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  1. They seem like awesome dudes too to boot. Can’t wait to hear new shit from them

  2. Hey there Oldmankeebler! If you agree with someone else's comment, please leave an upvote instead of commenting "This"! By upvoting instead, the original comment will be pushed to the top and be more visible to others, which is even better! Thanks! :)

  3. It's three sports. The other two are hockey and quidditch

  4. I think this is a bit of an awkward situation in that people mean well, I’m sure he knows people mean well, and he can’t really control what people are gonna shout out. I feel like he’s gonna be making this speech at every show so he should probably just kind of try to get used to it and accept it’s going to happen. If he can’t stand to hear the name he probably needs some sort of emotional support or therapy to help cope with the loss.

  5. Would be cool if he didn’t have to make a speech while still mourning

  6. My name is Jonathan but I go by J.D. Since I’ve shirked the John-ness, does that mean I wouldn’t like it?

  7. Circus Cannabis Co. Is the best quality brand by FAR!

  8. I’m not sure about the space rings, but the knockout sour belts are insane. I took 1/5 of the entire strip for the first time a couple nights ago and was in a whole different dimension the entire night and half of the next day. Crazy strong stuff, this company doesn’t joke around

  9. Wow that sounds super intense. What is your mg tolerance on other items usually? I’m worried mine has gotten too high and I need a break to feel effects again

  10. Honestly it was my first time trying anything like this so I’m not totally sure what my tolerance is yet. My boyfriend has a pretty high tolerance since he’s been taking for awhile, and I wanted to try some that he just so happened to have when we were together. I definitely was not expecting such a small amount to cause that type of reaction though haha. I felt like I was on the verge of dying, it was pretty intense. I’m sure these would knock you off your feet if you’re looking for something stronger, definitely worth a try!

  11. Haha yeah that’s definitely a no joke way to jump in! Glad you landed safely after that! 🤣

  12. HHC gummies are the most fun I've ever had from an edibles experience. I have worked in the Denver cannabis industry for a number of years, tried dozens upon dozens of different brands, and HHC are hands down my favorite. Super bouncy and social, exactly what I want sativa gummies to be but without the anxiety or over stimulation.

  13. What ones have you enjoyed the most?

  14. Person with a lot of money spends money?! That’s the story?

  15. You were holding him back. A shame really

  16. Players. Every one. Just compare price

  17. Another question, do you discard the other cards or store?

  18. You’ll make more than enough you won’t mind not making much on those. It’s a grind but you can get whatever team you want if you push

  19. I commented an update lol, but it went fine. She basically just slept most of the time other than when she couldn’t stop laughing and making me laugh

  20. This is the hope we need in 2022!!

  21. Where's the update??? I want to know so badly

  22. Right?! Been on pins and needles over here 😭🥹😭🥺😭🥹🥹😭😭🥺🥺😭

  23. I play on world class most of the time, and when I have really good team and opponent is weaker only then I go for legendary... And only recently I started playing on world class.. Until last month I was on professional .. And that was a big jump for me cause till last year I was struggling even with semi-pro (was on FIFA 17)

  24. This is the answer for real. Don’t let yourself get to the point that it stops being fun and know that balance. This is supposed to be leisure; there’s enough stressful stuff in life as is.

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