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  1. Lmfao 🤣 even Trump wouldn’t use this!!

  2. APRN started its move upwards a few days ago, i bought in at 4.95 and i believe it's going to keep going.

  3. They just announced a 15-1 reverse stock split so it’s definitely heading below 20 cents tomorrow. AH it’s currently at 22 cents!! Stick with Apron

  4. 15-1 reverse stock split!! How is that bullish?!

  5. Just buy some firm cardboard. Maybe steal some shin guards from a youth soccer game. Just wear a refs jersey and run onto the field and tackle some kid and steal them

  6. Just remove your socks and underwear and use ‘em as pads!! Geez y’all pretend like you never done that before!! MFers I’d rather get sock burn than touch my bare knees on them tiles!!

  7. Avct is all rumors of a buyout on this sub so they can pump it and dump it on you there no real evidence of a buyout

  8. That’s the dumbest comment I’ve heard!! By the time there’s “evidence” of a buy out the stock has already left the launch 🚀 pad!! People are going on previous news that it was offered a buy out in the $9 range and now that there’s a 13-D filling it has the potential of being a buy out candidate again!!

  9. When a complete stranger starts calling me “bro” I’m definitely getting the cringe effect! This is now the second dumbest thing you’ve said! Thanks for asking I’m excellent actually! Let me guess you are dying to say “I told you so” right?!! Lol 😂 Nothing has happened and you’re already off your rocking chair! Lmfao 🤣

  10. I know it’s a bit of a trick scenario bc technically in the real world no one would fucking sell you a cow with zero dollars ( I owe you?) and turn around and sell at a higher price!! In the investing world you can use margin accounts or credit facilities etc. lol 😂

  11. Or, grab the cow, sell it, find a cheaper one and return it.

  12. Lol 😂 I like your options!! Shorting cows!! Lol 😂

  13. I’m straight because I watch straight porn!! Even though most of the time I’m staring at the guy banging that girl!! Lol 😂 I’m just trying to learn some good techniques!! Lol 😂

  14. That’s so cute!! He’s a good kid protecting his mother!!

  15. I would weep with you bro with tears 😭 of joy!!!

  16. More like get a room!! Lol 😂 too much bromance going on!!

  17. I haven’t seen any actual solid evidence that Microsoft (or anyone else) is interested in buying AVCT.

  18. If you actually found “solid evidence” you would have been already late to the party!! The whole point of investing is to get in before everyone knows the “solid evidence” you are looking for!! Buy the rumour sell the news as they say!!

  19. show me your investments that are not red right now :)

  20. Lmfao 🤣 best financial advice is no financial advice!!

  21. That’s like putting a 10 lb baby through a test tube!! My wife screamed you ain’t touching me again so can you imagine this guy?!! I feel for yah!

  22. Caligula Cunilingus Scroticus Maximus please stand up!!

  23. I’m in AVCT tomolo!! Can’t wait for market to open!! Let’s go 🚀

  24. I don’t understand. If AMC is such a bad investment why feel the need to advertise it as such. If it were so shitty why wouldn’t they just let us make dumb fucking decisions?

  25. Lol 😂 great analogy!! I’m so over AMC but everywhere I go I see popcorn 🍿!!

  26. That’s how dumb he is!! Lmfao 🤣 Does a dummy know he’s dumb?!! No he’s too dumb!! Lol 😂

  27. Lithuanians support bbby ❤️🙌💎

  28. Canadians support bbby ❤️ 🙌 💎

  29. You’re and your….. hmmmm not sure I trust this guy now!!

  30. It seems like Sue Gove has the balls to do what Tritton wouldn't and I like a woman with big hairy balls. BBBY was in desperate need of change and you can see the gears starting to move eventually steering towel in the right direction. I know we wanted a spin of/merge last week but the current actions and plan are pretty bullish imo. I like the towel stock and I like coupons.

  31. Did she buy shares with her own money or was it compensation shares for being CEO? Just wondering. And is she locked in and not vested for some time or can she sell anytime she wants?

  32. We dropped 30% on the news that they're going to do an offering, that's priced into it. Now they'll sell randomly during run ups, maybe a million here a million there on high volume days as to not affect the price. When they complete the sale, we'd get a filing to notify us that they're finished. No more fear from our part, and stock will shoot up.

  33. From the proceeds of the sale they can now use it towards paying down debt which in turn will help the stock price even further!!

  34. Umm because they were in major financial trouble, and like 2 weeks ago every news story on my phone way Bbby was declaring bankruptcy. Along the lines of "no lender will give a loan" and "offer stock right now"... Remember that?

  35. His alias is “Attention Dull” that pretty much says it all!! Don’t waste your time on that shill!! Even with good news they’ll pull out of their ass something negative!! The stock price going up will help turn around the company just like it did for GME and AMC!! We can do it here as well!! There was an article that even said the “Meme stock” mania is here to stay!!

  36. Yes, I had it checked earlier it and its frustrating to look at the red.

  37. Holy shit I just checked mine and there’s like 10 pages of removed comments!! And most of them in Bbby sub! How is this free speech when we can’t even communicate to each other freely and provide positive sentiment and education!! Where do we go to complain?

  38. And strangers have always been kind that I’ve depended on!!

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