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  1. It's well known between workers that the tvs are like dominoes in the back room. I bet it's no different in shipping warehouses. You gotta pick that kind of thing up in-store and make them test it.

  2. I hear you on picking it up yourself but it's not always doable when I replaced my 65 in about a month ago it just wouldn't fit in the car took forever to find a buddy with a truck and this and that.

  3. For one probably but I'd recommend a 3X3 tent with 300 actual watts and a 4-in AC Infiniti exhaust system and a clip-on fan.

  4. Would still tip 5-10% for good experience and service in most all European countries or at least round up to something ending with 0 or 5 (at least here in the Netherlands and having family working in Dutch hospitality, this is how I was raised).

  5. Former American server here and that last sentence is the correct answer.

  6. My girl doesn't have a lot but I get it as soon as I see it it's not the gross type so I usually get it with my finger but if for some reason it was more than that I would just use a baby wipe or something like that warm washcloth whatever really.

  7. I have so many questions with this video. Why tf does this guy own a bison? How did he train a bison to just sit still in a car like that? How tf does a regular car like that support a fucking BISON and not break?

  8. I believe I saw something about this dude on one of those animal TV shows I know that's vague but I'm sure you know at least what kind of show I'm talking about anyway I think he lives with it and everything like in his house I could be wrong but I think that's the guy.

  9. Like those shows where they find animals that can do crazy things and go to meet the owner and stuff?

  10. "A17-year-old boy killed in a Saturday drive-by shooting has been identified. Demarion Brown was found dead in the street in the 1500 block of East 48th Street North after a 911 caller heard multiple gunshots about 2:15 a.m. Saturday."

  11. Awesome man and if you enjoy it it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. I've been rotating between animal mint cake sugar wax live resin and strawberry cooler #6 cured sugar wax today.

  12. Saw this recently, it was to pay kitchen staff a percentage of sales. I guess kinda like profit sharing but out of your pocket.

  13. I've seen it posted on here and I saw what you're talking about in person and you're right it wasn't that bad of a percentage so I was okay with it but I hope the cooks actually get it that's what I worry about!

  14. I watched the show with him on at one time I can't remember what it was called but he paid a breeder however much money to basically do a pheno hunt and wiz got to pick what he like best which I believe just a specific cut of lemon kush. Most of the seeds online or just whatever seeds labeled as khalifa Kush. I'll see if I can find the original breeder maybe they sell the seeds now but I highly doubt it.

  15. It was Cookie Co. 415 dispo out of San Jose. Now it seems like khalifa Kush is an actual company and they have a few more strains but I still don't think you can actually get their seeds or cuts. It blows my mind that people look at 10 different seed banks with something like khalifa Kush and think they're all real!

  16. Yes gee thanks Texas for finding another way to screw over elderly people, and before anyone asks, yes I do vote in every election I can but politics being what they are it never changes anything

  17. I don't know if you vote blue or red but you're getting closer to being a blue state every election it seems like I know y'all couldn't get rid of s***** Abbott but still y'all are getting there. My state is probably one of the reddest in the nation and I'm really surprised they pay your Medicare fees each month. I lived in Texas for about 20 years total and one time some bad stuff happen and I was really needing some help like food stamps or whatever and it was just a terror to get or to get denied.

  18. And my disability payments put me in too high of an income bracket for food stamps

  19. Thank you I've been needing a good recipe for rolls I know a lot of it's in the baker's skill but a great recipe is important also an opinion. Nice baking skills!

  20. What's the recipe on those bad boys? They look great!

  21. Looks awesome! What light and nutrients do you use if you don't mind?

  22. I have 2 lights a spiderfarmer sf4000 quantum board that's 450w and an ac infinity iongrid 260w in a 4x4. For nutrients I use Jack's 321 fed at 80% and every 10 days I use a microbe mix of recharge, trubus, molasses, and Neptune harvest kelp supplement.

  23. Appreciate the info I use recharge also I've been using general hydroponics floranova series and they're okay but a lot of people use jacks so I may check them out.

  24. I've known quite a few people that rode bikes something bad always happens to them whether they got reckless and did it themselves or somebody else wasn't paying attention I love them but I'm not risking it personally.

  25. This type of stuff happens also and they never say anything I've had people bring in Chili's while they were dining in at Applebee's or people dining in at Applebee's have a couple of Happy meals for their kids from McDonald's no one cares corporate didn't care management didn't care just no one cares.

  26. I haven't down voted you yet but you must have never worked anywhere including restaurants because you can bring what from other restaurants or coffee shops you want and leave it in the break room. Your take makes no sense on it.

  27. You can't tell much from the picture of course but it looks like crumble I seen out of the dispensary many times I don't buy it anymore but every now and then when I'm buying bulk one will be mislabeled and it'll be crumble I usually just keep it and smoke it. And in my experience crumble has less terps and doesn't smell as good as live resin or some good cured wax when it burns.

  28. True just wondering what people’s opinion were at a glance bored and stoned from my wake and bake

  29. And dispensaries that shop in I've seen CO2 carts that are supposedly some of the best ones we have and they're a little darker usually. I smoke 99% wax and I've never bought a gram that was ran with CO2. But the wax your questioning that white stuff that looks like the cheapest ABS we have and yes they are CRC and they usually have that lemony smell I just don't know why you would use CO2 to make solventless or technically solventless and then CRC it to filter out everything you are wanting to save if you know what I'm trying to say. I think whoever processed those for him lied about that but there's no way to really know but it definitely looks like CRC and judging by the way you say it smells I would say it's close to 100% CRC which isn't always a jailbreaker for me because sometimes I'm on a budget but that white stuff has been crc'd that much hardly has any flavor the high is kind of meh and doesn't last that long at least in my experience.

  30. Was there no deductible?

  31. I'm not sure how other people's homeowners insurance works and I'm not entirely sure how mine works I guess but it's really cheap I think I have State farm and we got broke into really bad and they end up paying me like almost $5,000 and there was no deductible.

  32. You have a good electronic rig I have the same one and I get clouds on the white setting. I don't smoke much flower these days but when I do I still get really stoned. I really don't know man. I smoke 99% concentrate myself.

  33. Oh man I tried to correct the speech to text with more speech to text and still didn't proofread it! Lmao!

  34. That should have said grow instead of girl man! That's my fault I guess I should approved Fred but it seems like either word works. Lol. Have a good one! For some reason when I say grow on text to speech it types girl a lot. I should know better by now.

  35. Second this. I moved out of Edmond and still drive 30 minutes a week to pick up. Sad they’re losing Motavate flower but will keep coming back always for the rosin/BHO prices & great budtenders. 🔥

  36. I didn't even know they were losing the flower. I'm not a big flower guy but when I'm in there I usually snag some I think my favorite so far has been orange lemonade and that grandma Jo was funky. Haven't tried any of the newest drops though.

  37. Abide for great products and great prices they've got budget BHO budget rosin and even their best rosin won't break the bank compared to other dispos. For real anytime I'm in Edmond I have to stop by there and I live nowhere near there a few hours away but I've never been anywhere else that can compete with their prices for the brands they carry.

  38. I did it at home Depot for a little while also I also saw some vehicles get nailed by their carts!

  39. Yea on windy days that can happen. But also I never got paid enough to give a fuck.

  40. Exactly! About Aldi. To be fair our Aldi and the only one I've ever been in is pretty damn small though. Yeah we never let him hit the vehicles on purpose but that would always call us for other stuff also so I'll be walking back out to the lot to make around and I would see one going like 30 mph 300 yards away you know there's no way I was going to be able to get it. Lmao!

  41. Yeah it would suck either way I've been shot with a pretty powerful pellet gun before and that even hurts so this wouldn't be fun even though it isn't deadly one of those point blank to the Head might still take you out though.

  42. Kinda hard to tell if we are looking at leaf or bract trichomes. Most pictures look like the leaves which always amber. Pic 3 might be bract, kinda hard to tell though.

  43. I basically commented what you just did I wish I would have read all the comments first now. Lmao!

  44. I don't know man if that's a picture of a sugar leaf the trichomes turn Amber quicker on those it just looks like a leaf to me. If it is a calyx then I would harvest.

  45. Damn I just go to my local health department if you don't have insurance you can still get one for free I do have insurance and I let them run it and they charged my insurance $40.03. it's a quick in and out process also. What you were charged is absolutely crazy!

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