1. Voluntary purchases of expensive tickets and then a lawsuit? It's like paying for a night at the Ritz and then trying to sue Marriott for the cost of the night. There's really nothing to see here and don't be surprised when the people suing lose.

  2. There’s no other choice to buy tickets. It’s not like there’s 4 different marketplaces selling official tickets.

  3. It is most likely not the “fix the rug” part, but more the “can you go”

  4. Crying from all the fees? There is a fee for that

  5. Bankruptcy from all the fees? Priceless

  6. I for one would love to see Hughes play with Patty Kane

  7. Can’t remember what a goldfish is

  8. To anyone who gets this far into this thread, if you are ever in a situation where your car is accelerating out of control despite hitting the brakes take your foot off the brake*, take your left foot and reapply the brake. Almost every instance of "the car accelerates out of control" is actually the driver panicking and mashing the gas thinking it's the brake, which causes them to panic more and continue to think they are hitting the brake.

  9. This is what happens when you slash public budgets. You lose the ability to do work in house, and you lose the ability to effectively oversee contracts.

  10. This is more accurate than you know. And may become more apparent in the near future

  11. But then they won't make money selling paints

  12. NICE! Why don't we have Target in Canada?!?!!?

  13. Depends, are you going to release a game featuring a fully 3D modeled and gameplay functional version of it?

  14. Maybe I’m out of line in saying this, but I’ve never had a problem with anything being shipped to my house from Home Depot. That includes packouts.

  15. I just received a packout workbench top and it didn’t come with the nuts and bolts it said it was supposed to. The wood top was just loose and I had to go buy the flat head bolts. Crate just arrived today with no manufacturer tag attached to it

  16. This is true but it’s just swapping variables in an equation at this point

  17. Right, I was just saying the puck isn’t always lying flat like you had mentioned, so it’s not always clearly defined

  18. Oh I see i see yeah this is also true and after many years of playing and watching id have to say 80 percent of the time weather in the air or not the puck is flat on replays. But when it is unclear they go frame by frame multiple angles multiple people to decide weather or not the puck completely crossed the line. I wonder how strictly they review incidents like these in soccer.

  19. I think in soccer they might have an electronic system like in tennis so you don’t need human judgement but I could be wrong. I don’t watch much soccer

  20. I really like "one soft". Definitely going to use that.

  21. I’m a goalie, I’ll say “one loose” to my dmen

  22. I love goalies who talk to their guys. My normal beer league goalie is pretty quiet but I played drop in with a guy who was calling out everything and it rocked.

  23. I try to be vocal the entire game. Calling out pressure or time for dmen collecting dump ins, where to move it (hard around, boards, reverse), how many attackers on odd man rushes, guys uncovered in the slot, where the puck goes if a shot is deflected, etc

  24. Volunteer at a dog shelter. Seems like normal behavior, but don’t want to encourage it if it escalates. This is how they play, but don’t want it to turn into aggression

  25. That drawer probably smells perfectly nostalgic

  26. I dunno about you guys but I use the post like this all the time to move or lock myself in. I never want to dislodge it, it happens sometimes. I use the post to push myself out, or pull myself in for an RVH.

  27. But our nets have much less hold compared to NHL nets with legit pegs Eta: unless you play professionally, of course

  28. There’s a free elevator from Hoboken, NJ to Jersey City Heights. Takes you from the light rail station on the west side of Hoboken up the cliff.

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