1. DS1: BK Greatsword DS2: Only played a few hours so don't remember much. DS3: Farron Greatsword Bloodborne: Burial Blade Sekiro: Shuriken Wheel

  2. Who's gonna tell this kid that cameras existed before smartphones?

  3. Or that some of us can only afford potato's.

  4. Y'all can afford potatoes? In this economy?!? get a load of money bags over here everyone

  5. Monty Python: "You were part of the economy?! YOU were lucky!"

  6. Because J.K. can't be expected to read her own books after writing them. I think after 3 more books she might of forgot the parents were dead at all.

  7. Weird, that sign said 'Help' last week, and I swear when I was a kid it said 'Run'.

  8. Lost out to Shakespeare in Love unfortunately.

  9. She seemed a bit 12 2 faced to me by the end.

  10. Yes and I was put into it about a year ago by a third party person who reached out to me through castingcallclub

  11. So there was no official contract signed but im worried if I try to change the pay they'd drop me

  12. Well if the pay isn't worth the work then drop them. Just respectfully ask that they pay you in line with others and then just state (without it sounding too threatening) that your time would be better compensated elsewhere.

  13. Same. An adder. As a ravenclaw, I was pretty bummed about that.

  14. I think I speak for everyone when I say =(

  15. Climbing the Shinra building be like

  16. Grinding out the radiant thieves quests for the guild master armor. I usually do it before the main quest now.

  17. Haha, I'm fortunate in that there's a big group of us that used to play online videogames together and, down to a few of us, we've managed to drag them all in to Boardgames.

  18. I think i need to accept more friends in to the fold but new friends are hard to make at my age even if I try to be outgoing with the other parents at school drop-offs. Apparently "do you want to spend 8 hours this Sunday smashing plastic together?" is 'coming on too strong'

  19. If they think that wanting to spend 8hrs smashing plastic together is coming on too strong, ditch them; you don't need that kind of negativity in your life ;) Hope you find players soon! Apparently there are FB groups and stuff; looking into that myself soon.

  20. Yeah i have thought about Discord and the TTSim option but it's not the same damn it!

  21. Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker can do that for you, you'll roll city and road events through the app. less clutter on the table!

  22. Well that's awesome, thanks! Game night is saved 😆

  23. I found an app 'Gloomhaven Assistant' which seems to deal with the combat side of things pretty well at first glance. I'll have a proper look tomorrow anyway.

  24. They're on their way to Sekiro, the young ones name is ROOBBEEEEEEERRRRRTTTTTT!

  25. Ew no, she's one of THOSE. Hate people that pouch that way of life, just baffles me. I mean sure you can be in to cars but it's a little too much for my tastes.

  26. Wgat brand did you get? How is the fit?

  27. Mini America sleeves, a pretty cheap option. The standard card size is a bit larger than I'd like but the mini card fit is spot on.

  28. All these other comments are lying to you, it’s a remnant of a cut boss called cheese lord cheddargax, and by defeating him you could enter the sealed buildings. It was cut due to being too good of an idea

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