Helicopter Air-to-Air Refueling

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  1. I don't so much "run" a module as I "use it for inspiration for my world." In some cases, it's a map or an NPC. In other cases, it's the whole darned thing.

  2. The one big module I ran, if you could call it that, was a full on storyline from Eberron and Adventurer league content. I'm not sure if that's the same kind of content being discussed or if you could consider that stuff as a module as its not Lost Mines of Phandelver, but knowing where the adventure could go definitely made thongs easier to manage as it gave me an opportunity to know when thongs had gone horribly off rails

  3. “En route with CC of trauma, penis is wicked bent”

  4. I'm not sure it is photoshopped face, there are other pics from that photos shoot with the same blue shirt

  5. I just found some really good cheese for this

  6. Nice! Just make everything her FF, right?

  7. I would not recommend zorbu for a 5-second respawn timer variant. His reload time just doesn't match up with farming, unless you were specifically just talking about triggering the favored foes. There are still others that have favored foes, like Ezmerelda. Fandom Wiki suggests turiel and Reya also have FF abilities vs fiend, and Havilar has a similar, although not exclusive FF ability

  8. If you’re not taking your puppy to a training class straight out the womb, what are you even doing?! Do you want your dogs to be full of satan?!

  9. Jimmy, look, they’re all spelled the same on the cards. What do you want from my life?

  10. I'm all about keeping a patient comfortable, but putting them in you, may be a bit too far, LOL. people are stupid, but they keep us employed. Gotta love job security

  11. "Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride" 😬😬

  12. As someone who constantly failed the refuel mission in Top Gun NES, I'm glad to see how it's supposed to be done

  13. I guess I’m asking more for field use; I’m worried of memorizing these now then maybe forgetting them once I’m out in the field. The sheer size of the tables in the book are huuuge

  14. Surprisingly, the mnemonic system I was taught makes its appearance any time you review charts from a nursing home. Constant repetition cements those terms in your head, same way you'll start to pick up all these people that have high blood pressure that take metoprolol, or all these people that have hyperlipidemia are on a statin

  15. I know this sounds silly but I took a medical terminology class a decade ago that used association mnemonics and it was the absolute biggest help. If that's your learning style, I encourage you to find some goofy stuff to help you remember.

  16. Did you also have Cardi- as a deck of playing cards filled with hearts? 👀

  17. Seems I've got 2 or 3 running patron favor, 1 for event, and if I have 2 on for favor the last is doing a trial or gate. If not gate open or trial is resetting, I'll try to get the season quests on the last

  18. These are entirely.normal things to feel. 15 years in and I still feel like I'll be discovered for being a fraud. No one is perfect. You'll fuck up. Take it on the chin and move on. Learn from your mistakes. Better yet, learn from others mistakes first

  19. It might be tight, but it actually is plausible, with a bit of finesse, to solo. As mentioned, one or two others is more easily a safe bet. There is no one set time, but I would recommend having your team go at a time you can reliably return to do a daily reset. If you send out a party at 10 am Sunday but have work or school at 8 am, the party stops progressing at 10 for a forced reset and a lot of your day gets lost

  20. Unfortunately, with the changes, I think most players can only really solo Normal now.

  21. With the OP stating that they just unlocked TOMT, I was assuming that normal was understood, but I wouldn't try and sell anything higher than that. it was exceptionally tight when I attempted to do normal, because I'm a sucker for punishment and wanted to get the Skins out of the way.

  22. With only 8 ambulances for a county of 146,000 people we try our best to beat around the bush of saying, "no, you don't need to go to the hospital" or "you don't need to go by EMS." Especially when so many people around here abuse the 911 system, particularly our high volume of frequent flyers. At the hight of the pandemic many of us in my service became like used car salesmen with silver tongues.

  23. In my head I heard a voice of a hawker saying, "sir, I said SIR your sats aren't even below 90 at this point, I reckon a hot steamy shower and a nap is all yer body needs, you be right as rain! Just Sign here on the dotted line and ill be out of your hair!"

  24. Growing up, we did trick or treat because it was a suburban area where literally every last person decorated their house and gave out awesome candy. Moving to an even larger suburban area, trick or treating is impossible. The elderly population around here leave their porch lights on 24/7 and get mad the door bell is rung to disrupt Matlock, and it's a literal quarter mile walk between actual houses that gave out candy. If you give out candy, you're expected to sit outside for hours with mosquitos. Truck or treat just nullifies all the houses not celebrating, and last year we walked away with 2 bags, filled, and I'll never go back

  25. Exactly! This isn't a replacement for treat or treating its an outdoor Halloween party for the kids. My kids school had theirs on the 27th no where near Halloween.

  26. I love treat or treating. Never have to worry about tricks ever again! 😛

  27. Bruh u think they’d prioritise this over a life threat?

  28. If a unit is on a dedicated signal 15 special outreach, yes, it does in fact happen.

  29. Fallen officers have their own honor guard that would provide that service in particular.

  30. "It's cool when they do it, it's a problem when I do it"

  31. I'm not their alt account, I assure you, I just saw two people at each other's throats and was trying to clear the air

  32. If you have any potion of fire breath, take your whole party back to area 1, put everyone back in the slots that got taken away from the rangers, make sure you have no familiars up, and pop the potion. Your BUD gets set, and the potion operates on the bud, then fly back to the area you're stuck on.

  33. And ToMT don't count at all.

  34. I wish people could express an opinion respectfully without being down voted to oblivion for it

  35. You're dangerously close to being down voted for your opinion

  36. Comment above is correct. That traditional model of eye genetics taught in HS is outdated. While not the highest percentage of it happening, it can. The traditional model of eye genetics was that it was a single gene trait. I think there have been seven or eight different genes identified that can influence the final eye color of offspring.

  37. Eye color is extra super complicates with the wide variety of possible colors that are linked to those alleles. Most often the genetic test that they refer to for Punnett Squares is a green bean plant. In my HS we had to do a massive experiment involving differences in fruit flies.

  38. It's a little more complicated than that. Although squirting does contain urea, there is also PSA (prostate-specific Antigen) which is similar to a substance found in semen, hence why a girl just pissing isn't squirting

  39. We always get either 2 twins or a king for ample spreading room, and our kid looooooves sleeping on her blow up mattress. She tells us "I love it because it's like camping!"

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