1. No, but he has said the width = widest part of the body, meaning the hips would be tapered, ergo smaller.

  2. He has never mentioned tapering though. If you look at verified celebrities, a lot of non-N family have shoulders wider than hips without it being width. That's basically all that needs to be said about that.

  3. From what I understand from reading the book and his recent clarification regarding width is that the shoulders will be the widest part of someone’s body.

  4. He has said many times though that shoulders alone aren’t width, it has to be accompanied by width at the upper back. And also the shoulders being wider than the hips creating width used to be a myth around the system a long time ago that was also proven wrong. By that definition, many verified Ds and DCs would also have width such as Jamie Lee Curtis who also happens to have a V shaped back and shoulders wider than hips. And Jamie Lee Curtis hasn’t worn a corset at any point so that’s not a problem either (even though a corset doesn’t come anywhere near where width would be, it doesn’t go that high up in the upper back).

  5. The problem here is that lines don’t exist, it’s a thing made up by youtubers and it didn’t come from Kibbe. You are a SN if you have identified width and curve in your own personal line. You are only supposed to adjust your clothes to your own body, and two SNs won’t be exactly the same. Your body isn’t supposed to fit the clothes, it’s the other way around.

  6. "The problem here is that lines don’t exist, it’s a thing made up by youtubers and it didn’t come from Kibbe. You are a SN if you have identified width and curve in your own personal line. "

  7. I mean that there is no such thing as clothes for a SN. There are clothes than can work on width and clothes than can work on curve, and you combine them into an outfit that fits your own body. A pair of pants that works on curve can be worn by a R and also by a SN. The R would combine it with a top that accommodates curve and the SN with a top that works for width. So you can’t really say that these pants are R lines or SN lines.

  8. I think in terms of body the most similar verified R is maybe Jean Simmons but in terms of style I am a lot more likely to draw inspiration from Christina Ricci and above all, Selena Gomez who isn't an R but still double curve.

  9. Omg, the people who actually think this is a legitimate reason to bash an actor for being casted have issues. The body obsession is real, and Aly’s audience is just getting weirder and weirder. Not a single person outside of these crazy communities will think that Nicole is a bad casting choice because she is more yang, they act as if they can even tell yin and yang apart when most of the times they can’t 💀

  10. Yes, sometimes I think it's good to take a distance from Kibbe. Can people not just enjoy things like movies?

  11. They didn’t get mad with Natalie Portman because their actual problem isn’t casting but wanting to make yang women feel bad.

  12. The “Kibbe people” who are saying that have no idea what they are talking about. As a SC the only thing the Kibbe system says about you is to follow your personal line of balance and slight curve. This is only the cut of your clothes, the style itself in terms of aesthetic can be whatever you want it to be.

  13. Nice explanation. To be honest its absolutely true, like these "aesthetics" don't even have anything to do with how clothes are cut and fit.

  14. Lol exactly, the way people reached these conclusions doesn’t even make sense. Like, curve = frilly, balance = boring, width = boho. I don’t get it. I suspect youtubers are once again responsible for that.

  15. That still doesn’t really explain to me why they look more similar to verified SGs than verified SNs overall… they don’t really present the same build as verified SNs so I’m inclined to believe they are not.

  16. They don’t look similar to verified SGs though, all the verified ones are sharp and narrow. Hayden and Jenna are neither sharp nor narrow. I don’t know how to describe it if it hasn’t clicked with your eyes yet but it becomes more obvious if you put pictures next to each other.

  17. I have created collages of verified celebrities, soft gamines are not usually particularly “sharp” nor “narrow” so I don’t really know which SGs or SNs your referencing.

  18. Thinking about it that way makes me realize I would choose something different, or at least a different color. Thank you for the feedback!

  19. I am thinking that a lot of the tops I have bought recently have a very similar style and I wanted to try something different (this lol). I think this is very cute but I am worried I will feel weird in it if I can’t style it with an LD outfit.

  20. No because there is no such thing as TR/R outfits or clothing, it’s about making clothes follow your own personal line. So if an outfit works on you, it means that you are adjusting it to your vertical, not that you are an SD wearing a TR/R outfit.

  21. Because the Kibbe system doesn’t work that way, you aren’t supposed to be typed by someone else (apart from Kibbe obviously). It’s not really helpful if 95% of the people who will try to help you are probably confused too. Personally I had been typed wrong even by people that I considered knowledgeable on the system. This is supposed to be your own journey. Strangers who see 5 photos of you still have no idea what you look like in real life, what your fit/ clothing struggles are etc. I can say I don’t know almost anyone who settled on the ID that people here told them they are, and often many people who try to help others are completely new in this and can’t even point you to the right direction.

  22. Respecting someone’s wishes over their intellectual property. Sure, some people have shared them anyway but they have been removed from the groups. Imho there is absolutely no reason to not respect that, it’s not like he owes us his writing and we are entitled to it.

  23. Very true. I'm sure if I'd come up with something like his system, I'd want to protect it, too.

  24. In any case if you are still interested in doing them, I am sure they accept new facebook accounts that don’t necessarily use their real name or photos, I’ve seen people with basically anonymous accounts in the groups.

  25. Personally I think even pure D is a possibility for her. But in any case 5’5 isn’t short at all for SD, it’s a common ID at that height.

  26. Please no. Almost everything in there is inaccurate personal opinions and stereotypes that didn’t come from Kibbe. He has never talked about heaviness of bones, looking like a fairy or… Polly Pocket? Literally none of these conclusions have any accuracy and they have no meaning in the system because they have never ever been discussed by Kibbe. Insisting on such stereotypes only contributes to people’s confusion and leads to wrong results.

  27. The problem is that many people use these opinions to reach conclusions about themselves and end up disappointed. Regardless of the intention they are still not accurate. Bette Davis and Leslie Caron look absolutely nothing like cutesy little fairies, they look like grown women. Liza Minelli and Audrey Hepburn look sophisticated, and also grown up. The visual weight descriptions just aren’t accurate either. I can’t imagine how Lana Wood or Scarlett Johansson can be described as heavy-looking. Same from FNs, I don’t perceive Nicole Kidman looking heavier in bones than Cate Blanchett and I am sure many people don’t. It’s just better for everyone if we move on from stereotypes.

  28. I am a true winter with oval face shape, my hair is curly (loose ringlets), conventional hourglass and Kibbe R. Since a comment above also mentioned Rita’s system, I have had a consultation and I am LD, it has been the most helpful system for me so far and I was actually thinking of writing a post to explain how I combine it with Kibbe and show examples of my outfits!

  29. I am from Greece, English is compulsory from 1st until 12th grade but we started in kindergarten. Then in 5th grade a second foreign language is compulsory. Schools usually offer French or German, more rarely Italian or Spanish. My school offered only French. Then in 12th grade I chose optional Latin.

  30. For me the clearest clue for true winter is that coolness is the most important aspect in the colors I wear. Even the slightest hint of warmth makes me look yellow, and that’s something I didn’t have to overthink because even as a kid I could always see some colors doing this to me.

  31. Because it smells like all those gourmand notes were left in a car for hours in scorching summer heat + melting plastic and body odor. It really doesn’t smell the way you expect it to just by reading the notes. Sure, you may still like it, but it’s not what you expect it to be and you really can’t guess what it will be like despite the notes looking mostly “safe”.

  32. She’s not rude, she don’t insult anybody. If, for instance, people take the word “masculine” as an insult, that’s THEIR problem. There’s nothing inherently wrong with looking masculine, and she never said there is, - people add connotations to words themselves. They themselves think it’s bad so they get mad at creators for simply stating a fact. She never gave any negative or positive meaning to it. If you see it as an insult, again, that’s on you

  33. Uh, no, you don’t get to decide if other people are okay with being called a word or not, and neither does she. Nobody said there is anything wrong wrong masculinity or femininity, but depending on how a person feels about themselves they may not want to be called one of these things. It’s not a very complicated concept to understand and I am not sure why you are so invested in defending this behavior.

  34. I don’t get to decide whether someone is okay with a certain thing, which makes it THEIR issue doesn’t it? If it’s not up to me, it’s up to them. And depends solely on them. And is only about them. You said yourself it depends on how the person feels about themselves, so how can she be accountable for everyone’s feelings if they have nothing to do with her or her words?

  35. Nope, not respecting other people’s boundaries is your issue and maybe you need to look into why you would insist on making others uncomfortable, there isn’t much to say about this.

  36. I know. Actually I disagree with multiple verified celebs such as Rihanna being TR (she looks SD to me), Jennifer Love Hewitt being FG (she looks SG), Kate Moss being D (she looks more of a DC) or Jennifer Lawrence being FN (she looks SN)

  37. Well, Rihanna isn’t verified and has been removed from the list because Kibbe didn’t know her height and he “typed” her by seeing one blurry picture on a flip phone lol.

  38. Yes he invented it and I respect him for that but most of his verified celebs do not match with their type. Jada Pinkett Smith and Mila Kunis are both verified TR but they lack the "sharp curves" required for an actual TR (the only TR I agree with is Salma Hayek), thus I think Jada is a FG and Mila is a G. Yes I find myself a little stupid disagreeing with his own invention but he made descriptions on every body types and if some celebs do not look like that specific type then I have to disagree. Also when I want to type some celeb I go searching for their bikini photos so I'm sure what their body really looks like under the clothes, which can deceive one's appearance. I'm not sure if he does it. I heard he actually makes his assumptions basing them on the woman's "essence" or something like that

  39. This still makes absolutely no sense. Because if you think that Jada Pinkett Smith or Mila Kunis don’t match the TR description, it would make a lot more sense to think that your vision of the TR description wasn’t correct and use Jada and Mila as visual examples of the correct one. These two are what he thinks TR curve looks like so it means it was what he had in mind when he came up with this ID. Also his system is about how fabric falls on you and how you look WITH clothes, not in a bikini. It’s literally all about clothes.

  40. I don’t really see how these would accommodate curve so I am confused as to why people are saying yes. These are all cut straight around the bust, which is where curve accommodation happens for SD.

  41. That’s not really possible, the face and the body will always match. If you think there is a mismatch, you are misinterpreting either the face or the body. However since Kibbe is about dressing your body, go with whatever you think you are seeing in your body.

  42. How does the face figure into determining a hairstyle? As a newbie I’d imagine it’s more important for hair than the body’s lines

  43. Well, since the face matches the body, you will follow the recommendations depending on what your body is. So a SG would go for a very short bob, a FN will go for voluminous styles etc

  44. I am a true winter but my eyes are so dark that I can’t see my iris pattern, even with light shining directly on my eye. I have always been curious about whether the eye pattern method is accurate :(

  45. If you need to accommodate width then you won’t be R family. If you simply have broad shoulders but no need for width accommodation (because width isn’t just the shoulders alone but how it connects to the upper back and if there is broadness in the upper back area), the answer will depend on other things and will be more complicated. When it comes to TR though, I believe that having narrow shoulders is a requirement. The small touch of yang undercurrent wouldn’t be possible because obvious skeletal broadness is more yang than that bare minimum that TR is allowed to have.

  46. I don’t think she is R family at all, but I also don’t think Kibbe should have any significance in casting. I think she looks similar enough despite having a quite different body than Marilyn and outside of the Kibbe community and Marilyn’s super fans, nobody will think that she is a bad choice because her body doesn’t look like Marilyn’s. Sure there will be people who will dislike this choice for other reasons but I think body similarities will be at the very bottom of the list.

  47. One thing to note is that AFAIK, all this accommodation stuff doesn’t apply to men in the same way. You’re not looking for “double curve” in men. How we get to men’s yin/yang balances hasn’t really been fleshed out for DIYers, but he said that recently.

  48. Ooh thanks for sharing this! That actually makes a lot more sense, we were recently discussing that with men, even if we can guess what ID they might be, their bodies don’t really show a difference so this would explain why. But this only makes me more curious about how all this works for men.

  49. I’m sorry if I offended you, PhD scientist here, I’m focused on scientific facts sometimes too blunt

  50. No worries, your scientific thinking can be detected from miles away, we are good.

  51. I am starting to think that some people on FK are just super good trolls and it’s not real. Or maybe that’s false hope.

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