1. I’ve never seen something so excessive that I simultaneously also kinda want despite limited practical usage.

  2. Fast Forward, it was a weird perk they got in the first BotB for sitting out or something. Her & Day won them and got to bring +1s

  3. Oh yeah, There's still some issues with CBS (Survivor had that creep Dan on S39 who should've been DQed when Kellee said something, I know BB can keep some contestants drugged just so they can go out on eviction, etc.) but it's way better than MTV.

  4. “Here Comes Your Man” and (500) Days of Summer

  5. The Fall Guys Subreddit should really impose an Irish Exit rule

  6. I think her legacy will be “The unintentional main character”

  7. depends, a lot of times people film themselves to check their form

  8. Personally, I film myself as a PR or “exercise innovation” (as in doing a new variation on a exercise or a new sequence, etc) archive.

  9. I think his gameplay and presence on the show has been completely rewritten since getting together with Taylor. He was decent but really messy.

  10. the starving man forgets what it’s like to starve once he becomes a millionaire

  11. Honestly, coming from personal experience of watching BB23 then getting hooked and watching the entire series, I think you should wait and make your first season a Live one, BB25.

  12. Big Damo was the ring general of a ladder match that gave Lars Sullivan and EC3 a 5-star match.

  13. Glad he was on the circle, I’m not sure he would have fared well on Big Brother 🥺

  14. Imagine Daniel going off on Taylor…but Marvin just obliviously sitting in the corner laughing like “Daniel, you are funny, dude”

  15. No they’ve cast him on some sort of show related to it — I vaguely remember that it’s with people from other reality shows but I could be wrong - it looks dumb either way lol

  16. Fr tho who cares what rating it gets on IMDB or whatever? Nobody is going to chose to watch it or not based on that number, if they want to waste their time making alts and review bombing it let them, its impotent rage, they can have it. HBO is going to reap money and people will watch it.

  17. I just generally stopped looking at user reviews because people are generally sheep and will rarely ever substantiate their opinions in any meaningful way.

  18. I think a lot of the criticism of it being a filler episode is from people who lack media literacy. It is really not difficult to see how the story told in the ep fleshes out and contextualises some of the wider themes of the game/show

  19. If you think media illiteracy is bad here, wait til you get to season 2

  20. There’s a big difference between self-awareness and acknowledging that story beats didn’t resonate with you, and saying that the story is objectively bad.

  21. It's funny because one scene later (when they are walking through the hardwood forest and the fields) the ecosystem looks like it's at least in the ballpark. I focus on native conservation and I yelled at the TV (my husband made fun of me).

  22. Suburbia, truly the most dystopian environment there is…

  23. 10 miles west of the westernmost point of Boston (corner of West Roxbury) is Framingham.

  24. Ngl, me and my friends joked that it was Framingham because we had a friend move out there once he got married and “settled down”, so the running joke is that Framingham is suburbian dystopia.

  25. The one eerie thread that was left as a result of this deviation from the game:

  26. They just weren't good at the game.

  27. The game becomes a lot less confusing once you realize that Quentin, Andie, and pretty much all the Newbies that didn’t get murdered, don’t abide by the laws of logic and rational thought.

  28. I mean, the second TikTok goes down, a new American based version will fill the gap and everyone will jump on that instead.

  29. Isn’t there just going to be a mass migration back to IG Reels?

  30. how does game pass work from the devs perspective? Both announcing and releasing a fully polished game on the same day is something no one would normally ever do because you miss the entire marketing cycle. but i guess that doesn't matter much if microsoft is paying for it? idk

  31. If you use Shadow Drops sparingly, on a unique and intriguing game, during a major first party presentation, with super low barrier to entry (Game Pass), I think that in of itself can generate a TON of Word of Mouth hype to offset a lack of proper marketing cycle.

  32. An 84 would put Killzone 3 in the 93rd percentile of all games reviewed on Opencritic. A 91 puts Killzone 2 in the 100th percentile.

  33. Using percentile as a metric is incredibly disingenuous when we’re talking about First-party high-profile franchises and not a full game population including shovelware, generic indies, and rehashed AAA trash.

  34. I'm pretty sure they're already aware. Same reason that Pentiment exists.

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