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  1. Did they get him recently? Does he have a medical issue like PLE or IBS? Did you talk to the owner? I would talk to them first. He could be a new rescue, a medical case that they're working on, he could have digestive issues that they're working on with their vet. Calling animal control without even at least speaking with them is kind of a waste of everyone's time really.

  2. 100% this was my biggest worry, I didn’t want to reach out or send someone out if it was just a misunderstanding. Had already talked to AC, and they said it was no big issue, that they would have no issue doing a wellness check. Our neighbors had shown us they had no intentions of letting us talk about or near their dog

  3. Just for a play pen during the day! We’ve just moved out to a 22 acre lot and haven’t gotten the chance to build a fence around their barn and 2 acres

  4. Our two mini potbellies are just at 5 weeks old, and we have thrown up a small structure using our old chicken pen until we could build a more permanent structure. Does this seem to be a decent start for our new family?

  5. These two jk pro aviar-x’s and innova Raven were given to me by a neighbor after I had been watching him practice in his front yard a while back. Even now with my own disc bag and dozens of discs, I still enjoy chucking these guys when I get the chance!

  6. Could you make a smaller version of this? Asking for a friend…

  7. Hey! My friends and I hit up Suwanee Creek dg, Little mulberry, and Chattahoochee pointe park, all great options in the Gwinnett area

  8. If you are absolutely desperate, bring her to the Athens-Clarke county animal shelter off of buddy-Christian road, and give her up. She will become the state’s cat, and ethically euthanized in the compound there. I’m so sorry for you and your cat!

  9. I would email or call the EITS desk and see if they can help. I had issues last year with my switch, but was able to have them reset my specific port for Ethernet. Might be worth while

  10. El Camino on north Ave. Takes the #1 spot for me for tacos I eat there every Friday,and have for years. juaritos on 129 takes #2 for me,

  11. I’ll have to try out all these places! A Field trip is definitely in order

  12. Mexico has so many different regions and types of cuisines. Which one are you thinking of when you say “authentic”?

  13. I’m not really looking for anything specific, just anything new or unique. When I say authentic, I’m more of referring to not Americanized/white washed in that sense. You definitely make a good point though, sorry for being generic

  14. I think meal recycling is going to be your friend, where the leftovers are turned into a new dish. Look at what ingredients you use, then go backwards, can you get that ingredient from a previous meal.

  15. I’ll definitely be using and reusing a lot of the same stuff like you said, this is awesome advice

  16. Haha I love the idea of “starting to like” a food I’ll be stuck eating a lot of. I definitely have no shame, so I’ll be going around finding the best deals for meats and such at markets

  17. Overnight Oats are cheap, easy and versatile. Many ways you can prep them and you can prep them like 5 days out.

  18. I think overnight oats are perfect! I’ll have to invest in some spices and stuff to mix things up

  19. Well first, what kind of kitchen do you have? And what kind of foods do you like?

  20. I have a full kitchen available with an oven, microwave, and full sized fridge. In terms of food I like, I literally eat anything and everything! Love Indian food, most Asian, seafood, southern cooking, etc…

  21. Thanks for the reply! I’m going to be living in a stand-alone house with some friends so I’ll see how the speakers sound in the house before I look at a subwoofer.

  22. Here I was thinking their mouths were massive double chins…

  23. Are you specifically looking for on-campus jobs? I make better money than anyone I know in the area working at a cracker barrel of all places 10 mins from campus.

  24. I recommend using only one striker and having abraxas in the middle for his debuffs. That said, abraxas is probably not a good pick, just cause atk debuffs don't stack and his totem isn't that good for raph.

  25. Do you know who might be a better cm pick? And should I just move meta to fm?

  26. Would it be best for me to stick with a dark light team, or go mono light/dark? For whatever would be best for me, what would my best setup be? Thanks for the help!

  27. Gotcha! Haven’t played Chat Pointe yet, but have played all the others. You guys will eventually love Suwannee Creek, especially on hot days. I’m up near Athens.

  28. I actually go to school in Athens at UGA, and will definitely concede that the tree coverage is pretty nice in Suwannee

  29. Disc golf scene, keep an eye out for when tournaments open registration and set a reminder in your phone. They sell out quick!

  30. Will do! I've had my eye on a couple that I think might work and will go ahead and register

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