german riot police defeated and humiliated by some kind of mud wizard

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  1. You don’t need a TM disc. It can also be done with all protection and defense type discs.

  2. Yeah. He has a knife, but the cops have legs, feet, body armor, pepper spray, baton, taser and a gun.

  3. Maybe you should ask the person he stabbed just before this video was taken that nearly died. I wonder why he didn’t do any of this.

  4. We’re more civilized in America. We wait until after the game to fight.

  5. This was the first dvd I ever got so I probably watched it hundreds of times. I’ve never even really liked cars.

  6. Did he get transferred to one or was it still in the motorcade because time was of the essence? Genuinely curious

  7. The car he was shot in actually took him straight to the ER.

  8. Well this is Reddit so people generally don’t read full stories.

  9. What’s even more curious is they arrested him and took him to jail even though it’s a misdemeanor he should have been cited out on. Additionally, the homeless person was spoke to by the Police and didn’t want to press charges so there’s no victim cooperation.

  10. Worst part is they aren’t even r7 for the GI mission 😂

  11. Surprised that sub could hold the weight of their balls.

  12. Congratulations. You’ve been adopted.

  13. As I was right at the age of being a teenager around the middle of the series, Tom Paris was the one I liked the most.

  14. This should be no problem for my 5 year old to do.

  15. They could do a GL "General Syndulla" that's just an older, more-badass version of Hera. The comics and games like Squadrons have made her a pretty central figure in the Rebellion. I like Saw (and can't believe he's not in-game yet) but I'm not sure he's quite GL status...he could be General Syndulla's lifter unit though.

  16. Rumor has it a live action hera as been cast in the Ahsoka series so I wouldn’t be surprised at this. Unfortunately we have to wait until after the series comes out to get anything from it.

  17. Don't buy gold that's hanging on the inside of a guy's jacket.

  18. I primarily use berries (ripe and unripe), since they're light to carry and to maximise the compost bin's weight capacity. 1 berry produces 1 rot and the compost bin can fit 599 I believe.

  19. Why not just let a big stack of berries rot on the ground vs putting them in a compost bin?

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