjoyable but equally terrible. That’s not a hot take 🤔

  6. . . . I mean, it's far from the worst film out there. It's imaginative, has a handful of good ideas, great performances from the main cast, and is an admirable effort in trying to translate the most abstract of mainstream video games into a narrative feature.

  7. To be honest, as a guy who's been posting here for years, and who has such a gargantuan Criterion collection that it should be in some kind of book somewhere, a lot of the people here have a very small and myopic view of what Criterion is and what they do. It's about great films, full stop. That's it.

  8. I've worked in places that were bad or ill-managed enough that I a) had to fight off a drunk, bad-tempered server at a sports bar once and b) had an ex-con busser we'd just hired repeatedly threaten to murder me because he thought I "looked gay". Did management do anything in either situation? No.

  9. I used to go out every night with my old co-workers. . .buuuuut I'm an alcoholic, so that didn't go too well.

  10. Selling Rosemary's Baby on DVD - $25.00 or best offer!

  11. Its easily my favorite film from this year, so I'd love for it to appear in a George Miller boxset in the future. I don't think it would make sense as a standalone release, because so much of what it is is a reflection on the ideas about storytelling that have motivated his entire film career. It's like the afterword of a collection of novels by the author.

  12. Did you get that Fury Road steelbook at Barnes and Nobles?

  13. With the film I've been ( ha ha ha ) trying to put together for the last five years, I've cribbed a lot from George Miller's directorial style, as a starting point - that is, an emphasis on visual storytelling and kineticism, and emotion through motion. If I were to examine it further, I'd say there's a lot of Refn's DRIVE in it, as well as all two of Shane Carruth's films.

  14. Shares a lot of DNA with Triangle of Sadness, and both have been/likely will be unfairly maligned for serving up played-out social commentary when they really use that commentary as a table setting for something more nuanced. These characters (almost necessarily) start as broad archetypes, but the heat of the kitchen and Mark Mylod’s camera pressurize them into something more rich and flavorful. I laughed, I jumped, I was desperate to know what each new dish and its theatrical accouterments would be... delicious

  15. I've protested with CODE PINK before. They're great people.

  16. Upside the head with the drink tray immediately.

  17. I don't know, but I left my local Ruth's Chris after three days when it became clear during training that it was being run by a couple of severe Coke addicts with very little professionalism. Life's too short.

  18. I don't know if these practices still continue, but their releases of silent films are. . .a little wonky with frame rates, to put it generously.

  19. The name of those restaurants has always made my head hurt. What the heck does it mean?

  20. A single mother needed money, so she bought a failing steakhouse run by a guy named Chris who she was supposed to run it with, but he stole all the money out of the till and left her with it.

  21. Now my question is, why didn't he lose his baby fluff, and does that actually happen to penguins irl?

  22. Interestingly, this was a late change in production. Right up until the tail-end, Mumble lost all his downy feathers when he jumped off the cliff to chase the fishing ships at the end, as a metaphor for maturity. You can find pictures of this out there, if you look.

  23. So, I'm working on a proof of concept for something myself, and I'm curious - this looks like it had no budget at all, and no real narrative. It's just a showcase for the stunt work - which is great! And it was successful!

  24. Yes, we have Red Lines and rules to follow but violence is a big No No in Islam especially in terms of converting someone.

  25. I broke my kneecap when I was younger and just starting out as a tap dancer trying to replicate this dance. Now I've got arthritis in it whenever it rains.

  26. As a former Muslim of ten years with no love for that religion, I can say that, while Islam has been just as instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement as Christianity, it's very weird philosophically.

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