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  1. The best budget 8's I can recommend are the Banshee Elite 8 and Ibanez Meshuggah sig M80M. Strandberg's are great, Also maybe consider a Kiesel.

  2. Looking good but a little thirsty homie. Maybe time to give them some water

  3. i have this exact same guitar, replace the bridge for a mustang bridge asap

  4. Any recommendations? I've heard the Fender AVRI trem or a Mastery is the way to go. I need to replace the bridge on mine but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  5. That’s the crux of the issue with people like her and schull. They’re not relevant musicians and because of that they’re stuck chasing the dragon in the form of YouTube relevancy because truthfully, it’ll never satisfy them in the way that succeeding as musicians would

  6. I'm only on my third run, but so far I've had all my seeds germinate. They only need moisture and heat, so whether you do this by soaking first or putting directly into soil, those 2 factors alone allow for proper germination. Other factors like how old the seed is or how it was stored also affect your germination rate, so be mindful of storage.

  7. Thank you Willow! I'm dying to get my hands on some more TG. And that green crack! 😋

  8. Not sure if autos interest you but I loved my Mephisto SODK, lot of orange candy with diesel funk. They have some Super Orange Haze available on their website which is Super Lemon Haze x SODK. Haven't tried it yet but I am planning on running one next year.

  9. Disgusting, improper cleaning. Your peers are poor influences, don't let their standards affect yours.

  10. If I paid money I would not be very happy. Looks really good though.

  11. I have seen women pull these from their purses and fill them up with chicken at Golden Corral.

  12. I just hope that's beer and not a big Ole tub o grease!😅

  13. Must be nice having that much disposable income for so much tacky shit. At least it'll stay in unused condition for the estate sale.

  14. There’s dudes that think wiping their own ass is gay, not surprised they’re afraid of their own balls.

  15. My SODK was awesome, was very resilient, grew nice, dense buds. It didn't have that pure, sharp, diesel funk though. It was very much sweet orange with some funk. Dank nonetheless, but not the sour diesel I've come to know and love.

  16. Can't wait to get my smnq because a 3 pack of queens banner i got off multiverse didn't pop

  17. Damn I really hope my QB sprouts! Next week I'm starting a cosmic queen run with Queen's Banner, Start Spangled Banner, and Cosmic Apprentice. Next run I'm planning strawberry with SMQ, Meph Forgotten Strawberries and Jammy Dodgers #2.

  18. Chances are, if anything will be announced, it'll be closer to January around Winter NAMM.

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