1. No, their use of the term normie gives them away as being terminally online and thinking its a good thing.

  2. Imagine you were having a conversation with a friend or co worker or something and they use the word normie I’d probably throw up on the spot

  3. And futera tell you when the patch is from, like “game piece from a match in the premier league in the 2016/17 season” is so much better than “player worn/used”

  4. Glazers bad. No money put in, lots of money taken out. Perhaps selling now because OT needs money spent that they might not be able to borrow and so would have to use their own money.

  5. The moment they actually have to fund something themselves they run absolutely pathetic

  6. Article makes an interesting point that it was in the E3 demo, watched it on YouTube and you can see it in the background of some swinging shots

  7. Guy picked a hell of a time to sell fair play

  8. Can’t wait to see everyone complain when they come and the rewards are shit and untradeable

  9. “Can’t wait to see everyone complain when EA turn a once great feature into something shit and pointless so they can get more money”

  10. I mostly agree with you, but also don't want to go back to special cards being unattainable for 99% of players without spending lots of real cash. I packed one IF throughout the whole of FUT12 and it was discard value. No motivation for playing other than "I'm playing football but on a game with real players".

  11. Fifa 17 had the special cards done perfectly in my opinion. It was the first year of proper promos so it was all new but the power creep was still done right cause there wasn’t a promo every single week. Maybe it’s because it was the first year of promos and fut champions that I remember that fifa so fondly but it should be the blueprint for how to do promos

  12. I haven’t read the Miles prequel, but the first prequel was kinda pointless. It wasn’t a bad read or anything, I was just left wondering why it was made because I didn’t feel like it added anything to the game’s story

  13. It did tell us how Peter and yuri met didn’t it? Read it a while ago so I can’t fully remember

  14. It was a company doing the signing so there’s no risk really other than getting lost in the mail. RDJ also donated all the proceeds from the signing to charity

  15. He was a tool for doing the interview but not a snake.

  16. He lied about being ill to do an interview where he called the manager disrespectful and criticised the club’s young players mentality, definition of snake but there is a better word for it to be fair, which is twat

  17. Seriously though wtf are his kids and wife going to do in Saudi arabia?

  18. It’s gonna kill his son’s footballing development, wonder if jr might stay in europe

  19. No cards based on the actual tournament is a joke. Where’s the iMotm or team of the group stage? This promo could’ve been run at any point in the year it has practically zero meaning to the World Cup other than some logos and the very few live cards that are actually usable

  20. I’m no expert on the signatures so I could very easily be wrong but messi’s rooneys and Ronaldo’s look pretty decent, not familiar with ibra’s signature so can’t give my opinion on that. In football (soccer) very few pieces are Beckett or PSA, I’m guessing cause of the european nature of the sport, so if you ever want to buy 100% legit stuff then sites like icons.com or a1sportingmemorbilia are good, and I’m sure there’s more. Both partnered with a bunch of footballers but expensive obviously. I am wondering how they got all these players to sign this though cause it’s rare they’d have all been in the same space at the same time, but it could’ve been for some promotional thing I guess

  21. Scam shirt don’t click any link you get sent on this thread

  22. No demands regarding to what regard the new owners adhere to human rights issues and other similar standing points?

  23. Whilst it won’t happen, you’d hope the premier league wouldn’t allow someone with human rights issues to buy the club, but Newcastle has taught us a lot of things

  24. If the Super League equivalent is meritocratic and better than what the Uefa cartel suggests in the future, then we should not close the door on that.

  25. Complete reform of UEFA and the champions league? Brilliant. Protecting the biggest teams guaranteeing them being in the competition even when they don’t deserve it? Shit

  26. This also because Oceania and Antartica weren't in.

  27. Can’t be forgetting non rare draxler and david luiz

  28. Thats bullshit, if you make a guy who is unknown but played good very good ingame, whats the problem

  29. Performance based cards can’t be upgraded to 91 from 82 like bale, they have to follow the upgrade system and therefore don’t sell packs

  30. Yeah and that’s the way they’ve chosen to do it. They should change it, it’s the reason most performance based cards are useless, but they don’t for whatever reason

  31. Oh Im not saying they cant make a good sacrafice, dont get me wrong there is a right way of doing it. But it can easily be done wrong.

  32. I mean isn’t that the same with every possible kind of story

  33. As problems go it’s a nice one to have but thank you this is exactly how I feel

  34. WTF. are things seriously in dire situation in the UK???

  35. Yeah, had a lot of conversations with people talking about how long they can hold off turning their heating on. We’re getting highs of 5 degrees C and people are still not turning it on cause it’s just so expensive

  36. Something to make you laugh, cry or maybe both - (edit my bad just standing for MP not PM)

  37. Is this for prime minister or just an MP of an area though? Either way if anyone votes for him they’re brain dead

  38. I do all the time. I was raised to compliment people, without even thinking of gender

  39. If you’re a man and you call random women gorgeous you’re gonna come off as creepy in 99% of situations

  40. It's funny to see the difference in the reactions of the comments between these 2 threads. Hard to imagine that this is actually the ManU subreddit talking about their club legend.

  41. To be fair a lot of people don’t consider him a club legend anymore

  42. People are shitting on the iron man game for being made by EA but it can’t be any worse than what this game is

  43. If you can’t sign then don’t, don’t rob your fans who pay hundreds for your signature. Only sorry cause he got caught

  44. I don't think sony will reveal something in a video and that's it. 30% expecting a gameplay reveal won't have high expectations

  45. I’d be happy with a small story trailer

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