1. I dont use one at all and all my plants grow too big now that ive done a couple runs with the autopots.

  2. Have you checked your PH? Got any swings?

  3. That’s how I felt when I got the auto multi pack. Think I’m still going to get it though

  4. Question how does this work if you’re not top watering

  5. I shut off my resvoir and let it dry some. Then top dress like normal and top water for a day or 2 before turning the resvoir back on

  6. That’s cool I’m new to the auto pot game so just asking

  7. I was told with extra trays up to a pound..as is 9oz

  8. Cool is it one setting for the drying or a bunch of different ones

  9. Plug it in and press on...it automatically is set from there

  10. I use it every cycle....always inoculate your soil, roots...everything. The fungus is your best line of defense for your ladies. The root system is next level in comparison to non-inoculation.

  11. There's a huge difference when I use michos and when I don't

  12. If this does what it says then I will run it every time

  13. I have run the autos and I’m running fem grandpa’s stash outdoors this year

  14. I have a question do u have like a little pump in the res to turn the water

  15. Common to use wavemakers over pumps for less pH fluctuations in the res

  16. Thanks I am about to start my first auto pot so I was wondering

  17. That's awesome. Would love to do a home grow myself just seems like a huge barrier to entry.

  18. U can get started for about 1000 and that’s with everything

  19. i used to grow weed in a terra cotta pot that cost me nothing. $1000 seems steep for growing a plant.

  20. It seems like that but if ur trying to do it right and have good yields so a program don’t get ur money it’s well worth it and u have it forever so once u have proper equipment ur good I have grown in closet’s with foil lining the walls and I won’t go back but to each their own

  21. See Instagram, lots growing with Goldleaf in auto pots. One dude wins multiple awards for his growing with Goldleaf. Amazing. Yeah I get smell and fosm, microbes working. So far so good . Upped to 6ml per gallon.

  22. Nope as air stones fluxes ph. I just give a stir once or twice a day . Maybe a slow intermittent spinner may work idk . Plants seem ok so far!

  23. I meant like a little pump not a air stone but I think ima take ur 💡 and just run this gold leaf

  24. Thanks for the reply dude. Yours looks terrific. Running a potg now and im antsy for some grape terps.

  25. Thank you everyone for the answers I’m new to using a auto pot just trying to get as close to right as can be

  26. both, one date is when u gotta pay the $50 yearly fee (reg), the other date is when you gotta pay for another recommendation. (rec)

  27. I see you use auto pots what’s ur opinion about them

  28. It's one setting but you can switch the times up if you want just hit the button and it's on

  29. Yeah give it a go I see a lot of people knock it but I don't think they've tried it and this is my first time so I'm not ever going to hang dry

  30. Hit you with the upvote. Leaving this comment so we can get downvoted together.

  31. U shouldn’t it true even though I have never ordered from the breeder

  32. I bought it too I liked the strawberry cookies and grandpa’s stash

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