1. After u beat Lady Butterfly in Hirata u will get an item called Sakura droplet. Hand it over to aKuro and u will get your 2nd res.

  2. Not sure I agree as sekiro boss fights are always intense sword clashes 95% of the time that keep our posture bar close to full most of the time. If we had a system like that then we will have to break away from the combat for a little just to use a combat art or might just get screwed over in middle of battle from using one during an opening if our posture meter is close to full (which is usually the case especially if u play with charmless+demon bell). This will needlessly break the flow of combat.

  3. You know, I was hoping we’d get a mini boss gauntlet.

  4. I used to feel the same way but now think making minibosses non replayable like in reflections gives me an incentive to do ng+ runs.

  5. The only thing Sekiro doesn't convey well about it's story/world imo is the entire fountainhead/Mibu village/centipede immortality stuff. Like I get the gist of it, they get to divine realm through fountainhead palace(a place connecting divine and mortal realms) by collecting some macguffins(shelter stone, flower,etc) to collect dragon tears to ultimately end immortality for good. However the inner lore/mechanics of how these things work in the world, for e.g. the straw man that carries us to fountainhead, how mibu villagers became zombies, the 4 monkeys arena, existence of ghosts like O Rin, shichimen warriors, headless,etc don't feel as fleshed out. I much preferred learning about how Isshin and co came to power and Ashina's conflict with interior ministry than the supernatural stuff from a story/lore perspective.

  6. I guess it's that time of the month again when this art gets reposted to this sub.

  7. Finally a mist noble post that actually made me chuckle.

  8. I'm still having trouble with timing of the deflections. Then the big dude takes most of my health with one hit.

  9. U just need to practice. U will get the hang of it soon enough.

  10. Just like Owl used u, u used ur kid brother. A true shinobi indeed.

  11. I still haven't cheesed DOH. Only looked up the cheese just yesterday for the Shura gauntlet. I believe in properly beating the bosses the first time as you won't ever get that first time experience back. Don't care if people cheese bosses in repeat playthroughs or in reflections.

  12. Nah. Just because u play as a ninja doesn't make it AC. The parkour mechanics are completely different and so is the combat. AC has a different design philosophy i.e. it's a power fantasy of being an OP assassin in historical settings. Sekiro's design philosophy is about a player facing adversity and overcoming seemingly impossible challenges by gradually improving themselves at the game mechanically to attain a sense of accomplishment.

  13. Isshin, Genichiro and Owl (all their variants). These three are the signature Sekiro bosses for me.

  14. You had me at dhoni lol, pant is a far better keeper against fast bowlers than dhoni ever was. Dhoni used to just leave balls sending them for 4 byes instead of diving in test matches.

  15. You are seriously telling me Pant is a better keeper than what Dhoni was? Jesus.

  16. You prolly are comparing a 30 y/o peak Dhoni with a 24 y/o Pant, and even then Pant is right up there.

  17. Right up there? With Dhoni? Lol that's hilarious. Pant is still passable as an international level keeper. Saha was wayyy better than him with the gloves. The dude needs to work on his fitness more.

  18. I defeat a boss once or twice from the reflections pretty much every other day. Just bullied Isshin this morning before coming to office.

  19. Honestly idk why people attribute that loss to Hasan's dropped catch. Or even point to that as a turning point. They still had it in their hands, Wade just pulled off somethng ridiculous

  20. l wish ppl would just call a spade a spade and drop the meaningless optimism. Yes, it was possible for Pak to still win that match after that dropped catch but the thing is, that dropped catch killed the morale and momentum for the Pak team which in such high pressure situations counts for a lot. He was to blame for the loss for good reason. Don't need to pretend he wasn't just for the sake of being nice.

  21. The thing is, if I wanted to use an art that combos well into other attacks or from other attacks then I would just use Sakura dance, Shadowrush/Shadowfall or Cloud passage that all do better damage than whirlwind while also serving the same purpose.

  22. I think he is actually quite fun to fight and a surprising little challenge unlike the spear adepts in Senpo temple who are only challenge without any of the fun.

  23. Double spear adepts are anti-fun enemies if you're trying to avoid using shinobi prosthetics. Their attacks keep them moving so their posture recovers annoyingly fast, especially when there's another fucker getting ready to wind up their Beyblade move as soon as you get a window of opportunity to attack the first. The anti-air deathblow is inconsistent on them, and is made even more annoying when you have to decide between parrying the other adept or fishing for the deathblow. Just anti-fun really, I'd rather just enjoy my time replaying the Inner fights.

  24. 1v1 is ok but anymore than that is just insufferable. I do use prosthetics like shuriken but can't really get the air deathblow consistently. I resorted to using the contact medicine+mist raven to fight 2 at once but still couldn't do it.

  25. I watched the Eng v Pak test yesterday instead of Ind v Ban one day. I support the Indian team btw. Test cricket is exciting, alive and well. Many like me don’t give a fuck about white ball cricket, especially given how much is played these days.

  26. I get u like test cricket and that's great. However, it's definitely not 'exciting' no matter how you spin it when 90% of the time all that happens is batsman leaving balls or blocking them.

  27. You missed around 30% of the game as u went for the Shura ending. Stay loyal to Kuro and you will be able to play the rest of the game. There are some secret bosses and areas as well so make sure you do all of it. Still if you managed to get to Owl in 3 days on a first ever play-through then you really are an elite gamer.

  28. Imo Genichiro deserves S, Lady Butterfly deserves atleast B if not A, Guardian Ape A or S and DOH A.

  29. for many people the moment they learn to play sekiro is with genichiro, for me it was with lady butterfly, so when i went against genichiro, it wasn't such a memorable battle but it's still a good battle so that's why i put it in A, not S, so I understand if others put it in S.

  30. I find DOH very challenging and I enjoy how stressful and nerve wracking the fight is lol. I still can't beat him reliably even after beating Sekiro over 4 times including a charmless+DB run. Dodging, countering and deflecting his erratic and super destructive combos are super satisfying imo. The music and theming with putting our dear sculptor to rest has a good emotional payoff. I still remember how frightened I got when I first reached his 3rd phase and he surrounded the arena with that ring of fire. He is a true endurance test to the most extreme level.

  31. How did you skip Gyoubu and the bull? I am pretty sure they are mandatory and can't be skipped.

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