1. I say once u enter high school…though I would wait till ur sophomore year

  2. You look like you’re addicted to Budweiser and Marlboro cigarettes. And a lot of men with really big beards that have a pot belly.

  3. I can’t even connect to the game and my girlfriend just bought it for me yesterday. Just keeps saying “not enough players”

  4. Same with mine. But it only happens at my moms house for some reason….it has something to do with NAT type

  5. Holy shit wtf. Try plugging it into power and fully shutting it down. Also try searching up ways to “hard” power it off or reset

  6. 13 and 14 yeah. I say wait till 15 to try ur first hit. Kinda wish I had it only this year bc my first was when I was 14 and I became an addict to it for a while. Luckily I broke out of the habit 😍

  7. Personally, I’ve only used stick controls for shooter games. So, I use stick for splatoon 3, just with really high sensitivity

  8. Update for me; while I cannot play anarchy battle(and haven't been able to test grizzco) I am able to play so long as I join the lobby that someone on my friends' list is in. (unfortunately, if nobody has an open room, I'm out of luck)

  9. Ah ok. Do u want my friend code so u have a chance to join and play?

  10. Having same issue. New update did not work. Ima keep trying diff methods to fix it. I also noticed it’s a NAT type B Issue.

  11. THANK GOD. I’m still stuck on the tutorial bc I can’t even get into my first turf war. 😭

  12. that doesn't seem right... were you able to play Splatoon 2 at all? if you haven't played that were you able to play any other Switch games online?

  13. I played splatoon 2 fine. All my other online games worked too. It’s a glitch that’s been happening to very few people.

  14. If what the people say in the comments don’t work, it’s prob busted af 😤

  15. Atleast y’all get to play some matches. I literally can’t get past the 1st turf battle bc it keeps saying “no players found”

  16. Yes. It’s happening to me too. It says “no found players” when trying to get into an online match. A lot of people have been having this issue. Nintendo has been notified. Now we have to wait till they release an update, probs won’t be for weeks or the most a month 💀

  17. Mines broken too. I’m still stuck on “do ur first turf battle” and when I try and join a match it says “no players found” just bought the game an hour ago and already about to return it….

  18. Played couple hours yesterday and into late night. Today is a gong show. Got a warning saying if I disconnect couple more times I'll get suspended

  19. I’ve tried both. Turns out other ppl r having this problem so I’m thinking it will be fixed soon

  20. You really like posing with that smirk

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