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  • By - w_teg

  1. This is much, I gave up 4 races in with Aston Martin and doing Red Bull now to learnt what game. Massive respect.

  2. They might do as part of a deeper plan to bury one of them in the group

  3. How are they rivals, Leipzig specifically sign players from Salzburg all the time

  4. Did you win the championship overall with most points? I think you have to win a tie wouldn't count.

  5. Did you ensure you're using an S2 Extreme Track Toy car? They can't be completed with just any car anymore.

  6. So my car was 998 but I don’t know if it is classed as that, did it in some form of Forza edition Lamborghini can’t remember specifically

  7. Furio is the silent but lethal type which I respect, but I prefer the strong, silent type like Gary Cooper

  8. Bro these freaks in the $50 Patreon and how much of a topic they’ve become on the show is the worst thing to ever happen to PKA

  9. Sorry bro doesn’t particularly expose the story though so that’s why I didn’t bother my mistake

  10. Honestly fitness, gym and supplements talk is the most boring topic of all time, Kyles become one of those Gym guys who have no personality aside from working out

  11. I normally like the topics that are just things they’re really interested in like Woodys bike riding and paramotoring or Taylor when something interesting is going on in hockey, but I could not give less of a fuck about fitness and supplement talk. I start fast forwarding like an ad is playing.

  12. Yeah I agree, there unique interests like hockey and bikes and even Tarkhov and Rust are interesting to me because you don’t see it everywhere. But open instagram or twitter and you see boring fitness people who don nothing except that left right and centre

  13. Someone else posted the answer, but I'll elaborate more since I just watched it again. He was in the Witness Protection Program, but he kept going off the reservation and they kicked him out. He started doing talks at colleges around the country. He obviously did these under his original name, but continued to live life under his assumed identity. He likely moved back to somewhere closer that he had contacts. He was already dealing out of his travel office because he tries to get two of his junkies to kill Tony and Meadow as payment for their fix.

  14. See I feel like the college talks etc. are not a great idea you never no who could be there for example what if Jackie Jr. went there and saw him and somehow made a connection. Unlikely I know but in that situation you’d be so paranoid!

  15. All been sorted Nintendo just emailed me the code 20 mins after payment thanks for the help anyway everybody

  16. If you bought it on the browser it should have automatically started the download. You said you triple checked it, but if it shows purchased on the website and not the console, the only explanation that makes sense is you got the wrong account.

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