1. Bruh, in my side of the world, we play with 600 ping.

  2. try the mathematically correct sett/immortal sett build, your laning phase is gonna be boring but your gonna be a literal tank with a built in nuke as your W, ofcourse your gameplay will not be as exciting as the usual ad sett build but its still pretty good if you dont want to fall behind to much on late game, the runes are grasp, shield bash, unflinching, overgrowth, alacrity and and coup de grace or last stand

  3. There is reference to beastiality, and I believe necrophilia, as well as many less grotesque fetishes, but I do not believe there is any actual sex in the game, without mods, at least in my experience. The game is still absolutely great though, especially with sorcery coming soon.

  4. Yikes looking further into some more screenshots i might just buy ark instead, this dosent seem like a game id want my girlfriend to see LOL, same with my cousins, thanks for clearing it up tho

  5. As for those screen shots, a lot of them might be heavily modded, as the game does natively support mods

  6. When is it gonna release and does it cost money or is free?

  7. I assume you're confused about the fact that 15 Aug request is closed but 12 Aug is open?

  8. Yes i am! How did the recent refund got resolved earlier than the old one?! I need both of them so i can get conan exiles

  9. I wasnt full build there yet but on late game i did 3k+ damage

  10. imo, grasp sett is the best variation of sett, its just my opinion, and my thoughts are, ofcourse that its good its a great rune especially on matchups with champions that have great poke and all ins, you have more survivability and you are stronger on teamfights and on split pushing plus your W becomes an absolute nuke, the downside is, your not gonna be the one finishing the kills but rather be the one helping the team get kills and secure objs, turrets etc, but you also have great 1v5 potential because you are tanky and your return damage with W is great, so its good, but its very playstyle dependant

  11. Grasp sett is the best imo, i always enjoy being a tank in games like these, being the front line and ramping towards the enemies with your team rushing in behind you, theres something about tanking 5 people and living off it that i enjoy very much

  12. Thank you! I havent found found a game yet but i have alot of options right now, ill message you when i find one, and of course, if you ever change your mind, you dont have to give me, but nonetheless thank you!!

  13. he kind of falls of when the game is getting close, he would probably be out scaled by most junglers/mid laners maybe even top or adcs but that dosent mean he becomes all that bad, he is really good at team fights especially if your building full tank on it, his w becomes a huge threat even to other tanks/bruisers and he can also still pick off solo kills on some unsuspecting squishies

  14. Terraria hands down. 7 days to die, while the concept is good, the devs just kinda abandoned it and it has a lot of issues and can be cumbersome to play. Terraria is a 2d Minecraft with a loot system and is a lot of fun.

  15. Okay thank you, but may i ask, is 7 days to die still somewhat a good game to grind? Im also looking for a game to play alone and take my time grinding, is it or not? Or do you have any better suggestions?

  16. 7 days has a grind but by yourself it can be quite difficult and tedious. You gotta build up a base because every 7 days, there is a bit of a horde mode that you gotta defend your base against. Not easy by yourself. Terraria is definitely more friendly towards that but still can have difficult moments soloing.

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