Vermont becomes the 1st state to enshrine abortion rights in its constitution

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I needed this today

  1. Look into backfire or meepo before you order. Nothing wrong with the skatebolt but it can't compete at all with backfire era

  2. Sweet! I got over 1,300 miles on my old skatebolt tornado in a year I think? Not bragging, It probably wasn't healthy always, lol. Its a great intro board. I got it because I was around 250lbs at the time and read it could handle my weight and I think that's more or less true. Definitely recommend buying the upgraded remote. Totally worth it

  3. Paddy - gets fans offside. Jared automatically seen in favourable light.

  4. As someone who has spent time in jail he's totally right. And Paddy is a very young fibby lad. That shit sticks with you. if you're around a man who you find disrespectful you revert back to jail mode very quickly. It's illogical but my first thought is always, "well that little maggot wouldn't survive in jail" too. And he wouldn't, no one can fight five or six people at once.

  5. Simply just wouldn't go to jail. I don't think most normal people need to adopt a jailhouse mentality haha. If someone calls me a bitch, I go on about my day.

  6. If someone calls you a bitch and you don't do anything about it then people will take your food off of your tray because you're a bitch. Well doesn't necessarily mean literally taking food off your trade but it will mean having your place taking a line for anything like the phone or shower or sink. if people steal from you it won't matter or they all work together to steal from you or simply use you as entertainment and make your life a living hell.

  7. Is this Mikeinthewoods? Just watched your latest video. Nice job bro!

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey! I appreciate your persistence!

  9. https://www.outboundlighting.com/products/hangover-bike-helmet-light

  10. Are you 13? Do you think shenzen exway workers are wasting their time on reddit looking at comments, and feeling insulted by someone who doesn't like that their trucks snaps and that their batteries are bad quality?

  11. What's the evidence of the trucks snapping? Are you thinking of the debunked missinfo post the mods left up waaaay to long?

  12. I have no idea how to make him see that - my husband acts like he has to be extra nice to my son to overcorrect how terrible I am for being angry and frustrated. Last night he sat there in the other room and listened to my son yell at me. Then when the kid went upstairs my husband went up there too and they calmly talked about his day and what they did in practice. It's honestly ridiculous.

  13. One of the parts of Adolescents' development is testing out how good they are at different skills including arguing and in your case ruining relationships. This is a real thing.

  14. One of the parts of Adolescents development is testing out how good they are at different skills including arguing and in your case ruining relationships.

  15. Seems like literally every state that allowed it to be voted on did.

  16. It's like the majority of people in this democracy want access to safe abortions...

  17. Lmao that this sub downvoted this awesome post. Y'all crusty

  18. He'll turn down the fight and then jump khamzat from the back and declare it a W.

  19. I'm sure someone else wrote this but: man's biggest fear about women is rejection women's biggest fear about men is being murdered.

  20. https://backfireboardsusa.com/products/accessories-for-zealot-s

  21. It was a bontrager starvos wave cell. Now that I think about it, I should have gotten a full face.

  22. I think he's following the church of Connor Murphy. This is the stage where you fight social anxiety by cringing yourself on video or public or both

  23. First, as a human being there is no emotion you have experienced that every other human on the planet hasn't also experienced.

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