1. Thank you I will now purchase the video game.

  2. I called it “Idk smth cul” on my first playthrough

  3. Yeah but she’s not cooler than White Rider

  4. Halo 3 was better imo but the story of reach really stuck with me.

  5. Wait what isn’t that just called yellow watermelon?

  6. I looked at him. Now what?

  7. White Rider. He's my favorite ever since I unlocked him.

  8. Would you prefer: “Wow Joker! You’re looking cool!”?

  9. Well yes, for the incredibly simple reason of THEY ARE LEVEL 98-99

  10. White Rider has been 99 for a long time because he's my favorite lol

  11. Lmao I named myself Jimothy John on my first playthrough

  12. Once I won a podium car that’s always free on Legendary Motorsports

  13. What are we meant to be looking at here?

  14. Oh I'm sorry. I'm just confused. Why did I get the Reach armor core? Wasn't it in the Season 1 Battle Pass?

  15. The Winter Update came out today like 45 mins ago and it includes the free 30 tiers Battle Pass that features more Reach armour cosemtic as well as free Reach core for anyone that don't have or want to buy Season 1 BP

  16. It's been a year, plus winter update that is bringing back some older content from S1.

  17. bro if it’s been a year, then by your definition of an anniversary it’s the anniversary

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