1. Michael's Outpost? He came in one Tuesday night drag comedy show we were there.

  2. The NA NEO intake ports are smaller and more restrictive than the turbo NEO heads, but they have the same smaller combustion chamber volume. The RB26 head has larger combustion chambers for a lower compression ratio in ancient turbo applications. The turbo NEO head is a better head by nearly all metrics except for the sole quality of coolant drain alignment when put on an RB26. It has the solid lifters, VCT, and combustion chambers that happily welcome what tuning can do in the 21st century.

  3. That's why we need that "America First" president

  4. So American companies who already have a hard time beating foreign companies that have to build numerous vacation days and annual international travel into their overhead can bid without the worry of "unfair" competition? I'm not exactly thrilled about the amount of projects being awarded by the Spanish, myself, but the salaried people live here, buy houses here, pay taxes here, shop here, pay bills here, and are part of the community here. So you can probably chill with the corporate welfare for American contractors veiled suggestion and just have the American companies win more work with their home field advantage you'd swear they could have.

  5. Google is telling me that 99 (the one in Houston) is owned by texas department of transportation. Where can i find out more about this Spanish company?

  6. This is correct. A Spanish company (Ferrovial) was the major partner on the joint venture for the contractor (GPI) who built it. They also had purchased one of the minority partners a couple of years previous (Webber), but the maintenance portion of the contract involves only a single engineer and a small crew that's primarily charged to a different project to address small issues that arise. Issues like broken signs and sign foundations, peeling joint sealant, and stuff like that. Nothing whatsoever to do with tolling, though that is a practice elsewhere on occasion.

  7. I got a super deal on these, but the DFVs are what I would have purchased instead.

  8. "Isn't popular" is a relative statement. I'll consider "place that doesn't get the business that I think it should" a good proxy question. Street Food Thai Market. Get the pumpkin and thank me later.

  9. Their panang curry is pretty bomb and will clear up any sinus trouble you're having if you get it full spicy.

  10. Agreed. That rug is entirely too close to the fire.

  11. In an ideal world I would love to! however I want to keep the car looking somewhat stock & just those mods alone cost more than my whole build at the moment! Those shiny intake plenums sure are sexy though.

  12. Freddy forward facing plenum is $280 USD on Amazon Prime. You'd need an R33 aftermarket fuel rail, which Radium makes, and be out the door pretty cheap still.

  13. That is true, it involves a lot more work though, new throttle body, drilling a hole in the body, moving battery to the boot. I'd need a new intercooler as well

  14. True enough. Even still, the Link ECU is HEAVILY recommended. But this is just me spending your money. I have a Thunder and the Link forum is unbelievably helpful. Basically the same service you pay a tune shop for free online.

  15. Personally i most likely would but that’s just me. I’m obsessed w RHD and Japan in itself

  16. This answer is so weeby and not even relevant to the discussion criteria OP laid out.

  17. I would re-sign Yuli to a 1 year deal and see how Yainer does in spring training. If all goes well, start him with the club right out of the gate. It would give you flexibility to spell Maldonado on off days, and give us more time to see what Korey Lee is. The hinch in this plan is that I think Korey Lee doesn't have anything else to prove in AAA, either. So plan on having to call Korey up in May after taking another look at Hensley, Meyers, and Matijevic in April.

  18. If you do end up buying one, MAKE SURE you go through it with a fine tooth comb for rust.

  19. Oh, that one's yours? I follow Classic Car Welding Dublin's page and always enjoy seeing that car when it pops up. I'm actually just coming inside from a day's worth of pulling structural panels off to get to my shock towers, too. I bought the patches from SR Autosource, so hopefully mine is on your car's level soon.

  20. This is a correct answer. I do this for a living and there is no way that a 300$ junk scanner will give you the accuracy and quality you would need to accurately recreate these . To answer the original question I would charge are 1k each to scan and create a good cad model. The scanning is fairly fast but with all those irregular surfaces it would take many hours to model it.

  21. Thank you for the pricing answer. Does that account for capturing texture detail in the surface, as well? Because it's a cast part from the factory, but I would be reproducing as a billet part. Dimensions are important, but surface textures couldn't be less important.

  22. If you want someone to do it for you, check fiverr and etsy with various phrasings of reverse engineering, 3d rendering, cad modeling, etc. prices will vary a lot since it’s only labor. If you wanna do it yourself, it’s cheap but again labor. You can use the lidar iPhone cam, or look into other cheap lidars. Or photogammetry with taking a ton of photos of the object and it will generate for you. There are apps to do this for you too so you don’t need to mess with each image. Just slowly move camera around object. If you do it yourself, you’ll need to touch it up, and measure all the holes and manually input them in the cad file along with fixing angles. If you only want to learn for one object, check out other programs. Fusion is powerful but one of the harder ones to learn

  23. I've used Fiverr a few times, and most recently to give people in Ukraine work while the war is going on. But that's really for the post processing once I already have a CAD file.

  24. where can you buy something like this legit then?

  25. A legit "Merry Christmas" Skyline shirt? I don't know, man. You're probably a market of one on that.

  26. I want him playing at Coors for 81 games out of the year so I can see what a 530 foot home run looks like.

  27. We traded for a player that I've actually heard of? And he plays first base? For a 24-year old who has only pitched 18 innings in Single A?

  28. Until you find out next year that this guy is Cy Young reincarnate

  29. When you want to have responsible sex, but also want to paint her walls

  30. I hate the artstyle. The proportions of some ships are kinda fucked

  31. The art style heavily emulates some of Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art. This is most evident in Vader's mask, or the star destroyers. Even Zeb was based on an early Chewbacca concept. But I agree, it's a bit distracting, and could have made for a much more visually appealing show.

  32. Greenberg smoked turkey in Tyler, TX. We've done it every single Thanksgiving of my 36 year existence.

  33. I hated that trade then, and I hate that trade now. I always thought Teoscar had good potential, and Liriano never looked good to me. He was only a moderate upgrade over Sipp.

  34. I feel like the true Astros loss of this trade is being pushed aside as if it were nothing. Not even a footnote in the recollection of these two comments.

  35. Well the organization has done pretty well since this "bad" trade so no one thinks about it.

  36. I'm talking about the Astros' loss of franchise legend Nori Aoki via trade only to watch you guys release him on 8/29, which was also the date hurricane Harvey started. I feel like these are grounds enough for Houston to declare war on Toronto.

  37. 500k says:

    Yep, I remember none of that

  38. It's because there wasn't a World Series in 2005. They skipped that year. These guys are just making things up.

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