1. Cause that’s copyrighted by David Villa

  2. 300k to spend while holding off on icons (i think theyll drop more), what to change..

  3. 89 Van basten and/or 88 Litmanen I can recommend, I'm having quite a lot of fun with my current

  4. Base Litmanen on basic chem is amazing for me in my

  5. I’m doing a joint past and present Ajax/Inter team. Kasanwirjo is my right back and he’s fantastic but I didn’t realise I could be using frimpong

  6. Yeah, it's kinda the only position I have to cheat with, he didn't play for Ajax (nor in the youth), he is from Amsterdam though. Can't you use Dumfries btw?

  7. Got some untradable fodder, nothing more worthy but not that bad. Did get 89 Haaland from the fut champs sbc after getting a red pick from elite division rewards.

  8. 88 Litmanen, great as a cam, his shooting is very very good and his movement and positioning is amazing

  9. He's amazing for me on a basic chem style. He and van Basten scored so many goals for me to go 11/14 in champs and 10/10 in qualifiers. I always try an Ajax p&p, this year litmanen is better than ever. Always overlooked.

  10. Do you play on old or new gen? I really wanna try van basten but am afraid he sucks on old gen

  11. damn i remember feeling that way about Ratatouille on PS2, why that movie ever got a game i have no clue but it was really good actually

  12. PS2 era for some reason had a videogame of almost every damn movie

  13. Also very good with a Maestro at either cam or free roam and come short LM.

  14. Ultimate pack with Alison, Kounde and Cancelo. MKS as if with 2 discards. Luckiest first WL rewards I got.

  15. The only problems I encountered were sometimes the game having to start again at launch because of connection problems with the anticheat. Also I had to lock my temperature at 74°C otherwise the game would occasionally crash. Never needed to run as admin or other problems.

  16. Been playing fut since Fifa 15. Best pack luck I've ever had. Before the game even fully came out I got Hakimi, Ferland Mendy and Kanté untradable. Got some nice players like barella in packs and managed to buy Haaland for 145k. Yesterday I had back to back preview packs with Alison and Son and managed to buy vinicius Jr because of this. Also packed Varane tradeable who's still in my team.

  17. Downward headers are the same as low shots, so if you get under 40% power (I think) it will be a downward header.

  18. I actually quite like how they handled power with shots. When does a player ever not head or shoot a ball (almost) as hard as he possibly can as the situation allows? Obviously if the angle or ball is in a difficult spot he might not be able to get much power on it, but he would definitely try.

  19. All icons are useable at this point. By TOTY there's usually enough promo cards around that make most of them behind the curve.

  20. Van basten last year definitely wasn't that good even at the start. Sometimes he's quite good, but this year I think he might be the best he's ever been.

  21. It will dip. But no one can predict how much.

  22. Then I might as well keep him. If he remains out of packs his price won't change, and perhaps EA will update the price range. Since I want to use him anyway, might as well enjoy the fact I got him for relatively cheap.

  23. For example. Haaland probably will end up getting lots of IF's etc. The moment he reaches 85 agility (9+ from his base) he can't be anything besides a controlled run type.

  24. The fact that nobody has Abraham and he scores crazy goals for me makes me happy

  25. I got lucky this year with my ea play coins and so I've got Haaland. But when I started Abraham on a finisher was amazing, switched back to him after trying multiple other strikers.

  26. Pls dont run Haaland on engine, it ruins the card because it gets rid of the lengthy accelerate type which is the thing that makes haaland so op

  27. I hope they fix the acceleration type. What happens when we reach tots? Everybody gets explosives or controlled run types because of inflated stats?

  28. Haaland's got 82 goals and 20 assists for me in 45 games. Best 149k I spent.

  29. Just press the sprint button once when you want to run past someone, but with right timing the momentum is very strong. Haaland doesn't normally win the first meters when starting a run, but with the sprint button it does give the edge.

  30. Division 6, Varane. I've been very lucky this Fifa.

  31. I got hakimi (and F. mendy) from an untradable pack. Hakimi plays on 2 chem since I only use donnarumma to link him plus a Ligue 1 manager.

  32. Just packed Hakimi and Ferland Mendy from an untradable rare players pack. EA really wants me to be sweaty

  33. tsmr says:

    I have Thomas Muller in my preview pack - buy or skip?

  34. Quick sell and use coins, buy back later and sell if his price range updates.

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