1. OP probably got it during the Black Friday sale, which another sale is coming around in a couple months for 4/20, stated by Highly Educated themselves. If it is in fact brand new and this is legit, selling for lower than listed shouldn’t be a problem. Even if it means you barely make anything. And these during the sale were going for $304.

  2. so Control Towers are only $300 during sales?? shit, guess i’ll save up a few more dollars and grab one direct from HE 🙏. thank you,

  3. everyone goes to hash hq for cured resins, wild!

  4. Ok you're a much better climber than me lol. I have a trek fx 3 that I weighed in at 27 pounds with the lights, fenders, and water bottle. Will the emonda feel much lighter just in factory form?

  5. compared to the FX?? oh my god yeah it’ll feel like you are riding a feather

  6. Is it a matter of weight? I don't know if I go fast enough for aerodynamics difference. I guess it would be about 5 or so pounds weight difference with pedals and lights

  7. yeah between weight and just overall positioning.. dropbars just feel faster

  8. Probably never see yeti stash again was $300 for 1/8 but that’s because you CANT get this in my area. I know I got over charged but I was happy to pay

  9. holy shit, yeti is 11/zip or even cheaper if you know somebody… you made some rep’s day!

  10. hilarious and beautiful!! nice job on the true pocket shredder!


  12. @hyzers on IG. Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  13. Edit: okay, i dont give a fuck either way😂🤷‍♂️. was just tryin to help, fuck me i guess😂

  14. Not after tonight’s L to the Gleague Warriors😂

  15. Dealer’s Cup?! Always wanted to get one to compliment my Fairmaster… so nice! congrats on the pickup!

  16. have you had the pleasure to try the Sheeshers?! Gro Father + Organitron = 🔥🔥🔥

  17. FUCK no, but so many michigan dispos are

  18. actually it was washed by the Wave, see the owner’s response for proof

  19. usually discounts on that brand that day and freebies/branded merchandise/etc

  20. not unless Mogul was backpacking? tried to get him out to it last weekend, no dice

  21. Herro is too young for an achilles tear, right? RIGHT?

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